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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an exploded perspective view of an example of
a microphone to which the present invention is applied, and FIG. 2 to FIG. 5 are cross-sectional
views of the main part, respectively. 1はグリップ、2はコードクランパ、3はコード、4はスイ
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION In the case of a microphone used by hand, for
example, external mechanical vibration may be transmitted to the microphone unit, which may
be converted into an electrical signal to become noise. The cause of such mechanical vibration is
due to the contact between the hand when holding the microphone and the microphone grip, due
to the vibration of the cord when pulling the cord, llα for switching the switch, 1 //, yXif There
are things such as those caused by the impact of firewood. one! た。 This kind of! As for I, in the
case of labor costs in the product price, the '@ 1 balance of the labor cost' is reduced, and
reducing the number of T's of the decree directly leads to a drop in the product price. In addition
to the above, it is possible to provide a code clamper that cuts off the machine w- transmitted
from the cord and makes it easy to enter and stop the cord, and furthermore, can prevent the
cord breakage. In the following, an embodiment of the present invention will be described with
reference to the drawings in which the present invention is applied to a microphone. FIG. 1 is an
exploded view thereof. In the figure. (1) is a grip, which is a cylinder made of, for example, zinc
die-cast, and the end of the sword is sealed and a cord (for example, a seal) 'is inserted therein via
(4 · cord clamper 12 described later) A hole (1 m) is provided through which IN ') + 31 is
inserted. A concave portion (lb) is provided at the periphery of the hole (la) to which the clamper
(2) can be locked. The other ffi @ is provided with a notch (le) to be engaged with a slide switch
14) described later, and a step (ld) is provided to be engaged with a unit case (5) described later. .
A screw (le) screwed with a unit holder r16: described later is provided on the outer periphery of
the heel end. Furthermore, a step portion (lf) is provided to which the name plate 17) is attached
on the outer periphery of one of m. オた。 The cord clamper (2) is composed of a grip end screw
(2a) and a grip end (2b), and the cord (: (1 is a microphone unit described later in the inside of
the grip (1) (It is connected to 81, and it is inserted in end (2b) in the mantle of grip fil, and is
connected to plug (3a). The screw (2a) has a cylindrical shape thinner than the hole (la) as shown
in the cross-sectional view of FIG. 2, and the screw (2C) is provided on the circumferential
surface thereof, and The wider flange (2d) is provided, and the screw (2c) 1m of this 7 runge (2d)
is provided with a projection (2e) to be engaged with the recess (lb) described above.
At the other end, the coat (: two or more notches (2f) along the extension direction of the pull is
provided, and the inner circumference [Ii K is tapered toward the other 411 along the extension
direction of the coat 13+ In addition, the end face is tapered in the direction of extension of the
cord 13), and the whole of the end face is made of elastic plastic. In addition, the end '(2b) is
formed in a hollow ring shape, one end of which is autopsied and provided with a hole (2g)
which can be inserted through the core f31 at its center, and the cord on its inner circumferential
surface Along with the extension direction of (3), a taper whose inner diameter is narrowed
toward one point is provided, and a screw (2 h) screwed with a screw (2 C) of a screw (2 m) is
provided on this inner surface Further, in the outer peripheral surface, the fitting at the time of
assembly can be sunk in a recess (2N) having a shape corresponding to the jig. Furthermore, a
flexible bundling (21) is provided around the cord 131 long from the hole (2g). According to this
configuration, a knot (3b) is made at a predetermined portion of Ii, @ Egeko) '+ 31 and when this
cord 13 is drawn in the direction of the plug (3a), the screw (2C) of the screw (2a) Protrudes
through the hole (la), and the projection (2e) and the recess (lb) engage with each other to
become a detent. Then, when the end (2b) is screwed in, the screws (4)-(2m) and the end (2b) are
joined via the grip ill. In addition, since the inner peripheral surface of the end (2b) is tapered, the
gap between the notches (2f) is narrowed by screwing it deeply into the screw (2a). The inner
diameter of is reduced and the cord (3) is fixed to the screw (2a) K. Thus the code (3: fixed or in
this case. The screwing of the end (2b) allows the fixing of the clamp 12 to the grip illK and the
fixing of the cord 131, so that one assembly is very easy (makes it easy). The cord 13) is
damaged or broken, since the cord 131 is screwed on average from the periphery at the end of
the screw 131 (2a) and secured, and no force is applied to only a part of it. Furthermore, the
vibration transmitted to the cord (3) by the plug (3a)-is continuously broken by the clamper 12)
and not transmitted to the cord (3) in the grip ill, so the coat 13) It can prevent the noise due to
the vibration from the ground. In this example, the taper on the inner side of the screw (2a) is
made thinner toward the other side, and the other side (5) is made perpendicular to the cord 1 '(I
and the code 131 is on the other side). This is a structure that is pulled out and is not pulled out
in the reverse direction (but I have a calculation of the taper direction!
