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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows a television receiver equipped with a
speaker grill according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a side sectional view of FIG. 1 for
showing the main part of the present invention. It is a drawing. FIG. 3 is a view showing another
embodiment of the present invention. 2,2 ...... front and rear of the lattice, 4 ...... speakers, a1 иии an,
b1 иии positions ...... grating pieces. Fig. 1-95-real open 50-35 231 (2) Fig. 2-96 1
[Detailed description of the invention] The present invention relates to the improvement of the
Sby Kura-da. ! The present invention is intended to provide the sound effects of the speaker, and
to provide a sby sby kura da IA-for both visual and visual effects. ? All and II2 ?, (? is 1
frame% of the cabinet (presence) (2) is fixed to the frame ? 9 grids from the front and back, (#
IX phrase)-(#, (#, ) Is a lattice piece that has a lattice ?-(4M 4)-(4,) kt lattice lattice because it is a
lattice piece,-a speaker is an island. The speaker grille according to the present invention has a
single grid and a single grid on the rear side, and a grid surface on each of the grids 1 to 3. Also,
each grid is composed of af & grid pieces (* tX *)-(%) bXU (JtXJ *)-(J ,) Is scaly K115! -The width
of the bale [1] (W) is wider than the width of the rear part (line in this case). Further, grid pieces
(# 1) (season)... (A- of grid pieces (# 4) -C #) of the rear grid (2) are arranged to be shifted from
the grid piece (# 1) in front of the grid (#). Therefore, the voice of the spear is received by the
arrow flight IQ)-(grid piece (a *) C4s) etc. and is reflected at once, and is smoothly transmitted
forward. Also, looking at the speaker grille from the front, the position of the grid pieces (al) = C
? and (41) ? (J,) is shifted and arranged, so the inside of the cabinet #i ?First of all, therefore,
it is also convenient. ? 3! Another example of I # i Kokokudori is shown, and usually, the
position of the speaker grille, the temperature of the company, and the number of cases where
there is a large number of battles below, even if it is scolded from above the grid piece (#, X ~)
The inside of the vocational force is: ? unobscured eaves (Raw 8) C 4,) with a scallop of the
upper-horizontal and triangular cross-section. 3 or more, lattice scratch-double Kia row # / 1 rule
(one difference may be 44 layers of lattice #i triple and four phases may be piled up (, ? also
each lattice in that case) It is better to shift the grids of 41 different grids. Because the sound is
emitted from the speaker because it is -1- straight out of the floor, the sound is reflected by the
grid piece, but it is almost out of the way from Suba Kadadar. It is propagated towards. In
addition, since one of the lattice pieces [K4i1 $] is a salmon so that the speaker grille S can not be
seen from 4 sets, the odor is due to the moss on the design. In addition, with speakers and
speaker Gou # ll [Natsun net and Hemeron sheet and put! Kvh so easy to use lE is also easy to
explain the sound when the 04ilIll 111- will be popular with the speaker grille of this dormitory
TV show I show the picture, 112 figure # f ? 1 figure The side view of-this is a mischievous
drawing that shows the important part of this dormitory.
The repair SVa shows another example of the chapter discussion dormitory. ? 1-Front and back
grids, 4)-Speakers, 4 (gl)-(S), (41)-J,------? ? ? ? 2! Figure 1 mouth T002! 1) 1; 1J1 35231Yy
Utility model registration applicant Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. representative Ikeisuke ? / 2i, 43 n:
1L и 11n <For new model applicant Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. representative Iyu Makoto No. 231
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