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Fig. 1 shows a conventional magnet receiver, but the box (1) is made to be almost the same as
the receiver so that the cord can not be broken. (2) Take up the cord at the end. The earphone
jack (3) is embedded in the (4) cord winding portion. In FIG. 2, the connection plug (6) and the
box (1) are made substantially the same, put together and wound up. (6) The connection plug is
embedded in the (4) cord winding portion. Furthermore, (7) Move (4) the cord winding portion
with (7) of a small spring, and wind it up. As (8), (9) Gears are for stopping movement. In
addition, it is of course possible to use a helical spring as a torsion spring, a conical spring, a coil
spring, etc., but it is possible to structure it as well, but (9) Gear also means a transmission, belt
transmission, winding transmission, I want to include as a range because it can be changed to
conical belt transmission, liquid transmission and so on. Fig. 3 shows a structure that uses a
commutator motor (10) and a coil (11) instead of a spring, and (4) turns the coil winding part left
and right. (13)がスイツチである。 (14) The terminal on the power supply side and the
connection plug of (6) the earphone are put together in a single piece with a soft cylindrical
holder (15) such as vinyl. In addition, as a method of changing the rotation direction of the
electric motor, in the direct current motor, there are a method of reversing the voltage applied to
the armature, a divided winding type, a multiple winding type, and a series winding type. There
are also three-phase induction or synchronous motors, as well as single-phase induction or
synchronous motors. The drawing uses a commutator motor, but as a range it refers to all the
motors. The present invention can be mounted on a Slareo-type receiver and is in scope. Fig. 1;
Fig. 3 is a closed box type sound box, so we thought about putting glass wool and other sound
absorbing materials. As for the cord, since it is an apparatus for winding in a box (1), a soft
material is preferable as much as possible. Also, not only the cords of the earphones and the
stereo receiver but also the cords of the electric device have the same effect. FIG. 4 replaces the
part of the earphone of FIG. 3 with a telephone handset to complete the whole. In the drawing, it
is attached to the handset, but I think that it is normal to attach it to the transmitter. In addition,
it can be attached to the main body of the telephone, and in addition, it can be attached to the
telephone cord extending from the main body. And, as shown in FIG. 5, the effects of the present
invention were shown on the transformer and the adapter. (40) is an earphone cord, (41) is a
place where the power supply (electricity) dropped from 100V to more than ten volts is inserted.
As shown in FIG. 3 as well, power can also be removed. (14) The power supply side terminal and
the earphone are reversed as shown in this figure (FIG. 5). Thus, the present invention can be
applied to a madapter, a structure equipped with a transformer, a household cord, and the like,
although it can be written in the drawings. This is also related to the application for utility model
registration 57-46517.
Brief description of the drawings
1 is a cross-sectional view of the present invention. FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view of the present
invention including a spiral spring. FIG. 3 is a cross-sectional view of the present invention
including a commutator motor.
Fig. 4 is a sectional view of the present invention using a telephone handset Fig. 5 is a sectional
view of the invention using a transformer Fig. 6 is a substantial drawing of a wind fan Fig. 7 is a
construction of an electric iron 8 is an actual drawing of the vacuum cleaner 1 is a box 2 is a
hand winding unit 3 is an earphone jack 4 is a cord winding unit 5 is a diaphragm 6 is a
connection plug cord 7 is a spiral spring 8 is a gear 9 is a gear 10 is Commutator motor 11 coil
13 switch 14 power supply side connection plug 15 cord 30 frame 31 coil 32 coil 32 armature
34 diaphragm 34 frame 35 magnet 36 yoke 37 terminal 38 handset cord 39 Transformer 40 is
an earphone jack 41 is a power plug socket 42 is an adapter terminal 50 is the whole of the
present invention 51 is the whole of the present invention or more
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