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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of the present invention,
FIG. 1 is a partially broken plan view, and FIG. 2 is a transverse plan view. Reference Signs List 1 и
и и Horn outer cylinder, 2 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и
и и и и и и 4 support иии Protrusions, 19 иии Nut housing recess, 20 иии Nut, 21 иии Mounting 5 shells, 26 иии
Bolt. Fig. 1-69. Fig. 2-70-.
?Detailed description of the invention? 2 IWwal ? Lll name after the name of the horn speaker
station bracket support structure 2% for the new dormitory f ?-? range in the horn outside 11
to support the horn etc A horn is provided at the symmetrical end of the internally supported
fork rod, and both ends of the mounting bracket are one horn outside-one outside, and a horn
which is t-characterized by a bolt connected to each nut. Speaker mounting bracket support
structure 93, consideration #-Na a ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?At the same time, we aim to reduce the manufacturing cost and
oxidise it. ?????????? It is configured to be accommodated at a required place by
mounting fittings that are formed on the horn outer cylinder in a known manner, and
conventionally, in the case of pivotally attaching a mounting bracket of a shell to the horn outer
cylinder, RI 4 vc toothed washer with end and horn outer cylinder [Intermediate and horn-I 1 i 1
v c II contact port) l hinged and hinged, or NA bow with station on ho bow ? 11a 2 ?For
example, a film may be attached and bolted to the film via an attached ?. But in the case of the
former, bolt ? straight bond horn outside! It is required that there is a corresponding gi degree
in the joint part of 9 screwed to I, that the partial full thickness of the horn outer cylinder needs
to be f11, and in the latter case an annular body f: There is a defect that causes l1allk of the
production cost because it has to be wormed separately. This Ji to ri measure is well served to
put out the conventional problems, and the place where it stands is the support that is broken
down within the horn itself to support the horn inward all the way. The dog's natsuto is set up in
the capital city of Tokyo, and it is 1m jointed with a bolt screwed to each natsuto from the station
* * A-4 part t 1 horn outside ? ?-. As shown in FIG. 1, (k) is outside the horn-1 + 21 (l horn inplane direction, (j) is the horn inward direction. (4) is a support, Jim on the horn to IIIFI middle
dog (phrase, with an intermediate station attached to a square with a branch station near the
square (with dogs- One bar 1a3 is attached to the upper portion a (5), and the horn intermediate
cylinder (the phantom and the support (4) are waterproofed by the projecting portion (-the screw
(7) inserted into the one). 11 outside of the horn through the backing L 87 k (fixed to the coffin
is fixed. (The 91 ri magnet is attached to the 3-fukarag 4 and this yoke collar is fixed to the 'tII
blood of the support (4) through the yoke outer plate I.
The magnet is arranged in the shape of a circle with an outer plate 11J # 'i qy support 1 Jatoutside of the yoke mounted via a spring forward plate. The (d) is a diaphragm, which is a
support from the presser patzkin 1 Javc (seasonal and yoke outer plate b)! In-, it is pressed and
supported by the support (4)-, and is layered on the center '#-of the equalizer (6) ? support (4)
arranged at a predetermined interval in this l1i-. Protrusions 0 (b) are formed symmetrically on
the previous-left and right ends of the support (4), and each protrusion (b) is a bolt hole mar of a
lateral force I, and each protrusion From the part (b) (b) from the letter K [[and the four sides of
the recess for containing the natto are formed, in this recess (6)-a bolt hole AA to the nut four) It
is installed in a company, VC, which is both insulting and intruding. It is a Jl? receipt bracket,
and it is dropped in the shape of 0, "JM14 its bolt 4-is formed in a large number of 4 parts of
each rock, and one end of the receipt gold J4 The Bordeaux is inserted in the form of a toothed
washi and spring washer f-one, and each of the Bordeauxs is formed in a bolt hole formed in the
outer horn of the horn and a protrusion @. It is screwed into the nut vA4 through the bolt hole-.
According to the main body chestnut bowl of the above-mentioned composition, the support (can
be 1f in the horn in season). i *) After mounting on the magnet (Ij), etc. 1 *, this is inserted inside
the horn outside-(1J, and then squeezed in the back of the ambiguity, then the III-shaped support
(4 The horn middle-(Imagined t & matched with each projection gL 6 J)), and the horn middle
cylinder (2) and the support (4) are screwed (7) by the outer horn 11 (l KW! il cheat. If the
support V4 etc. is fixed to the outside of the horn 1I (1) like kernel, then 1! ! l5- (6) fit in the
inner rack of Ql1 and the outside of the horn 111 (from the outside of the roof of the railway
station with the station attached to J4 four bottom holes-ridge, outside of the horn li (phantom
bolt hole 4-1 projection-1 The bolt hole JaA of each bolt #-is taken to the station and its tip 4k1
IIJ to each natto) is screwed into four, and the construction embroidery attachment dove five
crawls, and this tightening is a mounting bracket (2 ) Is supported by the support (4) via each
bolt @ ?, and the horn 111 (1) Ill! ?? l is held by the dark end of the mounting bracket-and the
projection s0 of the support (4), so that the horn outside II (the mounting bracket for the
mounting bracket for IJ has a conventional algae Even if you don't have strength, you can have
enough 1111t to withstand use.
In addition, inserting in the support (4) in advance) nJJri is also the OJ ratio, in which case the 1
cri protrusion part @ 4 can be used in common by one nanto. As described in detail in the above
embodiments, the main body (according to the prior art) uses a support that is supported inside
the horn outward and inside nine in order to support the inside of the horn ii1 etc. Since each nut
is provided so as to support each of the nands from the outer shaft in the horn outward direction
so as to support the support Ar, the horn outward direction is 111 by the mounting bracket and
the nut 111. Because it is pinched and the mounting bracket is directly supported by the
sentence, no value is required for the value rice bran horn and the outward facing eyelids, and no
terrace metal is used, so that it can be used safely. There is an advantage such as obtaining 1-1.
Simple 1111 examples of 4 drawings show one English example of the present invention, FIG. 1
is a broken plan view of FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 is a cross plan view. (1)-и и Horn outer cover, (2)-и horn
inside black cylinder, (3) и horn inner cylinder и (4) ░ и support arm (9) и magnet, (d) , A.
Equalizer, @--Protrusive part, (6)--Natto storage four parts,--Natto,--Station bracket,)-Bolt.
Practical new arrival II business results person Dai Nippon Kasei Kogyo Kogyo Co., Ltd. 1i. '' '' '' ''
'' 'и и и J ? -1 pi' to (191 ? ? 40 I group: и и и и; z ',-1:: ~ ?---?,--, --U-111-'1' ''. Shibata 'Ze-2)
Bebepe N,' I 'l,' '' 'Rz']] 1g J: ии ?
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