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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an exploded perspective view of an example of
a microphone to which the present invention is applied, and FIG. 2 to FIG. 5 are cross-sectional
views of the main part, respectively. 1はグリップ、2はコードクランパ、3はコード、4はスイ
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION For example, with six hand-held microphones,
external mechanical vibrations may be transmitted to the microphone unit, which may be
converted into electrical signals and become noise. Such mechanical vibration may be caused by
the contact between the hand when holding the microphone and the microphone grip, by the
vibration of the cord when pulling the cord, the book by switching when the switch is switched
There is a habit of In the case of this kind of niece, the ratio of labor cost to the product price is
high, and reducing the number of manufacturing processes + 11 directly leads to a drop in the
product price. In the light of such a point, the present invention can prevent occurrence of
vibration at the time of switching of the switch with a simple configuration and prevent noise
from being generated. Hereinafter, the present invention will be described as applied to a
microphone in order to explain one practical example of the present invention with reference to
the drawings. FIG. 1 is an exploded perspective view thereof. In the figure, 11) is a grip, which is
a cylinder made of, for example, zinc die-cast, and the end of 10,000 is sealed and a cord clamper
(2) described later is inserted in the center thereof A hole through which the) is inserted is
provided. The peripheral edge of the hole (la) is provided with a recess (lb) in which the clamper
(2) can be locked. The other end is provided with a cutout IC to be engaged with a slide switch
(4) to be described later, and a step (1d) to be engaged with a unit case (5) to be described later.
A screw (1e) screwed with a unit holder (6) described later is provided on the outer periphery of
the tip. Furthermore, a step portion (1f) is provided on the outer periphery of one end portion of
K K to which a name plate (7) is attached. a cord clamper 12) a bald lip end screw (2a) and a toe
lip end (2b), and the cord 13) is inserted into the screw (2a) K inside the grip (1) to be described
later as a microphone unit (8) ) And is inserted into the end (2b) at the outside of the grip (1) to
be followed by the plug (3a) KW. The screw (2a) has a cylindrical shape thinner than the hole (la)
as shown in FIG. 2 (II), and a screw (2C) is provided on the outer peripheral surface of the screw
(2a). A wider seven runge (2d) is provided, and a screw (2C) 110 of the seven runge (2d) is
provided with a protrusion (2e) to be engaged with the above-mentioned recess (tb) and a cord at
the other end A taber is provided with two or more notches (2f) along the extension direction of
(3), and the inner diameter is narrowed toward the other end along the extension direction of the
inner peripheral surface KFi cord (3). Further, the end face of K is formed substantially
perpendicular to the extension direction of the cord 13), and the whole is formed of an elastic
(3) Before, the end (2b) is ring-shaped KIIIFI, and the end of its -10,000 is sealed and a hole (2g)
is provided in the center of which the cord 13 is inserted, and the inner peripheral surface The
inner diameter is tapered toward one end along the extension direction of the cord (3), and a
screw (2h) screwed with the screw (2C) of the screw (2a) on the inner peripheral surface And a
recess (2I) having a shape corresponding to a jig at the time of assembly. Furthermore, a flexible
bushing (2J) is provided around the cord (3) extending from the hole (2g). According to this
configuration, for example, when a knot (3b) is made in a predetermined part of the cord (3) and
the cord (3) is drawn in the direction of the plug (3a), the screw (2C) of the screw (2a) is a hole
(laa And the projection (2C) and the recess (1b) are engaged to become a detent. Then, when the
end (2b) is screwed in in this state, the screw (2a) and the end (2b) are rigged through the grip fi
+. At this time, since the inner peripheral surface of the end (2b) is tapered, screwing the screw
(4), -6 (2a) K deeply K, paper sheet, notch (2f) The inner diameter of the screw (2a) decreases
and the cord (3) is fixed to the screw (2a) K. The cord (3) is fixed in this way, but in this case, it is
possible to fix the clamper 12) to the grip (1) and fix the cord 13) simply by screwing the end
(2b). Become. In addition, since the cord (3) is compressed and fixed in average from the
periphery at the end of the screw (2a) and no force is applied to only part of the cord (3), the
cord (3) is broken for nine seconds. Can be prevented. Furthermore, the cord (3) is transmitted
by the plug (3a) II and the nine vibrations are transmitted by the clamper (2) and not transmitted
to the cord (3) in the grip (1). It can prevent the noise due to the vibration from the ground. In
this example, the inner taper of the screw (2a) is tapered toward the other end, the other end is
perpendicular to the cord (3), and the cord (3) is pulled out to the other end. Also, the
configuration is such that it is configured not to be pulled out in the reverse direction, but it is
also possible to make the code clamper in the reverse direction (5) from changing the direction
etc. of the taper. The switch (4) is a slide switch, and the switch body (4a) is I! !
