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'' (2)-*, 50 '= 3/27 [1, 1 Palace to the Royal Government Office 1 Title of the Invention 2 Inventor
3 Patent Applicant Address Osaka Prefecture Kadoma City Oji Kamon 1006 Name (s 82)
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Representative Masaharu Matsushita 4 Agent 〒 517
Address Osaka Prefecture Kadoma City Oza Kadoma 1006 Address 5 List 1 ・ List of 1 Loyalty
(1) Description 1 (2) Drawing ・ 7, 1 Communication (3) Power of attorney "one (4) request store
branch 1 copy ■ Japan Patent Office ■ Japanese Patent Application Laid-Open Publication No.
(1976) 10.4. Patent Application No. 50-37539 [Phase] Application Japanese Patent Application
Publication No. H9 (197, left) 3.27 No. 1 in the Office; 'T6723 Mj Letter 1, Title of the Invention
1, Title of the Invention Pickup Cartridge
· 3, the detailed description of the invention The present invention relates to the H serviceable
up-up cartridge of a recording board such as a record, the record playback needle traces a part of
the sound and groove from K, damaging the signal from K , Resolve the shortcomings of the
conventional device that degrades the trace ability, play needle to play the recording board cut in
4B-45 mode. · By attaching it to the cartridge by pre-tilting it in the opposite direction by the
angle by which the needle tip is pushed out at the time of the conventional reproduction, equal
needle pressure is applied to the right wall in the left wall of the sound groove , And try to
improve the trace ability significantly. In the past, re-raining of the recording board with the
recording power has been taken by a method of detecting the unevenness cut in the sound
groove through the reproduction needle and converting it into an electric signal. Cartridge
needle, head shell, arm axis of reproduction needle and its support system. The quality 0 such as
the counter weight is 1 total about 5 ooy. The needle pressure applied to the sound groove can
be adjusted by a method such as moving the counter weight "ft". A needle If '(+-can be freely
selected) to be hooked to the sound groove. By the way, at the time of reproduction, there is a
force necessary to move the support system having the texture of the reproduction needle and
the 5ooy in the horizontal direction and in the direction of the recording board such as the
record in the horizontal direction. Regardless of what has been described above, the support
groove is always attached to the support system from the sound groove wall via the regeneration
needle. Inside hole scan ss · Equipment is attached to the record phi bie for high fidelity
reproduction for the purpose of canceling the force of rotating the tone arm toward the center of
the record by EndPage: 1 LAKO. However, the device only cancels the force to move to the inside
of the arm crab, and corresponding to the sound j 音 whose shape changes velocity, it is always
fixed at two sound groove walls, eg 1/2 / The effect of keeping the needle pressure on one level
is not clear. In a conventional record player (that is, an elastic body called a damper that holds
the playback needle and the support lever at the time of playback) is gradually inside the total
mass 5ooy'6 record of the playback and its support system. In comparison to the magnitude of
the force used to move to, it has a small elastic force, so it will be twisted to U degree. For this
reason, the needle point of the conventional reproduction needle should be traced intensively to
a part of the left 右 right wall of the record sound groove ((which will damage the signal carved
in the sound groove, and It had two thick table defects that degraded the tracing ability of the
For this reason, in the 4-channel regeneration, especially in the CD-4 regeneration method, etc.,
the above-mentioned problems are thickened due to fine irregularities in the groove, and the
stone with the disadvantage of 1 / j there were. '] 1Si11t [5sbo2-1tarsyclAt, (11, @ The direction
of rotation is clockwise toward the surface to be played. It is assumed that the record is recorded
in the direction in which the pickup travels from the outside to the inside of the record. It is
defined as The main reason is that (1), tracing distortion and tracking distortion are used from
the advantageous outer circumference because they become so large that they move to the inner
circumference. C2), at the inner periphery, a one-on-one groove in which the middle diameter of
curvature of the sound groove is smaller than that of the spherical tip of the reproducing needle
may cause distortion. One bite. The linear velocity gets smaller at the inner circumference.
Therefore, there is much distortion at the inner circumference compared to the outside station.
