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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 are plan views showing different
examples of the storage container according to the present invention, and FIG. 3 shows an
example of the container main body. Half is a plan view of the back side, the mouth is a side view
with the left half taken along the line A-A, and FIG. 4 shows an example of a lid. The left half is a
plan view of the back right side of the left half. Is a side view, FIG. 5 is a partial vertical sectional
view of the lid, FIG. 6 is a partial enlarged view of the container body, a is a plan view, a port is a
longitudinal sectional view, and FIG. Fig. 8 is a partial longitudinal cross-sectional view of a
container main body with a fragrance put therein and covered with a lid, and Fig. 9 is an
explanatory view of a lid manufacturing mold. 1 is a container body, 2 is a lid, 8 is a vent, 9 is a
tagline for advertisement, and 10 is a color.
Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a storage container used
for attaching a disinfectant or a fragrance to a telephone handset of a telephone set. It was only a
(1) / 3 clothes-like thing that was able to freely put in and out the disinfectant as well as freely.
The present invention is not only intended to use such a container as a container for containing a
disinfectant or the like but also to use it as an advertising medium. Hereinafter, the present
invention will be described in detail based on the embodiments shown in the drawings. Tea
container body + 11 [formed by soft plastic, and moreover, three insertion legs (; 3) are projected
on the back, and this insertion legs (3) are inserted into the through holes provided in the
telephone transmitter of the telephone・ It is removable and 1-shi. The insertion foot (3) is
divided into two in the longitudinal direction. Also, on the peripheral edge of the 9 container
main body 11) form pressing pieces (1) projecting inward at uniform intervals, and further open
the bottom (5 (in the middle of the hole (6) A number of holes (7) are drilled. The through hole
(7) is a lower cam as shown in FIG. (2) Next, the lid (2) is formed into a disk shape with a hard
plastic or the like, and a large number of vents (8) are opened in it. The old story number,
company name, tagline etc. (9) for advertisement are displayed by making it protrude above the
surface. This tagline etc. (9) is formed into a lid (2) and a body, and the top surface of the tagline
(9) projecting above the surface of the lid (2) has a color tLO different from the ground color of
IEI 21 ) Is colored. In addition, although there are various -C as this coloring means,--as an
example, there is night travel. 1) Means for forming a catch phrase etc. (9) integrally with the lid
(2) 1. For example, as shown in FIG. 9, the back side mold of the lid (2) and the front side mold
(12) If the front side mold (12) forms a tagline or company name etc. (9), various types of surface
molds (such as advertising texts, advertisement revisions, numbers etc. (9)) Just by preparing
19), it is possible to form various lids (2) having different advertisement contents. Of course, the
display position, the contents 31 and the like of the catch phrase (9) are not limited to those
shown in the drawings but may be of course appropriate. Then, to use the storage container
shown in the figure, place a doughnut-type disinfectant or fragrance H as shown in FIG. 7 in the
storage portion (13) of the container body (1) as shown in FIG. Cover the lid (2) from above, and
press the peripheral edge of the lid (2) under the holding piece (4) of the container body + 1 + as
shown in Fig. 8, and the lid (2) is accidentally removed Then, insert the inset foot (3) into the hole
of the transmitter.
Note that the 3 '"structure and shape of the container body (1) and the lid (2) in the present
invention may be other than those shown in the drawings, therefore, for example, a hole (in the
center of the bottom (5) of the container body (1) Instead of opening 6), small holes may be
made on the entire surface of the bottom (5), or may be formed in a grid or a mesh instead of
holes, and in some cases without the pressure piece (1) The lid (2) may be fixed, and
furthermore, a double-sided tape may be attached to the back of the container body + n without
projecting the insertion foot (3), thereby attaching the body i11 to the transmitter. (4) is also
good. Similarly, the vent (8) of the lid (2) may also be appropriately selected, for example, by
making it a grid or a mesh instead of a hole, or setting a large number of slits having an
appropriate width. The present invention displays the telephone numbers (9) for advertisement
on the lid (2) in an oblique manner, and they are integrally formed with the lid (2) and project
above the surface of the lid (2) In addition to that, since the surface (such as ad text) is colored
with a color (10) different from the ground color of the lid (2), it is of course possible to be
detachable from the transmitter like a conventional container. Because it has a moving piece as
an advertising medium, and in particular, the color of the advertising town is different from the
ground color of the cover 12), the advertisement 1] is easy to see and easy to see. −′l! In
addition, since the transmitter is always visible when talking or receiving @, it can also be
expected to have a great advertising effect.
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