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ニー。 Patent Office Secretary '-Anshi Shitat invention name electromagnetic type pick-up Toki
Tohanasashi address (resident) Minami-machi, Tanashi, Tokyo. ~ 5 ~ 3 Knights Umasuo Name
Naito Masao 3, Patent Applicant [Fa] Japan Patent Office 0 JPA 51-1328Q60 Published Japanese
Patent 51. (1976) 11.18 Internal reference number 〆 7 〆 7231, title of the invention
Electromagnetic pick amplifier 0 released Japanese patent application 51. (1976) 11.18 Office
serial number 〆 7 〆 7231, title of the invention electromagnetic pick amplifier
2, inventor
3. Detailed description of the invention 5. FIG. 1 is a diagram of a conventional electromagnetic
pink-up two-dimensional diagram of the Kamehara original magnetic field generated by a magnet
(6) attached to the back end of a cantilever (2) having a needle tip (1) at the tip. By focusing with
a magnetic circuit using a magnetic material (5) having permeability, the system conversion
efficiency is maintained. However, in the case of using a magnetic material (5) having high
permeability, if the magnet used is too strong due to the magnetic saturation tax, adverse effects
such as decrease in sensitivity, generation of magnetostriction, and decrease in compliance occur.
In addition, when it is necessary to reproduce vortices up to a cylindrical frequency, as in the
case of Tiscrede 4 channel stereo group, high frequency exogeneous deterioration occurs due to
the magnetic characteristics in the Gyu wave frequency characteristics. However, when a high
permeability magnetic material is not used, there is a disadvantage that the reproduction output
is extremely similar, and the sufficient reproduction output and the signal / noise ratio can not be
improved. The present invention was conceived to eliminate the above-mentioned drawbacks,
and in FIG. 2 the four poles of a magnet (l-bar 3) having a very high bird's coercivity, such as a
rare earth cobalt magnet, face each other, By using a narrow vortex dense summer magnetic field
generated at right angles to the magnetic axis, sufficient output can be provided without using a
magnetic material, and as a result high fidelity reproduction can be achieved without distortion
up to high frequencies. FIG. 3 shows a main part of a pickup using a beryllium cantilever (12)
'having a magnet (13) ('14) and a needle tip (11) in an embodiment of the present invention, as
shown in FIG. (1'i ') (1B) to obtain left and right channel crosstalk in 45-45 stereo system l; angle
45 "each with respect to the record plane in a plane which is a single angle to the center line of
the axis of the cantilever (12) The left and right channel crosstalk is obtained by arranging the
coils (17) and (18) so that the frequency characteristics are sufficient to achieve 50 KHz for 4
channel reproduction. In FIG. 5, the voltage generating coils (24), (25), (26,) (2 'i') are arranged in
four directions on the circumference of the grinding wheel (23) in the other embodiment shown
in FIGS. The example shown in FIG. 6 is a modification of the shape of the power stone (33)). The
magnetic field of the cylinder density can be obtained regardless of the shape of the magnet by
facing the same name poles of the two magnets. It is possible to get. Of course, as shown in FIG.
7, in the combination of the magnet (41) and the circuit including the magnetic materials (46)
and (47), the sensitivity and the signal / noise ratio are improved. Is also possible.
4. Brief description of the drawings Fig. 1 is a diagram showing the principle of power generation
of a conventional movable magnet type pickup, Fig. 2 is a side view of a magnet portion of the
present invention, and Fig. 3 is a pickup main portion based on an embodiment of the present
invention. Fig. 4 is a front view showing the positional relationship between the grinding wheel
and the coil viewed from the direction of cantilever axial force, and Fig. 5 is a front view showing
another example of the position of the coil attachment and the shape of the magnet. FIG. 7 is a
front view 18 showing an example in which a power generation coil and a magnetic material are
combined. Patent applicant Namiki Precision Jewelry Co., Ltd. 薯 1 口 、, ら 晃 鴬 鴬 ′ ′ ′ 図
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