It is an illusion, a reverse and negative code clamper. −! lた。 スイッチ(4)はスライドスイ
ッチであって。 As shown in the cross-sectional view of FIG. 3, the switch body (4a) is provided
with a slider (IC) provided with a convex portion to be a ring (4b) and a recess (4d) for
determining the stopping position of the slider (4C). And a lower body (4f) on which they are
held, and a ball bearing (spring) held in the inside of the bar (4b) of the slider (4C). 4g). When it
is locked to the concave 4 (4 dl) or (4 d 2), the on position (cold light shown) or (1 off position
(broken broken)), respectively, between the terminals (4 h 1) (4 h 2) In the case of e), the housing
(4f) is formed by bending a metal plate. It consists of an upper wall (41) and a side wall (4J)
along the sliding direction of the sluiter (4C), and the upper part # (4i) is made to project the
naruko (4b), and the slider The overhangs (4i1) and (4i2) of a predetermined length are provided
along the slide direction of (4C), and the IIl wall is provided at the opening (4i,) (4j2) at the end of
each slide direction The end portions of the individual sliders (4C), which are respectively
projected to the on and off positions, are extended so as to be exposed. Further, (4k) is a switch
cushion, which is a rectangular ring made of one elastic material having a shape substantially
along the lIl line (4J) of the cushion (40 mm, housing (4f)), and an opening (4j1) Tongue pieces
(4 kl) of a predetermined length and (2 to 4) are provided at portions corresponding to (4 j 2).
Further, (44+) is a switch cover, and this cover (4 /) has a concave groove (4 m) engaged with the
notch (Ic) of the grip (1) described above on the side, The end portion is provided with a recess
(4n) in which the protruding portion (4i2) is locked, and an opening (40) from which the glass
(4b) is projected. And this opening (40) is a switch (a) connecting the tip of the wall (4p) forming
the concave It (4n) and the lower part on the other end side of the opening g (40) 4a) The
overhang (4iz) is shorter than the length b) of the line connecting the point (7: 4p) with the tip of
the wall (7: 4p) and the tip of the nasal forceps (4b). It is instigated 4 to be longer than the length
C) of the same Tokino class as in the off position.
The terminals (4hl)-(4h2) are also connected to the unit 18) via the cord (4q). According to the
section 11f, attach the cushion (4k) to the body (4f), then turn the forceps (4b) to the off position,
and hold the protruding part (4i2) in the recess (4n). The switch main body (4a) is locked to the
cover (41) by turning the forceps (4b) to the on position, and the one main body (4a) and the
cover (41) are handled in an integrated manner, and this state Engage the cover (4j) with the
notch (lc) K of the grip width. なお。 The projecting portion (4i1) is locked by the case (5) as
described later. In this way, the switch + 41 is assembled and attached to the grip (1), but in this
case the impact when operating the forceps (4b) is absorbed between the slider (4C) and the
hook (8) and (8) As a result, it is possible to suppress the generation of shock noise and vibration
due to it, and it is possible to prevent the generation of noise that is generated by being
transmitted to Unit 81). In addition, since one main body (4a), a cover (41) and the like are
integrated to form a grip, one set of five stands becomes very easy. The switch body (4a) can be
similarly locked even if the opening (40) and the recess (4n) are formed in the grip (1) without
using the cover (4 /). In addition, the unit case 15) has a ring shape which is engaged with the
main part (5a) of the cane that divides the elliptical ball into two along the static axis as shown in
FIG. Neck (m) (5b) and, as shown in the sectional view of FIG. 4A-8, for locking the projecting
portion + 4il of the switch (4) to the inside 1111 of the tlt portion (5b) Protrusions (5C) and
protrusions (5d) for engaging with notches (IC) of grip fil are provided. Then, the projection (5C)
is provided with a step (5f) for locking the projection (4it) to one end face (5e), and the end face
(5e) or switch (4) at the time of mounting (9) And the other end face (5g) is configured to be
Holter-161K. In addition, the wR neck of the main part (5a) is provided with a plurality of holes
(5h) for making the device nondirectional. Along the inner circumferential surface, a side grill
(5I) made of metal mesh and an anti-abrasive screen (5J) made of an invisible cloth can be used.