And so on. However, the direction of rotation and the direction of recording cause two
unnecessary forces, the force to move outward, the force to move toward the center of the
record, and the force to move outward to the playback needle and its support system. become. C)
In order to confirm the phenomenon of 2 '), the direction of C) rotation is reversed in the
clockwise direction. (2) 1, the direction of recording. Let the pickup go from the inside to the
outside of the record. It is fine if you can get rid of the two rally matters. The basic principle of
the present invention will be described with reference to the drawings. As shown in Fang 1 @,
based on the 718 standard-by observation and result of the relation between the needle point 1
at the time of reproduction and the record sound groove 2, the needle point 1 is pushed to the
inside of the record by the sound groove wall 2 It was confirmed that the vertical axis of the
record i3 did not lie, and it was inclined to the outside of the record from 8 degrees to 12
degrees. a 2 o Figure 2, the relationship between the needle point 1 and the sound groove 2 of
the record, in the reproduction experiment that satisfies the above 2 problems? As shown, the
reproduction needle 1 is perpendicular to the recording surface 3 and maintains the relationship
between the two in an ideal manner. From this, in reproduction based on 11fJ standard. The
elastic body a for mounting a total of 80 reproduction needles 1 and can levers 2 to the cart
ridge comprises the reproduction needles 1 of FIG. 4, the cartridge 2 of the support system 1Iek,
and the Hera visier 3. Arm axis 4, counter sea urchin 416 and so on about 300 degrees quality [L
to move to move inside the record. というととがわかる。 By the way, in order to not apply the
above-mentioned two unnecessary forces to the sound groove in reproduction based on the TIS
standard, the linear tracking player shown in FIG. 2E is used as a method.
In this linear tiger, king player, the force to move the regenerating needle and its support system
in the direction of the arrow, ie, in the lateral direction, is taken from the feed cylinder 100 which
is always rotating as shown in FIG. , The effect is insufficient. Therefore, the detection of the
position in the ring groove of the reproduction needle is, for example, a light-like one with no
mass, to load the mass in the horizontal direction to the production again. Instead, it is necessary
to improve the movement of the regenerating needle and its support system 内側 t to the inside
of the record. However, realistically, the linear tiger, Young player's load exceeding the abovementioned conditions is much more expensive than the general price for home appliances, the
ease of use, etc. I can not respond to my return home. So you can get it at a low price, get it
handy, and manage easily EndPage: 21! −! A device is needed. The OFF figure shows the sound
surface A17) the inclination A degree, and the sound 42 according to the JIS standard
<conventional needle tip 1 'and 1 equivalent needle pressure in the conventional reproduction
type. As in this case, the sound of cutting the sound groove 2 of the record surface 3 by a certain
angle A as in this case and cutting it in the conventional incense, re-the main needle 1 as in the
case of 8 times It is equivalent to wearing a certain angle mA in the reverse direction. At that
time, the sound groove 2 is formed in a cross section V #-at an angle of about 46 degrees with
the constriction of the reflex-1 surface a, so that when the record is rotated, the needle tip as
shown in FIG. 1 is pushed inwards into the sound sieve wall 2. Therefore, the reproduction
needle 1 stands directly on the record surface aKm. <We will try to stay below. Hereinafter, the sA detailed example of the present invention will be described with reference to the drawings.
The cartridge shown in FIG. 10 is mounted at its rear part on the-arm shaft. The force lever 11
mounted with the reproduction needle is inclined to the outside of the record within a range of 8
degrees to 12 degrees from 112, and the cantilever attachment is fixed to the base 14 via the 5
elastic body 13. The carriage 14 is press-fit into the carriage 14, the main body 15,... The
cartridge main body 16 is attached to the head shell 16 mounted on the arm shaft by screws 17.
And the nut 18 and so on. The cartridge, di according to the present invention is supported by
the method as described above. Figure 11 comes from the other! Show @ J, this carti. When the
screw is rotated in the direction of the arrow EA adjustment screw 24ftA, it moves in the wedge
25t-left and right direction, and the head shell 16 mounted on the arm shaft receives a spring
29t from K one screw 17 and nut 18 etc. The cartridge 23, which has been mounted, is moved in
the directions of arrows B and C.
At this time, since the regenerating needle t-fixed cante butts are attached to the cartridge main
body 23 through the elastic body, the right and left directions with reference to 1112 are taken.
