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September 1st, Showa 1/1 Patent Office Secretary Saito ms 1, title of invention 2, inventor's
address Aus) 9 Aui Vienna N Stern Bartheshie) U ? I Tsuei 4 # F # F # Gatesga ? Japan Patent
Office Public Patent Publication ? Japanese Patent Application Laid-Open No. 51-544230
Japanese Patent Application No. 51. (1976) 5.13 Agency serial number '7326! ??????? ;
5 specification /, 4 boxes of earphones of fluorocarbons; Request box for timely request ?
Attaching device directly on top of the mounting device-Sealing with soft elastic material The
bead is ? 5, and when attached, the bead is driven by the electron-blue echo transducer ff by the
bead ?, so that the junction room of the ? ? ? aplam and the ear canal O entrance is
surrounded by the outer S substantially than K Make at least the / @ 1) hole in the coupling
chamber in the earphone, and insert the predetermined am @ 0 receiving и и vibration diaphragm
7 in the test hole, and the air in the hole, the active An earring that is associated with an acoustic
pathway extending to the back side of the transducer diaphragm or acoustic clvtta cavity.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a wire earphone,
and more particularly, to an earphone having an annular sealing bead which is supported
immediately above when the earphone is worn on the ear and the heel or ear of the soft elastic
material. When such an earphone is attached, the It heats substantially separates from the
outside the joint chamber 1 of the eyelid and the entrance of the ear canal, which is driven by the
electroacoustic transducer. It is known that the method of coupling the transducer diaphragm to
the ear canal is an important factor that determines hearing. A hearing sensation close to that of
natural listening is achieved by interposing an ear pad with a foam material without putting it
directly on the ear of the earphone i). This type of earphone is called "open earphone". However,
this type of decision, which is used for this type of earphone, is a low frequency because the
acoustic path from the front to the back of the transceiver is used as an acoustic short circuit. It
has the disadvantage that regeneration is unsatisfactory. This is because the bubble pad only
provides a wear resistance with a small blue mass, so this friction 1 resistance requires a
transducer dipram and a required 1! Depending on the need to add acoustic friction resistance
#C provided to dampen the acoustic mass coupled to the transducer diaphragm. Therefore, since
there is only one sound mass in the line passage in the front and back side of the transducer
earphone diaphragm of such a known earphone,... Depending on the wavelength and the
transmitting diaphragm, it has been confirmed that the frequency depends on 4R depending on
the ratio of the frequency of 5ea to sO. This means that the frequency response curve in the low
frequency 5 wave number Eft of "open earphone" is lowered. The clamps of the Silan Sujia Dia 7
ram and the ear are brought close by only 1 for a soft ear buff "!" )) In other types of earphones
designed to obtain ear-sealing ... In addition to the generation of unpleasant ?inth и
head1ooation J? in blue sound number 11, from about J00IIz Over-emphasis of about
1s00us0M1-number range is thirsty. @ Basis butterfly above-mentioned drawback of the known
earphone ..., and earphone tm Kyouba I was throat dividing lion ░ N ? the KT of the present
invention. Because. In particular, the earphone wax according to the present invention also has
the lowest frequency of uniform frequency up to the highest frequency! It is possible to obtain
the most recent wave number response by appropriately adjusting trctt by the acoustic means
having k and used in the present invention.
и и Applying the means described later, the present invention is also self-centering by "center in
the head-" when listening to the acoustic book mI ? the present invention line, iIv% in the
mounting position to support on the heel With an annular sealing bead made of a soft elastic
material, which encloses or surrounds the ear, and which is driven by the sealing bead at the time
of installation, with an electronic-sound transducer driven diaphragm and the entrance of the ear
canal If the earphones are attached to the joint room in between, the earphones should either
surround itself or be surrounded! -Provide at least / 110 holes in the storage chamber and insert
a specified 0 [resonance receiving jl I + vibration diaphragm in this hole, and also, open the holes
in the air, l l @ of the active transducer diaphragm Or, it is time to associate it with the sound
passage that extends to the space. Passive diaphragm! ???? The diapars that make up the Fable structure, which have mass and resilience, but are squeezed in an air vibration instead of
being trapped in a transducer system. The original groundwork of the present invention is a blue
voice ? S ? at S S S S S S S S * ? ? ? * S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S 1h to insert the recovery
force into the sound path extending at In the simplest embodiment of the present invention,
passive diaphragm OII is layered. The action of the passive diaphragm in the acoustic path is, by
analogy to the electrical f111, in a straight resonance-path, the forward resistance in the range of
its resonance frequency is minimized) and the resistance wax of the acoustic path containing the
passive diaphragm If the damping resistance is reduced to the degree of self-reliance in other
words, in other words d1 passive diaphragm is not provided with a damping resistance (in this
case, this resistance determines the resistance value at resonance), the resonance @- Daikichi
1km anti resistance value given to esc and ?. Recovery of the passive diaphragm: The acoustic
channel in which it is placed is blocked against the frequency below the natural frequency of the
diaphragm, its diaphragm mass being described above for m- above the resonant frequency of
the passive diaphragm Increase resistance within the week. Thus, the frequency response of the
earphone can be effectively controlled by locking the acoustic path, eg * -diaphragm. Frequency
response of the earphone f) It has been ascertained that the IL-tampering can be achieved by
simply providing the 1IIIO passive diaphragm in the acoustic path extending from the front to
the back of the active-transducer dial. In this case, in some cases, the passive diaphragm is
braked with friction associated with it.
