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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a block diagram showing the principle of the
tremolo microphone according to the present invention, FIG. 2 is a waveform diagram for
explaining the operation thereof, and FIG. 3 is another example of the tremolo microphone
according to the present invention. 4 is a connection diagram showing a specific example of FIG.
3, FIG. 5 is a waveform diagram for explaining its operation, and FIG. 6 is a partial modification
of the tremolo microphone shown in FIG. Is a connection diagram showing 11: Microphone unit,
12, 13: output terminal, 14: variable resistance element, 15: low frequency oscillator, 17: square
wave oscillating circuit, 18 two-wave shaping circuit, 34: echo unit.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The tremolo P1 path is incorporated into the *
mock h microphone-this relates to a nine tremolo microphone. Conventionally, the tremolo
circuit 會 microphone 1C is included, and the output of the microphone is changed from 1 to
1081 sec. But this 礪 礪 σ t t 電力] power (1) 1. / ”弓 弓 1 O O O O O O O 電力 電力 電力 電力
毫 毫 毫 毫 毫 毫 毫 毫 毫 毫 電力 電力 電力 供給 供給 供給 O 弓 O O O O O O 電力 供給 電力 電力
電力 電力 電力 電力 か 単 な る マ イ ク マ イ ク マ イ ク マ イ ク マ イ ク マ イ ク マ イ ク マ イ
ク マ イ ク 11 11 11 11 11。。 つ 11 つ つ つ つ つ つ つ つ つ 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11
11 11 11 毫 供給 O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O 11 11 11 11 11 6 6 6 7 7 作 作. The purpose
of this j medicine is to provide a tremolo microphone which can be tremolo mt4 JL by the
microphone itself and can be used as a simple microphone when the supply of power is good.
The following description will be made with reference to the real m4P4 'tea surface of the
tremolo microphone according to 14. In FIG. 1, the microphone unit ll converts the acoustic
remarks captured at m and tm from the output terminals 12 and 13 into an electric signal and
outputs it to the output terminals 12 and 13iJ1. There is no one to make one, such as the m *
wheel touch microphone so-called dynamic! An electronic phone is used. The 11Tf shield
bulkhead 14 is weighed in series with the microphone unit 11. "This 0"] transformation
resistance element 14 is according to electricity No. 1) Gang rock MO resistance value is 劉-Of-Of
& jl, and O electricity No. 1 is not given (2) maximum resistance in the case For example, it may
be a combination of a bipolar transistor or an electric field fruit transistor, a photoconductive
element such as CdS which is likely to be -ffi # and its element, or the like. The resistance of this
tilt resistance force child 14 is controlled by the output of the low-frequency wave generator 15.
As the C1 dragon U light-emitting device 15, 1 to 1+) Hz low sine wave signal of sine wave or
other waveform is used. Use an oscillator. The tremolo circuit 16 is defeated by the IK resistance
collector 14 and the 穢 Q vibrator 15. In this 111 phase, the resistance 14 of the oscillator 14 is
1 -1 (an I wave oscillator is used, and the output thereof is T). When the threat or injury input of
the microphone unit 11 is as shown in JIN 2 FIG. B, when the resistance value of the differential
meter anti-collector 14 decreases, the amplitude of the end F12, 131iJ decreases and the
resistance value is sufficiently small. Then, between terminals 12.13, S becomes close to S, output
thI @ becomes so zero, M!
The output of the m-end 12 12.13 group is a low-pitched positive sound source and a wideranging audition as shown in FIG. (3) As for the spring or the positive suction pattern as the
trigger 15, the device is the side to the variable resistance element +14! Is excellent, but * a 'is a
relatively double track. As shown in FIG. 3, for example, as shown in FIG. 3, the output of the
square wave generating circuit 17 is supplied to the m-type wedge-shaped (b) path 18 to round
the corner of the direction N '. To do! とすること4できる。 In this example, the oI variable lowresistance element 14 is used in the case of using an electric ngl J-type transistor 9. The specific
fil-gold @ gold-turn 4 diagram of the route 3 generation circuit 17 and the temporary Asahi
invasion type (ro) route 18 is shown. F4'T! Consisting of transistors Q + and Q2 as the square
wave generation circuit 17 When using two constant multi-vibrator 1, load the transistor Q, (in
the time constant circuit 19 connected to the power supply and the power supply 1122, the
power supply 11212 of the low resistance f 121 is connected to the power supply 1122 through
the switch 23 And,--resistance resistance point of the plexus resistor 21 shooting switch 23! The
power supply line 22 is continuously spread through the switch 25 through 124. This example
adds an echo effect to the microphone output to 4 DI Ig and in the following case switch the
switch 26OllIIllf to the power supply · 22 tatami pillow, its-foot image point 1 and b connected to
one end of the power supply 27, The station T seeding point C is connected to the other side of
the power source 27. One end of the power supply 27 · IJ '1 is a single-row circuit of silicon
diode 28-germanium diode 29-source diode 31 or 11 rows, w8 autumn book of diode 28. Fall.
