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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an exploded perspective view of the cartridge
of the present invention, FIG. 2 is a partial bottom view thereof, FIG. 3 is a bottom view of the
assembled state, and FIG. 4 is a side view of the assembled state is there. 1 ...... cantilever holder,
2.3 ...... leg s 4 ...... base, 5 ...... notches, 6 ...... pole piece, 7
ииииииииииииииииииииииииии ? ......
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a cartridge.
Conventionally, in this harvest cartridge, a holder for supporting the cantilever is provided
exchangeably with respect to the cartridge main body, but the replacement of the holder for
supporting the cantilever ?) (i, (, tO'I ") Since it is performed on the bottom of the cartridge body,
the pole piece directly supporting the cantilever of the holder does not immediately match the
pole piece receiver of the cartridge body, the replacement operation is extremely complicated,
and the pole piece may be damaged. . It is an object of the present invention to eliminate the
above-mentioned drawbacks and to provide a cartridge which is easy and practical to replace.
The proposed cartridge will now be described with reference to the drawings. In FIG. 1 to FIG. 4,
the taste is a concave shaped cantilever holder, and one end is a notch (5) in the middle of a pair
of legs (2 + 1 (3)) of the same length extending in parallel. A pole piece (6) held in a), the pole
piece (6) being parallel to the pair of leg pieces (2), (3). And they are positioned in the same
direction, ie, parallel to the plane passing through the two legs, and are shorter than the legs (2)
and (3). (7) is power. A lever is supported by the pole piece (6) via a damper, and the needle tip
(8) is projected obliquely downward (2) from the notch (6) of the base (4), (Q ) H% For example,
in the case of the MM type, this is a cartridge main body in which circuit parts such as coils are
accommodated, and the output terminal Q1m is implanted on the back surface, and is fitted into
a half box-like frame (b) Be done. The cartridge body (9) is internally provided with a pole piece
receiver having one end opened to the front surface 03, while the pole piece receiver 0 of the
cartridge body (9) is provided on both sides of the frame ?D. A guide surface 04 is formed
parallel to the above, and the pole piece receiver (2) and the guide surface ft 44 have a front
guide surface 04 K side legs (2), (311 !, l) When :: y is slid, the pole piece (6) K is provided so as
to match the pole piece receiver. Preferably, the angle of inclination of the pole piece receiver
and the guide surface to the bottom of the cartridge is preferably determined in relation to the
angle of inclination of the needle tip (8). (S) is a guard pivotally supported at both ends of the
base (4) of the cantilever holder 2. In use, the guard is moved upward KF to expose the tip of the
Therefore, in the present invention, the pole piece (6) fixed to the cantilever holder (? (3))
extends in parallel with and in the same direction as the leg pieces (2) + (a), while both leg pieces
are from the pole piece (6) Since it further extends, when the cartridge body (9) K cantilever
holder (1) is pressed, the tips of the leg pieces (2) and (3) become the lead end, and are
positioned at the guide surface 0 station. The pole piece (6) can be immediately coupled to the
pole piece receiver (2) by sliding the leg piece (2'll (3)) against the guide surface Q41. According
to the cartridge of the present invention configured as described above, the cantilever holder can
be mounted without damaging the pole piece, and so-called needle replacement becomes
extremely easy, and so has such remarkable practical effects.
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