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B. и April 1, 1974, name of the invention pickup cartridge agent specification ? 1, name of the
invention pink up cart lyso e2, especially a)-claim a needle in the range, push the damper rubber
in the other end F +: comprising a cantilever with a holder and two thin-plate-like armatures 11
parallel to the longitudinal direction of the cantilever and mounted on the above-mentioned
holder of the sound of the stereo record; It features' pickup cartridge. 1. Inventive application:
Pink up-cart Litho e2, especially a)-A cantilever with a holder that holds a needle at the other end
and a damper rubber at the other end, and parallel to the length direction of the cantilever. A
pickup cartridge characterized by comprising: two thin plate-like arms 11 attached to the holder
of the sound of the stereo record 71;
Patent applicant
6, detailed description of the invention This Sl '! lj: (for hidden stereo disc record playback.
Especially with regard to pickup cartridges, Arma. It is N1 to pick-up cart 1 bill which made Shiga
rice of tea lightly. A pickara using a thin plate-like animater. 1; as a sheet, a photofluoric pick
shown in FIGS. There was an up, and a contrast that is shown in Fig. 4. 9, ie, conventional IF 1
shown in FIG. -1?) termination! : L is used as a damper rubber 2 и evening и through. Formula Li'l
Big Amp Sword-Treat Ridge, Figure 3 In the central part of the cantilever 1, constrain the 1-C by
1C. ?????? FIG. 2 is an explanatory view of the method of attaching the cantilever. The
pickup cartridge shown in FIGS. 1 and 6 can be seen from FIG. 2 by mounting the cantilever 1 by
the mounting member 6 via the damper rubber 2. ??????????????????? ?
????? Care, 9 "" rubber position is at the center of the rotational oscillation of the cantilever
1. And with the light Nyatta that intercepts the light beam 5. Then 1 1 'Armachami and mouth, 9
movements, 4): I heart and ha. Let a mature 4T be a, and the distance between the needle 4 and
the n printing-the t heart of the sheet. The effective quality 15 quantity meff of the armature 6
viewed from the needle side is given by the following equation. "EH = ma (1)-(1) where rn3 is the
mass of armature ? EndPage: 1 Tevik up cartridge shown in Fig. 1 and Fig. 3 above (in Vibration
(displacement of the armature by two) becomes ?-0, and light ki ++ i + out. Power: almost zero.
Therefore, in order to increase the light Kgb high power :; 'a need to enter the' ?, so the effective
mass me (((larger seen from the needle side will be larger). As the effective mass of the armature
increases, the pink-up output frequency characteristics deteriorate and the record also occurs. It
may cause the overall performance of pink-ups to be reduced, such as backstrokes and needlesticks. 10 Next, Fig. 4 shows a condenser pick for stereo. Front view of main part of up cartridge
and 11 surfaces. FIG. In the fourth factor, the end of the armature 8 and the tip 8'0): 2, ...; the
movable electrode 92 and the tip 9 'are provided and paired with the fixed pin 1) 10 and 10' . In
the case of the conventional i7i, the effective mass is given by the equation (1).
Moreover, since ago and a change in capacitance of the capacitor formed by the movable
electrode and the fixed guard electrode are ?C = o, a defect similar to 2 ░ in which a is
increased also occurs. Next, Fig. 5 shows the "-I5 of the main part of the conventional ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?:? ?? ??: ' . The conventional example shown in
the fifth factor, the sixth zone, the needle at one end. The cantilever 16 having the holder 1 at the
other end is pulled by the wire 5, and the holder 1 is attached to the substrate 14 while pressing
the damper rubber 12. Further, armatures 3 and 3 'which are made of magnetic material and
attached to the holder 1 are attached (fixed). 'This type of pink up cartridge (two in mind. Can
make a very small. ????? Since the material of the armature is a magnetic substance such as
iron, the mass m3 is extremely large, and even if a is small in the equation (1), the effective
negative Nff16ff'l + -small 'does not become small because m, a. As described above, it is
impossible to reduce the real J quality Qw seen from the needle tip by reducing both of the
conventional pickups by the large size of the conventional pickup or by the fact that the 'fk
amount ma of the armature itself is large. Therefore, the frequency custom-made deterioration
and needle wear; 18-such as becoming large. There was a drawback. -The present invention aims
to provide a pickup cartridge with an extremely small effective * from the viewpoint of the needle
in order to eliminate the above-mentioned drawbacks.
Patent applicant
Hereinafter, the present invention will be described in detail based on FIG. FIG. 7 is a view
showing an embodiment of the present invention, showing a front view and a side view of a bar
and an armature on a canna. In FIG. 7, 17 is a needle at one end 4.. . The other is a cantin bar
having a holder 18 at one end, "12b damper rubber. 19 and 19 'are 7-piece armatures, each of
which has a sheet-like shape. It is parallel to the longitudinal direction of the lens and is aligned
with the two modulation directions of the sound groove of the 1'i telerecord. The two cantilevers
attached to the holder 18 so as to be parallel to each other are taken into the cartridge body. The
method of bonding is the same as that of the conventional example shown in FIG. S6. The holder
18 is attached to the crucible so that the damper rubber 12 is pressed. Next, FIG. 8 is a diagram
for explaining the operation of the actual addition i 491.1 of FIG. 7, and the same reference
numerals as in FIG. 7 indicate the same things. If the right channel signal is given to the needle 4
when the disk record is 45-45 format. The tip of cantilever 17 vibrates in the direction of arrow
20. At this time, the armature 19 'of the right chrysanthem vibrates in the direction of the arrow
22, that is, in the direction parallel to the plane of the thin plate-like armature. Also, the armature
19 of the left channel vibrates in the direction of the arrow 2117), that is, in the direction
perpendicular to the surface of the thin, plate-like armature and hardly vibrates in the direction
parallel to one surface. Next, when a left channel signal is given, the left channel vibrates parallel
to the plane and the right channel vibrates perpendicular to the plane, contrary to the above. -11. The displacement is carried out so as to generate an output by the vibration in a direction
parallel to the thin plate-like,-of the-----(The installation arrangement can realize a very good
pickup with crosstalk characteristics. Further, in the embodiment of FIG. 7, armatures; EndPage:
2, 19 and 19 'are 1 иии in the case of photoelectric type; 1 ии evaporated thin film in the case of thin
non-light transmitting type, thin plate in the case of electrodynamic type In the case of a chair,
the weight of the armature can be made extremely small. In addition, since the mounting of the
armature is closer to the rotation center of the KiI-cantilever, a and ma can be made extremely
small in the equation (1). Therefore effective mass me ((small pink up car. It is possible to empty
three tricks. The tenth order (the driving relationship of the present invention) will be described.