Thus, the present invention, the mounting of the cartridge is free angle! J1 11 To choose is a
town · · · 能 functional thing. FIG. 12 shows still another embodiment. In the cartridge of this
embodiment, when the angle adjusting screw 34 is rotated in the direction of the arrow A, the
worm 36 is rotated to move the worm wheel 39 (C rotation is transmitted. The reproducing
needle 10 is fixed to the can lever 11 and is wound around the center of the worm wheel 39
through the elastic member 131. The cartridge body 38 is fixed to a head shell ° Cθ attached
to the di-arm shaft by a mounting screw 17. Now, when the angle adjustment screw a4 that has
come out of the cartridge body 3B from the outside and the part is rotated in the direction of the
arrow A K, the force telebar 11 with the reproducing needle 1 ° fixed on the basis of @ line 122i
<. In this example, the attachment of the can lever 11 is such that the angle / degree can be
selected freely. FIG. 13 shows the result of reproduction and trial listening when the cartridge of
the present invention is used. The J4 axis indicates the number of times the record has been
played back, and the vertical axis indicates the eclipse of noise. In addition, the dotted line 14d)
shows the increase curve of the number of reproductions and noise when using the conventional
cartridge. Curved fishing indicated by a solid line represents the number of times of reproduction
according to the present invention and the increase -V of noise. In the present invention (in the
Cx reproduction method, the value of the noise in the number of times of reproduction from the
expansion 1 to the number of times of reproduction 00 is almost fine with the noise f of 15 times
of the reproduction of the second slave and the maximum result of both reproductions. You can
see that the loudness is big in the volume value. As described above, according to the present
invention, the angle viewed from the front of all the reproduction needles used in the
conventional device is inclined outward in advance by an angle by which the needle tip is pushed
out to the inside of the record at the time of reproduction according to the passing rotation
direction. It can be installed, adjusted, installed, and the playback needle can trace the sound G /
vertically abundantly, and all the at and playback methods conventionally used Especially in 4channel playback, among which CD-4P-Raw system etc. with fine irregularities in the sound etc.,
f-slot loss tin and sounding EndPage: 3 for purpose i, the groove due to playback Damage and
noise, and deterioration of the sound quality can be almost prevented.
Also, at the same time, in the non-invention, since the F4 raw needle operates while holding the
sound groove and the spiral bow 1 in the playing field, the tracing ability 跋: high fidelity by
splashing in a flying manner Reproduction is y y four. According to the present invention, it is
possible to realize the spread and the extension of the sound which has not been achieved in the
case of the conventional reproduction. In addition, Kako et al. Also need to change the needle tip
of the conventional cartridge because the method of improvement is extremely simple, so it is
necessary to use the conventional equipment Ic, and it will be in two towns and six ports. The
present invention is of the most inexpensive method and has many features such as: "falsification
of ditch damage and cochlear-fed re-cow" can be provided simultaneously.
4.5 Brief Description of the Drawings FIG. 1 is a diagram showing the relationship between the
reproduction needle and the record sound groove license office in the past, and FIG. 2 is a
diagram showing the relationship between the theoretical reproduction r and the sound note of
the record. The fan 3 is a perspective view showing the structure of the pick-up vibration 93
system, 4 is a plan view showing the structure of the reproducing needle and its supporting
system, and 5 and 6 are an elevation view of the linear tracking player. The off figure shows the
relationship between the playback needle and the record sound groove that realizes the
quadruple needle pressure, the 坩 / 8 figure shows the relationship between the playback needle
and the record sound groove of the cartridge of the present invention, and FIG. Fig. 1 is a crosssectional view of a pickup cartridge according to an embodiment of the present invention, and
Fig. 1S is a playback / listening view. It is a comparison figure of a result. 1 ..... playback needle, 2
... 11.3 ..... record surface. Name of agent Attorney Patent attorney I + 1 Toshitsuo et al. 1 person
Figure 1 Figure 4 Figure 5 Figure 6 EndPage: 4 Figure 7? Fig. 10 Fig. 11 Fig. 12 Fig. 13-It-) 1Rainbow 1 ML (6) Attorney's address other than the above Address in Osaka Prefecture Kadoma
city Oda Kadoma 1006 Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. 2 / "Your name, (6152) Patent
Attorney Shigetaka Ogino 21, 7-5, EndPage: 5
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