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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view of the speaker box as
viewed from the back and FIG. 2 is a plan view of the speaker box as viewed from the top.
[Detailed description of the invention] Although the speaker box in the form of gods has been
devised since ancient times, today it has been designed with only the shape from the electrical
and acoustic interface of the speaker hox 4 . Waiting from the standpoint as a furniture, when
the speaker box is arranged in a row of furniture and fjlrM, the connection cord from the
amplifier → interferes, the speaker box can not be in close contact with the wall and can not be $
1-, the speaker hook After □ 1. There is a large gap between the device and the device, and the
device L is installed in the form of inserting a speaker box into the device L and the number of
cords in the gap. This thing breaks furniture between furniture as furniture; , Ftvyea -2- The
device described here is designed to place cords between the speaker box and 1 to 4 provided
from the beginning, and to cover this cord o so that it can not be seen from the outside. r too! "E
There is a half to be installed in order as a family member, and one that was conceived as a [+ -1].
In this device, the speaker box (1a) is an amplifier (2) which is produced when the other device
(8) is accommodated at the upper portion of the amplifier (2) 411 co-F (4) of the other device (8)
1a) The two cylinders 111 of the speaker box (la) can be provided on i1 □ + of J7 rear and g in Y
(from 1111 plates (5a) and (5b) to t-plane + 6a) It is made to project to a temporary part, and it is
polished with a speaker box Za), a room · @ 雫 (7) and vIIIk: a space (8a) 2 that can accommodate
cords (4) and so on. The name of the 'S-I Teleo, this pillow cord (4) is connected to the 1.45-4
speaker box (It)), so it is located at the bottom of the speaker box (] ε) , コ ー ド to へ to the
speaker pock X (la) and (1b) t 板 t = 1 board (5a) (5b) and (50) (5d) i へ into the cord cut notches
(9a) (9b) According to this, through this incision (9a) + 91)) and (9C) (9 (1), can the number of
codes or h% can be connected? こなる。 9) like 1) Sbyna hox (1a) and (1 b after f + Li co made i
′ 1 h between Hy (8 a) and t 81)) by sleeping with the cord 1 t (4) I, The speaker boxes (18) and
(1b) will be placed outside the prefecture and in the room / 1; 4, to the drawing, I @ & 9! 6 Ming
1 'A, to! Diagonal view of the speaker box as seen from the verge of polyphony. M2i: flat surface
view of X '+ u speaker box viewed from the top.
Ma (雫 新 新 人 人 C ′ ° C 3 '2 se;' 'n ゝ also i'; ^ ^ /-IC !! 乞 匡; ・ ・ う 、, j-J '$ 乞 ° 5 This,
'rIvl Fist V 敞 3 Torura--kk 4 m-vr,'.
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