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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a reproduction frequency characteristic
diagram of the conventional rear open type headphone and the rear open type headphone
according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is one of the rear open type headphone according
to the present invention. FIG. 3 is a front view of the embodiment with the butt removed from the
above. In the figure, 1 is a speaker unit, 12 is a diaphragm, 2 is a case, 21 is a baffle portion, 3 is
a butt, and 4 is a net. tl] 1 2b 6 C to a-41, 4,. −\∼∼∼,・′! 2 // 〆 / // one-on, one-onone. / L. I 1 1 1-1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 2 /, / 7, 'one + ++ I /' 7 / / '/ / ~ 20 (dll) −-10 50 1920, 〃
100 200 (1 (B) 2000 → J! Liquid # σ b) ## 20m04m (Nj-67 real open 48-55827 (2) vy, m
correction 4 47.6.30 Utility model summary The claims are corrected as follows.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a speaker with an
open-ended, back-to-face open headphone. In recent years, it has been a small gto headphone 後
backward-opening type headphone with excellent raw horse wave number characteristics) ik # t
L ′ ′ c1 n A $, no−s 7) ° yt, −y K h O? dy。 Control the low frequency of the writing raw
frequency characteristic by adjusting the volume of the sound emitted from the speaker and the
volume (leakage amount) to the outside through the front bat (4B-55827-0 or 3 · Qj〆) The circle
that determines the reproduction frequency characteristics. However, the amount of cage as
described above varies with the mounting surface O indwelling at the time of mounting the
urethane O side, which is the material of the bat, and the decrease in the cushioning properties of
the urethane, etc. The frequency characteristic is a characteristic which has a very wide variation
width as indicated by a dotted line に 対 し) as compared with the standard characteristic
indicated by the solid line-) in FIG. This is because there are many factors that change the amount
of leakage, and stable six raw frequency characteristics were not obtained. The present invention
is made by paying attention to the point O. In the place where the purpose is 70, the mounting
amta change 10 "at the time of use. The purpose of the present invention is to provide an open
rear type headphone. The purpose of the present invention is to always obtain the constant O
reproduction frequency characteristics regardless of the aging of the bat and the material
(density). It is an object of the present invention to provide an open rear type headphone that can
be heard in the state of Furthermore, another 0 purpose of the present invention is that the
frequency characteristics are not affected by the material of the bat, so the bat selection can be
made simply by hitting the feeling of use V, and the feeling of wearing 0 is excellent. It is to offer
Dohono. Next, one embodiment of the present invention 0 about the drawing! (1) is a speaker
unit, (2) ri baffle part a ": xe-z = 7 N 1)") "9" "" "48-5ss 27-o 41, ', n The small hole size is
determined by the size, a, etc., and the frequency characteristic is specified regardless of the para
state J state. Also the speaker unit (1) v! A small hole (12a) is drilled in the working plate α and
a small number of small holes (21a) are provided in the case (2) O baffle portion (d) to make the
case (2) 0 baffle portion C11 v dimensions Small holes from the center of unit (1) 0 (+2. (1) or Q
range becomes small in (21a), and the range of θ level down becomes 0 in the low band, and the
hitting headphone% in FIG. 1 one point 虜 +11 i 1 (c) U characteristic A flatter reproduction
frequency characteristic can be obtained from the crushing of the percent penetration 11 in the
tone range.
In the above embodiment, the diaphragm 1. If a resistance control member such as urethane is
disposed on the back of +30, it is possible to adjust the amount of zero leakage from the back of
the speaker as in the case of the butt (5). In the case of the Father embodiment, the diaphragm
.about..phi.) Is made of urethane etc. V pad attached to the whole case (2) v screen, and a large
number of small holes O are drilled. @) Is a 椀 ll6 LD net whose opening is fitted in the case (2) or
upstanding edge ((), and the press plate whose top is fixed to the speaker unit (1) O magnetic
circuit a に よ っ て by a screw (50 It is fixed to the speaker unit (1) by 5). In the present
invention, the speaker unit (1) v diaphragm 0 is small in order to prevent the change in the
reproduction frequency characteristic due to the non-uniform wearing condition 0, the difference
in bat density, and the change due to weather resistance. Several holes (12 JLl) were provided,
and small holes (21 turtles) were also provided in the baffle portion CD of the case (2).
Diaphragm front face Okv 恢 County Heli cage 4 訃 4 杏 4 杏 weight and back surface v-) fv) to
the front vIJ-cage tFi nol and buff 81101 small hole (12 m) (21 m) However, even if the baffle
portion tJIKLD is drilled, stable reproduction frequency characteristics can be obtained by the
same operation as described above. can get. In the present invention, as described above, the iron
layer state LD change at the time of use, the looseness of the iron layer state at the time of use,
and the ) Good characteristics can be obtained regardless of JM annual change and material, and
bat selection can be used with a good feeling of wearing, simply by considering the feeling of use
0 The range of the low band 0 level down is made 0 in the high band and the reproduction
frequency characteristic becomes flat and so on, and the 0 is 48-55827-07. Theory
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