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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a plan view of a transducer according to one
embodiment in which the present invention is applied to a probe, and FIG. 2 is a longitudinal
sectional view showing a state in which the transducer is connected and fixed. . In the reference
numerals used in the drawings, 1... Piezoelectric sheet, 2, 2 ′ .. working electrode, 3.3 ′ ..
electric wiring connection portion .
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a transducer in
which electrodes are respectively provided on two mutually facing surfaces of a piezoelectric
polymer material, and for example, it is suitable for use in a probe for 48 his It is a thing. Highquality solid cedar material mixed with polar island molecules represented by a vinylytrino-based
resin (polymer 4 ↑ copolymer) and inorganic pressure-sensitive powder such as PlT under hfretleE It is known that piezoelectricity is imparted. These high ladder yarn piezoelectrics have
low acoustic impedance compared to ceramics such as PZTNT l) kK / g 2i etc. and crystalline fish
such as quartz, so the acoustic loss at the interface with water or living body is It has a feature
that it is easy to obtain short pulses because it is small and the Young's modulus is small. For this
reason, the application of the ultrasonic imaging apparatus as a probe of the diagnostic table is
particularly noted. In order to configure the piezoelectric element as a transducer such as a
probe, an electrode layer is provided by 瑚 of the piezoelectric body, and the electrode of the
piezoelectric element and the oscillator circuit and / or the receiver circuit are provided. There is
a need to @ line each other. In the case of a polymer-based piezoelectric material, if the electrode
is thick, the characteristics of the polymer-based piezoelectric material that the acoustic
impedance and the Young's modulus are low are impaired if the electrode is thick. Membranes
are most commonly used, and in the alternative, thin films such as plating and conductive
printing are 0, but such thin film electrodes are strong or weak and their electrical resistance per
area is large Therefore, when connecting the awakening ∼ directly to the thin M ′ ′ pole of
this (2), the cohesion will necessarily be weak Δ and one resistance will also increase, so there is
always a risk of failure It is open. The present invention has been made in view of such
circumstances, and provides an operating portion made as a piezoelectric element and a nonoperating portion which does not operate as a piezoelectric element in a simple manner, and
exists in the non-operating portion. The present invention relates to a transducer in which the
electrode portion is configured as one air distribution # connection portion. As described above,
by providing the turtle air wiring ridge portion in the non-operating portion of the parent child, it
is possible to immerse the electric contact having a large contact area, and to arrange the forest
so as not to fear the above-mentioned disconnection. It is possible to do Hereinafter, an
embodiment in which the present invention is applied to a probe will be described with reference
to the drawings. As shown in FIG. 1 and FIG. 2t, a screen of the ILC 1 pressure (center portion of
the polyvinylidene fluoride sheet (1) is provided with a working electrode +2+ (zf, respectively).
The shape of these working electrodes t2 ++ 2 can be circular, elliptical, polygonal or the shape
of @@ post. The working electrode (2) + 2 fvc close (3) contact with the outer peripheral portion
WcFi, respectively provided with semi-broken electric wiring connection parts (3113 f
connection 11 A (4) (4 f 'interface 11 b electrical 1 h (2112 f integrated integral n ing. Assuming
that the annular connection 5 (5) in close proximity to the outer sheath of the working electrode
12 ++ 21 'is assumed, these alignment connections tar 131' occupy a part of the annular 5 (5),
respectively. In this case, even if the inner ring of the temporary Ia annular portion (5) or the
outer periphery of the working electrode f2 (21 ') is overlapped, it is fine. The wiring line mlt 31 f
3) ′ is formed as a working electrode t 2 ++ xfo j 、, but these wiring connections @ + A + (3f is
a piezoelectric sheet) I ′ll exist only on one side of each, therefore operation # nt pole + 2 + 121
They are not facing each other like '. Because of this, the piezoelectric sheet illd this arrangement
1! 41rtjtW6 + 31t3 Any annular portion (5) has piezoelectricity and focusing, but this portion
does not function as a piezoelectric element because it does not have an opposing '# pole
structure. In the case where the piezoelectric sheet (l) is constituted of, for example, a book in
which a piezoelectric substance powder is mixed with a polymer substance, the piezoelectric
body powder is partially mixed to thereby operate the operating portion and the non-operating
portion. Even if I could form each As described above, when the piezoelectric sheet itself is
configured to have the operating portion and the crime part (4), the wire connection portion in
the non-operating portion can be made to be a counter electrode. As shown in FIG. 2, the fc
element configured as described above has the electrical wiring connection portion t3) (31 'on
the front and back sides) joined with the conductive adhesive L61 (conductive flannel by 6f) (qf K
junction). The wax distribution a + s + (81 'is connected to the conductive / g f7 (ll1's) with a
solder or the like) (71'). In the figure, reference mark qL91 + 9 侮 shows the insulating agent or
backing. In this example, the operation 1ll of the element (the operation chime +2+ (portion
where 21 'exists) is curved, but of course it may be flat. Also, without using conductive bonding
agent 16 + 16) ', conductive glue / g (q) + qf and electrode wiring connection by bolting etc. with
conductive lignog t 7) + 1 f from the-side with the right flange. (3 +! A very low resistance
connection can be made just by putting 31 'in close proximity. As described above, in the
transducer according to the present invention, the non-operating portion of the piezoelectric
element can be provided with a conductive portion having a relatively wide surface structure as
the electrical wiring connection portion, and only the operation of the operating portion is
performed. 5) can be provided on the outer peripheral part close to the pole.
When the piezoelectric element is fixed for use as a probe, it is usually fixed by the external I # is
as described above, so this portion is a portion which becomes a dead space of the piezoelectric
element. In the present invention, since such dead space can be effectively utilized, it is extremely
advantageous in many cases that the size of the conventional piezoelectric element or the like
need not be epicentered.
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