Also, desired 1, the frequency of the earphones. Fully equalizing the properties of the wax can
usually be achieved by simply providing a plurality of passive diapars in a plurality of acoustic
paths extending from the chamber. These passages are 11 of the performance-transducer
diaphragm, a plurality of parallel acoustic pathways from front to back, and the receptiondiagrams associated with these one passages, the plum with t having different inherent colliding
shoulder wave numbers It can also be braked variously. Provide an acoustic path to the
atmosphere or an acoustic cavity, and a passive diapar with the same or different resonant
frequency in the sound path, 1EndPage: 2 to house and correspond to the associated acoustic
frictional resistance I am selfish. In order to be able to select the natural resonant frequency of
each passive diaphragm completely freely and to be able to select its control IIl as well, if only 5
kernels can be provided to compensate for any non-stiffness in the frequency response of the
earphone In addition, the frequency response may be controlled to a desired end (sometimes it
may be necessary to give the frequency response a special desired timing which deviates from
the standard characteristics). When multiple O passive diaphragms are ff1-filtered (each
diaphragm has a different resonant shoulder wave t1F)% m active transducer diaphragm is
inserted at the center of the connecting chamber of the earphone and the passive dia-alarm can
be activated- It is preferred to be arranged annularly on the Diaplum O shoulder 11. On the other
hand, if a single ? ? passive diaphragm is sufficient, it is inserted into the center of the coupling
chamber on the side of the tran- sponder dia 7 ram butterfly earphone, and the receiver dia 7
ram It is advantageous to construct as a substantially flat circular ring surrounding the IIIIIII
diaphragm. In order to achieve the desired moment, for example to increase the entry, Chiakis
and also the wax split resonance! The wax may be provided with a suitable imprint on the surface
of the annular passive diapar to achieve formation. Another advantage of the inventive means is
that at least one passive damper in the acoustic path from the front to the back of the active
diaphragm. By inserting the ear 7 ram, it is possible to increase the thickness response of the
1000-/ <ooo H se mm wave number range sew wave number response. The frequency response
of this frequency range earphone is generally in a range where it diminishes somewhat. The
arrangement according to the invention, in which the passive diaphragms are arranged in an
acoustic path extending from the coupling chamber at 1 ░, has proved to be advantageous for
the reproduction of quadruple articles in which two acoustic transmitters are integrated in each
1 conventional earphones for channel playback (quadraphonic playback) were incorporated into
each earpiece. A single diadipram of the transdiena needs to have a common connection room
for the ear, which has a deleterious effect on each other, ie generates over-emphasis in the skin
wave range 1 ffi of about 200-1100 Im At the same time, as compared with the wavelength, the
resonance occurs in the large @ vh coupling chamber, which is 1 in size. The present invention is
to try to soften the frequency response of a stereo earphone as a nematode, but according to the
present invention, it is an additional surprising self-effect of the present invention ? ? ?? ??
? ? ? ? ?! I confirmed that it was generated. This effect. The effect is to reduce the number
of cars in the combined room and reduce the number of active short-circuited acoustic short
circuits before and after the transmission diaphragm by the resonance and damping of the
passive diaphragm. IK is generated frequently and prevents occurrence of unwanted resonance.
Of course, the above-mentioned frequency response reconstruction can also be achieved. For this
reason, each active transducer dyam 7 ram is provided with a bias of 1 ? or more ? ? ?
diagrams, and each ear is provided with a single electroacoustic transducer for regeneration. self
Ru in that the provision to the boundary of the 0111 Go chamber ya earphone. Sometimes good
if you have more than one passive Diaplum on the active Diaplum at the border of the connecting
chamber! 11-A wild flower is obtained. However, by placing the Nopa-Diaplam in a circular
passive dia 7 'or (in another diapram of the eyebrows, the active diapram is completely
surrounded by the receiving-diapram, optionally the inner shoulder rim active diaphragm of the
passive diaplum It is more advantageous to arrange them spaced apart from the outer periphery
of the frame. While this spacing is advantageous in some cases for constructional reasons, it is
not a requirement for the operation of the device, so it may be 2 * 1 ░ above the diaphragm
edge of 2 o above. If the same material is used for both diaphragms, i.e. active diaphragm and
receiver diaphragm, both diaphragms can be manufactured integrally in the / II process. In this
case, it is only necessary to prevent vibration of the area where the passive diaphragm joins the
active diaphragm during assembly. When installing the f # -made dia 7 ram eniz) or the one-piece
dia 7 ram enit by means of adhesive bonding, the joining area of the active and receiving diapars
at the interface of the bonding chamber supporting these diaplams. Example ░ '? EndPage: 31.