As shown in the cross-sectional view of FIG. 3, a wood board provided with a projection serving
as a forceps (4b) and provided with a slotter (4C) and a recess (4d) for determining the stopping
position of the slider (4C). It consists of (4e) and a housing (4f) in which these are held. Then,
when the ball bearing (4g) held by the spring 1 inside the insulator (4b) of the slider (4C) is
engaged with the recess (4dl) or (4d2), the on position ( The current paths of the terminals (4h,)
and (4h2) are opened and closed. Further, the housing (4f) is formed by bending a metal plate,
and comprises an upper wall (4+) and a side wall (m) along the sliding direction of the slider (4C),
and the upper wall (4i) Is. When the forceps (4b) are made to project, projecting portions (4i1)
and (4i2) of a predetermined length are provided along the sliding direction of the slider (4C),
and the side walls The end openings (4j1) and (4j2) K (6) are configured such that the end of the
slider (4C) on the side to be projected when in the on or off position respectively is exposed. Also,
(4k) is a switch cushion, and the side walls (4J) K of this cushion <4k) # 'i and year rest (4f) are
rectangular rings made of elastic material, and the opening ( The tongue pieces (4 kl) and (4 kz)
of a predetermined length are provided in portions corresponding to the phantoms l) and (4 j 2).
Furthermore, in the (44) t'i switch cover, this cover (41) is provided with a recessed groove (4 m)
to be engaged with the notch (le) of the grip (1) described above, and one end of the lower
surface When the recessed portion (4n) to which the portion K and the projecting portion (4i2)
are engaged is provided, the opening portion (40) from which the forceps (4b) is projected is
provided. And this opening (40) is a switch (4 m) which is the length of a line connecting the tip
of the wall (4 p) forming the recess (4 n) and the lower part of the other end of the opening (40).
When the length of the line connecting the point at which the overhanging part (4i2) touches the
end of the wall (4p) and the end of the insulator (4b) when it is in the onbodingon is shorter than
b) and is off position (7) Length e) of a similar line segment of is configured to be longer. Further,
the terminals (4h1) and (4hz) are connected to the unit (8) K through the cord (4q). According to
this configuration, the housing (4f) K cushion (4k) is attached, and the forceps (4b) is in the off
position to engage the overhanging portion (4i2) with the recess (4n), and then the forceps (4b)
To put on position from K, Sui] Ji body (4?
) Is locked to the cover (4) and can be handled integrally with the main body (4a) and the cover
(41) Fi. Then, in this state, the cover (4) is engaged with the notch (11 :) of the grip fi +. The case
(5) is engaged so as to reach the projecting part (4i1) he. In this way, the switch (4) is assembled
and attached to the grip (1), but in this case the shock when operating the forceps (4b) is
absorbed between the slider (4C) and the cushion (4k) It is possible to suppress the generation of
shock noise and vibration due to it, and to prevent the generation of noise which is transmitted to
the unit (8). In addition, since the book #, (4a cover (41) and the like are integrated and attached
to the hook (8) to the lip, the assembly becomes very easy. The switch body (4a) can be similarly
locked even if the opening (40) and the recess (4n) are formed in the grip +1 without using the
cover (4j). The unit case (5) is, for example, an oval sphere divided into two along the minor axis
as shown in the figure, and a ring (id) K engaged with the main portion (5a) of the notion shape
and the grip f1 + -Shaped neck (5b), as shown in section 1iIll of Figure 4A, B, K inside K of neck
(5b), overhanging part (4i1) t of latch (4) for locking A projection (5d) is provided for engaging
with the projection (5C) and the notch (Ic) of the grip ill. And this projection (5C) is one end face
(5e) K '! A stepped portion (5f) for locking the transfer-out portion (4i1) is provided, and the end
surface (5e) is abutted against the switch (4) at the time of mounting, and the other end surface
(5g) is a holder (6) K engagement Configured to be. In addition, the circumference + 1iK of the
main part (5a) is a side grille (51) formed of a metal mesh along the inner circumferential surface
if a plurality of holes (5h) for making * W nondirectional are provided. And a dustproof screen
(5J) made of non-woven fabric (9). Further, on the inner periphery of the edge of the opening end
(5k) of the main part (5a), a recess (51) of so-called bayonet structure fitted with a top joint (9)
described later is provided. In addition, it is composed of a holder + 61 Vil J-like main part (6a)
and a plurality of skill parts (6b) embedded in it, and the screw and screw of the grip (1) are
formed on the inner peripheral surface of the main part (6a) A mating screw (6) is provided, and
the skill portion (6b) is gradually expanded toward the tip and provided with a step (6d) for
locking the unit (8) reaching its end KN, The whole is formed of an elastic resin.