The waveform shaping circuit 18 is a combination circuit 111 formed by a component circuit
comprising a receiver T and a controller T. The contact point of the anti-resonator capacitor is
the pace KIN of the transistor 14 as an I'lk resistor. The microphone unit 1111 is connected to
the echo unit 34 in a row, the 11 end of the wire is connected between the clamps and emitters
of the transistor 14, and the noise shorting condenser 35 is arranged in a row of tranon Connect.
One row circuit of the microphone unit 11 and the echo unit 34-oJ movement of the four switch
36 connected to the power supply 12.13 of the power supply terminal 12.13 is fixed at the other
end of the electric wire #I 27 and the end F13. The contact point 1 is connected to the fixed gain
point CFi terminal 12 by fitting it to the side of the unit ll, 34 next to the unit ll.
The switch 26.36 tl is turned. The echo unit 34 is also housed in the same case as the
microphone unit 11. If the aJ motor or fixed contact C of the 1st switch 26.36 is closed, the
power supply 27 is turned from the astable multivibrator 17, and the run terminal 12.131 v1 is
71 and the operation of the microphone is When the low mover of the switch 26.36 is a laA
layer, the switch A26 is applied to the base of the transistor Q2 through the switch 26, and the
transistor Q2a conducts, thereby causing the transistor 4 non-conductive 9 microphone unit
1112) al force through switch 36 1 12.13. Output to-. When the switch 23 is turned on at this
position, the astable multivibrator 17 oscillates @ 4 so that, for example, an output to lower to 蘂
5 is hidden and this is m−d to the 荻 18 and its output d立 上 り 5 As shown in Fig. B. [9] The
rising edge of the swaying edge draws a thorn. (6), 9 This output controls the transistor 4 and
the resistance II of its collector-emitter acid becomes as shown in FIG. 5 CK. For this reason, for
example, as shown in FIG. 5D which is input to the micro hono uninoto 11 as shown in FIG. The
tremolo effect is obtained. When the switch 25 is turned on instead of the switch 23, the hourly
number of the hourly turning path 19 becomes large, and the number of oscillations of the
astable multivibrator 17 becomes low. Foot contact ayru ++ No. and astable multivibrator 17 b
b1 r r 51 b 隻 峠 次 next 酵 or -1- or terminal 12.13 Ik external circuit of unit 11. 34 Tr tr eco ~
effect is added, ト レ ト レ 幼 J つ ト レ と 付 け る ト レ ト レ ト レ ト レ ト レ ト レ ト レ ト レ
エ コ ー ト レ エ コ ー. The echo units 34 and 17 may be either an external receiver or an
external receiver for receiving an external signal and output an echo output from the microphone
unit 110. (7) The microphone unit 11 , And the variable resistance generator 14, Nk-15 are
accommodated in the microphone case. OFF 4 switch 26. . 1 stop 1 strike 1 strike 1 condition
that is connected to the fixed point C The voltage of the charge 27 is photoelectrically turned to
the charge 32 and the switch 26 is 1 ml 犀 M and the father is cut to a − Thus, the capacitor 32
and the light source 27 are added in series to the diode 29 and 31 WcI4J, and the light emitting
diode 31 emits light temporarily.
However, when the subject of title 27 is enshrined, the origin does not occur. As described above,
according to V7's groove height, the resistance value of the town buff wrestler anti-glare 14
becomes huge even if it is said that the power θ service 4 according to the Tre 7's micromicropon vC, the microphone Koninodo IIG It is possible to obtain an output of 熾 +12, 131-, and
at the same time, it can be glanced at as a nine-pass zero microphone. If you use an astable Marte
Vibrator as in the case shown in 2 cases in Figure 4 筐 fc 嘴 で 1 1 て 1 1 1 1 1 甑 甑 甑 甑 甑 甑
甑 L L L L L "Boiled rice is cooked when the turtle voltage is low and it becomes insane. As
described above, the four-wheeled IM type cedar circuit 18 is used to make the sigma rise and
fall smoothly by means of the four-wheeled IM type cedar circuit 18 which prevents the
occurrence of the moth. And a sine wave and kl ss · 1 sex 4 · Tre Higuchi Yoto is scolded. Even
when the tremolo switch 23.25 is turned on, the output of the terminal 12.13 darkness which is
turned on tends to be reduced to a specific cost. Therefore, wrap the voice knee in the penalty
corresponding to the 5 棋 in the 6 汀 枳 汀 枳 よ う, and do not f, such as resistor 2], 24 and so
on respectively 1 pressure (capacitor 37. 38 It is possible to prevent a drastic drop in output
when turning on switch 23.25.
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