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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a microphone according
to the present invention, FIG. 2 is a circuit diagram thereof, and FIG. 3 is a view showing a state
of use. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 ... Microphone, 2 ... recessed part, 3 ... earphone, 4 ...
bottom, 5 ... earphone circuit. -117- Japanese Utility Model Application Publication No. 51134427 (2)-iis-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION In the present invention, the voice circuit for
simultaneous interpretation at a remote place with respect to the microphone is not limited to
two separate receiving and transmitting circuits, but the conventional apparatus In the
microphone and earphones are configured separately, it is difficult to handle, and the installation
cost is high. Commonly, it has at least two tracks reproduced simultaneously according to the
invention name, and one track records an accompaniment musical tone to be played at a @ VC. If
you want to record the sound of other tigers and choruses from other singers only to the singer,
use the recording tape to make the lyrics sing without worrying through the microphone.
Although a circuit is required, the present invention is intended to provide a simple and
inexpensive product in such a case. The present invention will be described according to the
drawings shown as an embodiment below. In addition to the microphone circuit, the earphone
circuit is included. 2 is a recess provided so as to be able to be stored in an earphone: 1 m, and is
a recess formed on the bottom 4 or the side wall of the nine microphones l). Leave room for @ 5.
6 is an earphone plug, 7 is an earphone jack, 8 is a volume adjustment knob of the earphone 3. 9
is a connection cord for microphone robbery earphones, and it is a book which put together two
lines vc. Preferably, the back of the earphone 3 is configured to coincide with the surface of the
bottom 5 when the earphone 2-1 is stored. Since the present invention is configured as described
above, the terminal person is connected to the input circuit, the terminal B is connected to the
output circuit, the operator takes out the earphone 3 and inserts it in the ear, and the
microphone 1 is retroactively You can play a voice. As described above, in the present invention,
since the earphone 3 and the microphone 1 are integrally and detachably combined, it is easy to
perform the operation, and the concave 2 is provided to accommodate the earphone 3 and at the
same time the connection cord of the two lines. Because it is one, it is extremely compact. It is
preferable that the earphone 3 can be electrically connected to the microphone body 1 by means
of a plug and a jack so that the MI can be electrically connected. However, the microphone 3 may
be directly connected without providing the plug and the jack. Absent.
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