FIG. 9 is an application example using a photoelectric conversion element.
Ward. 3rd to the 9th ash, 23 and 23 'light. The shutter was made of an impervious Asahi plate
that operates as a furnace. An armature 24 is a light source such as a photodiode 1-d, a light
receiving element such as a 252 and a 25 'hafnium transistor, and a light beam 26 generated by
the photoelectric 24. ? In the other case, the same sign has the same sign as that of the 7th dot
T0 In Fig. 9, if the right channel signal is marked и ip on the needle 4, the armature 25 'vibrates in
the direction ? of arrow 28 f The rate at which the light beam 26 is blocked changes. Therefore,
the light receiving element 25'i ': output -I + car. At this time, the armature 23 moves in the
direction of the arrow 27 (i :;...: Moves), and the ratio at which the light beam 26 is connected
changes almost at all. Almost no output voltage is generated in the light receiving element 25. A
left channel signal is applied to the needle 4 but generated, and almost no output voltage is
generated at the light receiving element 25 '. Therefore, the crosstalk characteristic is good at 1
(one. Next, in the case of the capacitor type conversion mechanism of FIG. 10-FIG. In the tenth
part 1, 29 and 29 'are made of metal foil to be the salient electrode of the capacitor. Armature,
60 and 30 'are fixed capacitors. It is an electrode. The same symbols as in FIG. 7 indicate the
same knees 11. At this% k, it is solid with the movable electrode of the capacitor. A high voltage
or high speed temporary storage is applied between fixed poles. The output voltage is generated
when the capacity of the capacitor changes and the output voltage is generated. Is configured as.
In FIG. 10, when the right channel signal is applied to the needle 4, the armature 29 'vibrates in
the direction of the arrow 62, and the area overlapping with the fixed electrode 30' changes, so
the capacity of the capacitor is degraded. Output voltage is generated. At this time, since the
armature 29 vibrates in the direction of the arrow 61, the area overlapping with the fixed
electrode 60 does not change, and since the h constant electrode 60 is disposed on both sides of
the armature 29, the armature and the fixed electrode There is almost no change in the
capacitance of the capacitor due to the change in the quotient distance of ?????? The
output voltage of the left channel is almost instant. ??? When the left channel signal is
applied to the needle 4 old. The case is the opposite of the above. Next, an eleventh example is an
application example diagram in the case of a hall element type and an electrodynamic type 1'ditch groove. In FIG. 11, 66 and 66 'are thin plate-like иии armatures, Hall elements in the case of
Hall element type, Hall elements in which semiconductor is deposited on non-metal и thin film,
and in the case of electrodynamic type и wound into thin plate It was Koyore.
Reference numeral 13420 denotes a magnetic 1- yoke, 35 denotes a pole piece, 3-6 denotes a
magnet, and 37 denotes a path of magnetic flux. The same symbols as in FIG. 7 indicate the same
things. In FIG. 11, when the right channel signal is applied to the needle 4, the armature 66
'vibrates in the direction of the arrow 69f, so the magnetic flux applied to the horn element
changes or the coil cuts the magnetic flux. You can get the output voltage on the right channel.
???? Since the armature 33 vibrates in the direction of the arrow 68, the magnetic flux
applied to the Hall element hardly changes, and also in the case of the electrodynamic type, the
coil cuts the magnetic flux. There is almost no output voltage. When the left channel ? ? signal
is applied to the needle 4, the opposite is true. In the case of the illicit use example of the abovementioned ninth factor to FIG. The armature can be made into a thin plate and the mass of the 1
'armature can be reduced. And the distance between the 3 rotation centers and the position of
the arch mounting. Can be made extremely small. Therefore, the effective mass seen from the tip
of the needle becomes smaller. As described above, according to the present invention, since the
effective mass seen by the needle tip 2 ░ EndPage: 3 can be reduced as in the present invention,
the output frequency characteristics are good, and the needle and the record sound groove are
worn. There is an effect that it is possible to realize a good binokubub cartridge with few general
4. Brief description of the drawings Fig. 1 shows an example of a conventional photoelectric pickup cartridge, Fig. 2 is an explanatory view of a method of attaching a cantilever, and Fig. 6 shows
another example of a conventional pink-out cartridge. Fig.4 and Fig.4 show an example of a
conventional condenser type pickup cartridge, Fig.5 shows one example 4 of the conventional
electromagnetic type pink-up cartridge, and Fig.6 shows a cantilever attachment force of the
example shown in Fig.5. 7 and 8 show an embodiment of the present invention. 9 is an
application example of the present invention when it is an example. Explanation of +1 code 4 ...
needle 12 ... damper rubber. 17 иииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии 1! Ken 2 Figure 5 Figure 11
Threat? ????????? ?
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