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Description 1, title of the invention
3, detailed description of the invention It relates to cartridges, and in particular to the
improvement of the amateur part of snow. As is well known, the armature in the pickup cartridge
has an important role, such as relating the mechanical vibration transmitted from the cantilever
to the electromagnetic coupling portion and converting it into an electrical signal C. And,-It is not
only that the pace material to be used is a high permeability material, but also that such
amateurs are requested-the effective mass is reduced as much as possible to broaden the
frequency characteristics of the pickup cartridge as wide as possible. It is to make planarization
possible. For this reason, conventionally, an armature is often formed using nod-malloy etc. as a
pace material, however, nod-malloy etc. has a point of mechanical characteristics such as
toughness and strength in any respect in terms of permeability. However, it has been difficult to
reduce the weight by miniaturizing and thinning, and thus it has been difficult to achieve
broadening of the frequency characteristics and flattening of the frequency characteristics by
reducing the effective mass. Therefore, the present invention has been made to the point as
described above, and by constructing an armature using amorphous metal, it is intended to
reduce the effective mass as much as possible to widen and flatten the frequency characteristic.
Very good mold that has been modified to make it possible to The purpose is to provide a quad
carpet, di. EndPage: One embodiment of the present invention will be described in detail with
reference to the drawings. That is, FIG. 1 shows a moving coil (MC: applied to a type pickup
cartridge, in the yoke 12.13 attached to both ends of the magnet 11, the tip through hole portion
121 of the front side yoke 12). The cantilever 14 is attached to the tip of the rear yoke 13 by
inserting the '4'! It is supported by a suspension wire 18 by means of an armature 16 at the rear
end with respect to the leucpiece 15. Here, as shown in FIG. 2 (,), (b), the armature L1 is
orthogonal to the substantially square plate-like or substantially cross-like amateur base '61 r
161 'using amorphous metal. The left and right channel coils 162 and 162 'are wound around
the same. すなわち、マグネット11. ′B−り12,13および? -Vibration of the armature
Z6 in response to the vibration of the cantilever 14 in the air gap of the magnetic circuit
consisting of the ruby 15 (in this case between the pole piece and the front ll yoke) It is a book
that produces an electrical signal according to
Thus, the pickup cartridge configured as described above is generally referred to as an
amorphous alloy and can make the plate thickness as thin as about 40 μ and, at the same time,
is made of an amorphous metal excellent in mechanical properties such as 1 toughness and
strength. Since the amateur 76 is configured using the amateur pace, the overall effective mass
can be reduced by reducing the size and thickness as compared to the case of using the
conventional / 4 'Larmalloy. As a result, it is possible to widen and flatten the frequency
characteristics. Here, the amorphous metal (amorphous alloy) is obtained by adding a small
amount of metalloid elements such as st and G * to ferromagnetic metals such as F ·, Co and Ni,
and quenching from the molten state to bring it into an assimilation state. High permeability
material. Next, looking at the characteristics of the table of the Big Agg Cartridge as described
above, normally, the high frequency reproduction limit frequency (fh) is as follows: m @:
vibration system effective mass Sl: cartridge stiffness Sr It is determined by stiffness. In the case
of the conventional case using permalloy, since the fh can be high when the effective mass (m,) is
small in the equation (1) and the fh is low when the (m,) is large. On the contrary, it is known that
the invention using amorphous metal can make fh higher and, consequently, achieve a wide band
of frequency characteristics as a pickup cartridge. Also, the resonance sharpness (Q) in this case
is determined by l, but as (m,) in the core (2) is small, (Q) is small and (ml) is large as (Q) is large. ,
(M,) can be reduced, it can be seen that the invention is also advantageous in terms of preventing
resonance. FIG. 3 schematically shows the above, and in the case of the present invention in
which the illustrated solid line (b) uses an amorphous metal in the conventional case, the broken
line 0 shown in the figure uses the quantity-area i. In addition, it is obvious that (fh) is smaller
than (Q) in the present invention. Fig. 4 shows the change in permeability (I4) with respect to the
frequency of 9-malloyp) and amorphous gold (b) in a similar relationship, and the change in
permeability of amorphous metal is smaller. It is known that it is possible to flatten the frequency
characteristics as a pickup over a wide band. Fig. 5 is a so-called moving iron (IM) type Bikua! 31
shows another embodiment applied to the cartridge and di, 31 is a magnet, and 32 is a magnet.
Yoke 33, coil: I4-1) E Danno 4-1 Jj is a cantilever, and 36 is an EndPage: 2 armature formed of
amorphous metal as so-called magnetic permeability and matrix in this case.
Also in this embodiment, the same operation and effect as those of the (MC) type pickup
cartridge described above can be obtained. The present invention is limited to the above-
described and illustrated embodiments, and it goes without saying that various modifications and
applications are possible without departing from the scope of the present invention. Therefore, as
described in detail above, according to the present invention, by constructing an armature using
amorphous metal, it is possible to lower the effective mass as much as possible, thereby
broadening and flattening the frequency characteristics. It is possible to provide a very good
pick-up cartridge, which has been modified to make it possible.
4. Brief description of the drawings. FIG. 1 is a block diagram of an essential part showing an
embodiment of the pickup cartridge according to the present invention, and FIGS. 2 (a) and 2 (b)
are different embodiments of the armature of FIG. FIG. 3 is a perspective view showing the
characteristic of the present invention in comparison with the prior art. 14.34・・・カンチ
レノ々−116,36・・・アマチュア。 Applicants Attorney Attorney Takehiko Suzue
EndPage: 3
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