Furthermore, K, (6e) is a grid damper for preventing vibration of the cord (3) in the grip (1), and
is composed of a cylindrical elastic material having a diameter slightly larger than the inner
diameter of the grip (1) . According to this configuration, by engaging the case (5) with the grip il
+ and screwing the holder (6) in the fc state, the case (5) is engaged with the grip illK, and the
switch (4) is also gripped illK locked. Thus, the grip (1) K case (5) is scattered, but in this case,
when the holder (6) is screwed in, the case (5) is locked by the K, and the case (5 ) And the holder
16), so the assembly is easy and the number of parts is reduced. Further, since the projection
(5C) is pushed by screwing the holder (6) and the cushion (4k) is thereby compressed, the
occurrence of vibration particularly in the on position is suppressed. The grip ill and the holder
(6) may be engaged in a loose net structure. The microphone unit (8) comprises, for example, a
dynamic type unit body (8a) and an equalizer (8b) fixed to this #i surface, which are cylindrically
shaped and have a main body (8a). Is provided with a recessed groove (8d) into which the unit
damper (8C) is fitted, and a step (8f) is provided around the equalizer (8b) into which the
grooved damper (8e) is fitted. Also, these dampers (8C), (8d) are formed of a ring-shaped elastic
material, and the width and thickness of the damper (8C) F'i holder (6) and the step portion (6d)
Ru. According to this configuration, after fitting the damper (8c) to the recessed groove (8d) by
+111, the unit (8) is attached by fitting the damper (6d) K of the holder (6). In this case, a tamper
(8C) made of an elastic material is provided around one main body (8a), and the holder (6) has
elasticity so that the branch portion (6b) can be easily expanded. Because the unit (8) can be
easily fitted into the holder (6), it is very easy to assemble. Since the main body (8a) is supported
via the holder (6) and the tamper (8C), external vibration is absorbed by these elastic materials
and transmitted to the main body (8a). There is no such thing as noise. In addition, the top joint
(9) is ring-shaped, and a projection (9a) to be faulted in the recess (51) of the bayonet structure
of the above-mentioned case (5) is fitted on this outer peripheral surface and a top ring (Iα
described later) A protrusion (9b) having a bayonet structure to be formed is provided, and
further, a ring-shaped protrusion (9C) and a step (9d) to be inserted in the II song ltm are
provided, and the whole is formed of an elastic resin.
Further, the top ring t1 is a ring formed in an elliptical sphere whose outer shape is extended
from the outer shape of the case (5), and the inner ring of the preparation provided with the case
(5) 9) Projection (9b) K11 A recess (10 m) of bayonet structure to be attached is provided, and a
step (job) to be engaged with the step (9 d) of the joist 9 on the inner periphery at the opening
end The inner diameter of this step (job) is made slightly larger than the outer diameter of the
projection (9C). Further, K, (IOc) is a windshield grille, (led) is a dustproof screen, and a
protrusion (10e) is projected forward along the grille (IOct) H1 protrusion (9C) and its outside
from the opening end It consists of 7 extended flanges (10f) and is formed by press-forming a
metal mesh. The screen (led) is cut into a circular shape and made of non-woven fabric, and is
provided along the inner periphery of the grille (101 :). According to this configuration, they can
be assembled by attaching the grille (10C) and the screen (10d) to the ring +1 (I and further
fitting the joint (9). In this case, since K, ring α G and joint (9) are joined by bayonet structure,
the assembly becomes very KWAK and the joint angle between the ring ridge and the joint (9)
becomes fixed, for example, ring ridge When printing the name of the outer periphery IIK
manufacturing company etc., the position can be accurately determined. As i +, Krill (IOC) I / c 7
lunge (10 f) is zero, as shown in the cross-sectional view of FIG. The gluing can be fixed to the
grille (LOc) t ring α value without passing through the steps of, etc. As described above,
according to the switch device (4) K according to the present invention, since the balance
machine at the time of switching is absorbed between the slider (4C) and the cushion (4k),
occurrence of mechanical vibration can be prevented. . Therefore, in this microphone, no
mechanical vibration from the outside is transmitted through the f81K, so that no noise is
generated by this and the assembly is easy and the number of processes is small, so that the
labor cost for assembly etc. It can reduce and lower the product price.
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