Further, on the inner circumference of the edge of the opening end (5k) of the main part (5a), a
recess (51) of a so-called bayonet structure to be fitted with a tomp joint 19 described later is
The mata and holder 16) are composed of a ring-shaped main portion (6a) and a plurality of
skills (6b) embedded therein. The inner peripheral surface of the main portion (6a) is provided
with a screw (6C) to be screwed with the screw of grip fi +, and the branch portion (6b) is
gradually expanded toward the tip and z A step (6d) for locking the knit (8) is provided and the
whole is made of resin with high strength, and (6e) prevents the putting on of the cord +31 in the
grip (1) The grid damper to make the column-shaped 10 舊 elastic material with a diameter
slightly larger than the inner diameter in the grip 111! 5! According to this configuration, in
fall spring in which the case 15) is engaged with the grip (1), the case (51 is locked to the grip (1)
by screwing in the holter 161, and the switch (4) ) This grip is ll1K one. Thus, the grip (1) 2 case
15) is put on the chest, but in this case the case (5) is locked by screwing in the holder 6), and at
the same time the case (5) and the holder 16) As it is attached, 1 assembly is simple, and the
number of M articles decreases. After the holder 16 (the screw is pushed in, the overhang (SC) is
pushed, and thereby the heel cushion (4k) is compressed, so that occurrence of vibration in the
on position is suppressed at @. Note that the grip (1) and the holder (6 (may be engaged by a
bayonet structure). Also, the microphone unit (8) comprises a +911 dynamic unit body (8a) and a
nine equalizer (8b) fitted on the front face of these units, which are cylindrically shaped and of
the body (8a) A recessed groove (8d) to be complimented with the Enisot damper (8C) is
provided around the periphery, and a step (8f) is provided to which the tombedum (8e) is fitted
in the opening between the equalizers (8b) Be Further, these dampers (8c), (8d) are formed of a
ring-like elastic material, and are made to have a @ and a thickness that matches with the step 1
(fid) of the damper (8C) holder 161. According to this configuration, after the damper (8C) is
fitted into the recessed groove (8d), the unit 18) is attached by plating this on the step portion
(6d) of the holder 161. In this case, a damper (8C) made of an elastic material is provided around
one main body (8a), and the holder 16) has a main injection so as to easily expand the branch
portion (6b). Therefore, the unit 181 can be easily fitted into the holder 161 and is very easy to
assemble, and one body (8a) is supported via the holter 161′IIt and the tamper (8C). Because
there is an external vibration.
It is absorbed by the elastic material of these members and is not transmitted to the main body
(8a) to be a roar. Also, the top joint 19) is ring-shaped, and this is a ring-shaped three-piece. On
the outer surface of the case (5) "Q @ (9a) 7) blamed in the recess (51) of the bayonet structure
of the above case (5) and a crown of bayonet structure (9b) Further, a ring-shaped protrusion
(9e) NI and a step (9d) are provided to be inserted through the ring qllIrc. The whole is formed of
an elastic resin. In addition, the top ring rln is a ring whose outer shape is formed in an elliptical
sphere extending from the case (51), and a projection (9) is formed on the inner circumference of
the fist which is made to collide with the case (5). 9b) A bayonet pre-operative recess (10a) to be
fitted in, and within the open end! A step (lOb) is provided at 8 to be brought into abutment with
the step (9d) of the joint (9), and the inner diameter of the step (10b) is slightly raised from the
outer diameter of the protrusion (9C). Furthermore, (tOC) is a windshield grille, (10d) is a
dustproof screen, and the grille (IOC) is a protrusion (1oe) which is projected to the front 75
along the protrusion (9C) and the outside from its opening It is made of 7 runes (lOf) expanded
to form a metal mesh by press molding. In addition, the screen BOd is cast along the inner
circumference of a grille (Bile), which is a non-woven fabric cut into a circular shape. According
to this * V, fit the grille (10C) and the screen (Ind) to the ring q1 and further aggravate the joint
(9) so that the ability to assemble them ≦≦. And, as it was made to be a zygote A by means of a
ring ntw and a joay int (9) in order to make a junction, it would be very easy to assemble and join
the ring II and the joy into (9) When marking the manufacturing company name etc. on the outer
peripheral surface of the angular deformation −-Ui 1 1 case 1 + -f ring 11, the process is
continued as if the seven believers are correctly extracted. Set up the grille (Hoe) Pc flange (Inf).
Since this flange (tOf) is held by the sinterant (9d) and (1Oh) as shown in the 魁 51121 + 7) cross
sectional view, the glue attaching ring ring grill (IOc) without passing through the process of
writing ) Can be fixed. As described above, VC, cord clamper according to the present invention +
2), fixed to the fan, and the code (31 can be used to control mechanical vibration transmitted
from the cord, i 13) to prevent the failure of a) a, '-center.
Therefore, with this microphone Kjp, no lateral mechanical vibration from the outside is
transmitted to the unit (3), so that no noise is generated, f is easy to assemble, and the number of
T is small, so it takes 1 assembly Labor costs etc. are reduced by 1111 and lost by lowering the
product price.
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