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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows a conventional headphone device. FIG. 2 is
an explanatory view of the configuration of the embodiment of the head bonding apparatus
according to the present invention, and FIGS. 3a and 3b are explanatory views of the
configuration of the main part showing a specific example of FIG. 21.22 · · · Headphone body,
23.24 · · · Slider, 25 · · · Headband, 26 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · engaging
part, 261a, 261b: elastic contact piece.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION This discussion relates to a headphone device and
relates to the improvement of the structure of the waiting line ≦ 27 1g supply line.
Conventionally, a head 6 is provided as shown in FIG. There is known a '9' / / '/ 訃 1 j phone-. In
other words, this allows each slider 13.14 protruding from the pair of left and right headphone
bodies 11.12 to be slidable (two engaged with each other) to both end engaging portions 151
and 152 of the arc-shaped headband 15. The headphone cord 16 attached to one headphone
body 11 for convenience such as ease of use during use, the headband 15 yen directly to the
other headphone body 12 from the headphone cord 1] A signal supply line structure is adopted
in which connection is made via a branch / branch cord 161 through which the In the figure,
reference numerals 161m and 161b denote flexures provided for causing the lower portion J1 of
the slider 13.14 to respond to the both ends of the branch cord 161, that is, the portion out of
the head band-5. . However, in such a conventional headphone device, the headphone cord 16 is
attached to one of the heads 8 and 2 (four mouths attached to the side of the phone 1-11 to
provide convenience such as ease of use when using the eclectic system). However, the deflection
$ 161 m of the branch cord 161 with respect to the other headphone 12 has a disadvantage that
it disturbs it. Therefore, this invention has been made in the light of the following points, and the
side to which the headphone cord is attached by resiliently connecting the slider having four
dimensions to the 44 bodies provided by being inserted through the inside of the headband We
built a No. supply castle route to the headphone body on the other side, and thus improved the
ease of use at the time of use not to be disturbed any more by eliminating the branch cord which
requires the conventional flexible part It is an object of the present invention to provide a
headphone device which is extremely good. An embodiment of the present invention will be
described in detail below with reference to the drawings. That is, in $ 2 figure, 21.22 is a pair of
left and right headphone bodies, and at least the inner surface + il! A slider 23 ° 24 having a
curvature of 1 is protrusively provided at l. And, each of these sliders 8 ;: kura.11 巳 iders 23.24
is engaged with the engaging portions 251.252 provided at both ends of the arc-shaped head
band 25 so as to be engaged with 9 ports. For example, the head band 25 is inserted into the
inside thereof, and an insulator body 261 is provided as shown in FIG. 1, and the grooved rod
body 261 is integrally formed in an arc shape at its 1 ffl @ holding portion 25J, 252. Or, it has
separate elastic contact piece parts 261a, 261b, that is, since the elastic contact piece parts
261m, 261b at the both ends are -4 with the inner surface of the slider 23.24, the two darkness
is 4 air It is in a connected state.
And, one headphone main body 211illII: The attached headphone cord 26 is directly cascaded to
the one headphone main body 21, and also directly connected to the base of the one slider 23.
Further, in the other headphone main body Jj1illl, the & unit of the other slider 23 is connected
to the headphone main body 22 in a contact manner. 8.5024f。 1. According to the
headphone device which is llb, R as in the following t, the other headphone main body: the signal
supply line for the two passes through each of the sliders 23. 24 having the # property and the
head band 25 And the conductive body 261 provided in the upper and lower direction of the
slider 23.24. Therefore, in the state as it is with respect to the vertical movement of the slider
23.24, the method 1: is superior to the other. That is, unlike the conventional wire connection
through a branch cord which stomachs a flexible portion, the ease of putting on stool etc. may
not be disturbed at all. Fig. 3tal and lbl show a concrete example of the contact structure of the
slider and the rodent part in 1 below [+ mt diagram: sliders xsx, xsx of 211ii, and! ! ! The hot side
and the ground side of the signal line are separated by the housings 261c and 261d, and the fb1
figure holds the front side conductive -233 side and the back side 4 side layer 233b of one slider
233 and these. The 21 conductive members 261e and 2611 to be mounted are 1 to separate the
hot side and the ground side (Note 8.11. The same is true for the other headphone body side. In
addition, at time t, the conductor 261 provided by inserting the inside of the head band 25 is the
inner surface of the head band 25 made of an edge material (or even the outer surface is a town)
[: 4 integral body such as an adhesive coating; -Although it may be formed so as to break it, it
may be dropped by making other 444 (wood) materials etc. go back to the end of the term.
(Other than this, it deviates from the gist of this groove. There is no way to say that each
transformation or passage is 0T in the range not to be. Therefore, as described in detail below,
this examination (in accordance with the second side of the headphone body on which the
headphone cord is to be attached, the slider body and the headband have 44 features) Configure
the reconnaissance supply tunnel by means of elastic contact with the provided one-piece, thus
eliminating the branch cords that require the conventional flexures and not disturbing the ease of
use when using it 1: Providing an improved very good headphone m4 is a good choice for 321'1
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