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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a surface view of the whole of a state in which
a terminal plate is supported in a storage section, and FIG. 2 is an enlarged cross-sectional view
taken along line 1-- in FIG. 1 frame, 4 terminal plate storage portion, 6 side wall rib, 7 hooking
piece, 8 intermediate rib 9 hooking piece 10 Terminal plate, 11 ... through holes.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a support
structure for a terminal plate such as a spill force and a headphone unit. Conventionally, in the
process of manufacturing a speaker, a headphone unit, etc., 11P! After applying a finishing agent
to the inside of s, the terminal [Il was fitted in and fixed to the inside of the storage portion.
However, (1) -77 (7S ') fixing by the above-mentioned adhesion will stick out if the application 1
of the adhesive is too much, so the adhesive adheres to unnecessary parts and vice versa If the
amount is too small, the ability to care for the eyes is insufficient and the terminal monk falls off,
which causes the generation of defective products in any case. In addition, if the viscosity of the
adhesive is too high or the thread breakage is poor, the adhesion agent adheres to unnecessary
parts, and if it is too low on the contrary, the adhesive is easily peeled off and flows out to cause
the generation of defective products as described above. It had become. Furthermore, fixation
with PMyti took time to dry and was inefficient in work because it did not move to the next step
during drying. The present invention is proposed in view of the above-mentioned conventional
defects, and provides a forked structure of the terminal board which can be fixedly T-fixed the
terminal board with one touch into the housing portion without using an adhesive. The purpose
is that. An embodiment of the present invention will be described below with reference to the
drawings. In FIGS. 1 and 2, 1 is a frame such as a speaker or a headphone unit, and a recess 2 for
housing a yoke is formed at the center portion thereof, and a four-part 2 (inside of an inner
magnet type A yoke 3 is accommodated. A terminal plate storage portion 4 is provided on the
rear surface of the frame on the outer side of the recess. A side wall 5 is provided in a partial
circumference of the housing portion 4, and a side wall rib 6.6 having elasticity is provided
upright at an opposing part of the side wall 5. Retaining pieces are provided on the inner surface
of the tip of the side wall rib 6.6, and the upper portions of the retaining pieces are formed with
inclined surfaces 7g and a. Further, a pair of intermediate ribs 8, 8 having elasticity in the middle
part of the storage section 4 are erected, and locking pieces 9, 9 are provided on the outer
surface of the tips of the intermediate ribs 8, 8. The upper portion of the locking piece is
provided with inclined surfaces 9G and i14. In addition, 6a is a mold removal hole for molding
the side wall rib 6, and 8a is a mold removal hole for molding an intermediate rib. A terminal @
10 is housed in the housing portion 4 by press-fitting, 11 is a through hole provided at the
central portion of the terminal plate 10, and 12 is a conductive pattern by pudding) kill. In the
state of the terminal plate lO, the left and right side edges of the terminal metal 10 are engaged
with the retaining pieces 7 of the side wall rib 6.6, and the through holes 11 are engaged with
the middle ribs 8, 8 (3). The stop pieces 9, 9 are engaged.
Here, according to the method of supporting the terminal board lO in the housing part 4, the
terminal board lO corresponds to the housing part 4 by making the through holes 11 correspond
to the intermediate ribs 8 and 8 in advance. By strongly pressing in, the side edge of the terminal
plate slides on the inclined surface 6α of the side wall rib 6 and elastically deforms the side wall
rib outward to ride over the hooking piece 7, and the edge of the through hole 11 is the middle It
is possible to slide the inclined surface 8α of the rib 8 to elastically deform the intermediate rib
inward and to move over the locking piece 9 to be accommodated. Thus, as described above, the
side edge of the terminal plate 10 non-disengageably engages with the retaining piece 7 of the
side wall rib 6, and the through hole 11 non-releasably engages with the retaining piece 9 for the
intermediate rib 8 It is possible to Further, the terminal 1tlQ is engaged with the side wall lip 6
and surrounded by the side wall 5 to obtain a detent action. Further, as another method of
preventing the terminal board 10 from being curled, four parts may be provided at the bottom of
the storage section 4 and the terminal board 10 may be fitted into the recess. As described
above, according to the present invention, the terminal board can be supported easily, reliably
and firmly by one touch in the terminal board housing portion of the frame without using the
adhesive (4). This makes it possible to improve the efficiency of the production workability of the
speaker and the headphone unit, and also to make the product cost lower, so that it is useful for
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