For example, it can be achieved by making a web-like scoop, plugging in or chewing beads etc. If
desired, it may be advantageous to use a plug-in or bead-bead resilient, damping or conducting
material. Another embodiment of the present invention relates to the structure of a shadow
earphone in which the electric sound transducer Transgena 'is separated from the earpiece or the
earpiece, and the earpiece and the transformer are connected to each other by an acoustic duct.
It is known as the seed-O configuration line of the pea, "stethoscope-type earphone" or "chin
earphone". In the simplest case, such an earpiece only needs a transducer of / il, from this
transducer it extends the tubular elastic or flexible acoustic ducts of JII, and their end tube
earpieces Connect to However, the present invention company is not determined to these
configurations-. The sound-amplifying duct according to the invention can also be applied in the
case of achieving a steering effect with a transducer and an ear and 011 KII. It is not possible for
this kind of anechoic duct butterfly to transmit the stomach blue Kjll between the transducer 9
and the ear in general. The reason 1 is that the place W "squeal" is generated, and it is possible to
generate remarkable breaking up of the acoustic pattern. For example ff, Hus length duct Khvs
370. This resonance effect occurs at // 10 and / Ir 30 H%. These noise resonances provide a
passive diaphragm in the coupling chamber, tune their diaphragms to these frequencies, and
brake them in conjunction with the frictional resistance to obtain a complete frequency response.
can do. Basically, the coupling chamber is divided into a chamber of Jll and the compartments
are connected via the acoustic duct, as in the case of the earphone in which the tubular acoustic
duct is different between the transducer and the earpiece. The 1 ljt room smells a void 7 in front
of the 4 ? diapram, and the acoustic duct is extended from this void, and the l s chamber is
located at the end of the duct, thus when attaching the earphone to the ear It supports an
earpiece with a soft or elastic bead that seals from the outside of the ear canal. -In another 11 of
the present invention, the receiving diaphragm ? '. , O ? position within the -0 frequency range.
????? ???? For example, when a certain sound noise resonance or a noise sound
resonance other than a sound noise resonance is subjected to a large number of fIi by the outer S
* sound fork ? ? ? ? ? ? ?Because it is possible to compensate for the resonance, it is selfmade in the fork-shaped ? filter IIMtll. The band lasting filter filter is also effective when the
difference between the four plays an important role.
Its Footwear Butterfly,% L resonant frequency is located within the intended 1-band width of the
passive diaphragm O control range, and the work 4 of the inset eliminates the need for
subsequent adjustment of the receiving-dia 7 ram ... In order to If multiple disturbing resonance
effects occur, or if these effects can be tuned to decoration resonances in + il and also in the
group of splinters and / or if tuning can be made to the irregularity of the frequency fine
response, the Ca receiving diapar Related to 1. . It is self-supporting by appropriately controlling
1 by rubbing resistance. According to the present invention, it is possible to control the acoustic
pressure of the mixing chamber in the specific frequency range by controlling the acoustic
pressure of the passive diaphragms, etc. ░ 1, the occurrence of resonance in the jointing room to
an active range of about a hand octave I Paper III! You can stop @ every 00us. In general, it is
sufficient to provide suitable acoustic paths from the coupling chamber to the outside, and to
provide these diaphragms with receiving diaphragms, which optionally cooperate with the
friction resistance. ?? According to an embodiment of the present invention, at least one of the
mouths of the coupling chamber provided with the passive diaphragm is externally opened 10 to
a cavity having at least one opening having an acoustic resistance which is negligible and can be
ignored. The rear of the Dia 7 ram is brought into communication with the acoustical cavity,
which has a high acoustic friction resistance and is either provided with an opening or sealed
against the outside. Receiving-Extending from the coupling chamber into a sufficiently large
acoustic space from the coupling chamber, and-acoustical channels rich in diaphragms and
possibly also associated frictional resistances, and и и sealed behind or behind the active
diaphragms The same effect can be obtained by the configuration extended into the acoustic
cavity communicating with the outside air through the frictional resistance. Acoustics и EndPage:
4 to make the frequency response of the earphones wMll, the fact 11 of inserting a braked
snowblower-dia 7 ram into the road! The simple mechanical configuration can be M-to change
the frictional resistance associated with the passive diaphragm 1, thus providing control of the
frequency response outside the earphone. In these simple examples of construction, a passive
diaphragm tube is made which has a hole tube of the same shape as the passive diaphragm and
which has a function as the same and which is configured like an orifice diaphragm and which
can be rotated from the outside. In connection with the frictional resistance, the effective surface
area 10 of the frictional resistance can be adjusted by means of the disc as desired between zero
and a maximum value. Alternatively, the pressure m can be variably applied to the material of the
frictional resistance from the outside so that its density, and thus the seven o acoustic resistance,
can be changed.
Another advantage of the present invention is that the space occupied by the passive diode in the
coupling chamber is a value, so that the JIJ transducer, sometimes the back side is thresholded-an electrical transducer, eg 4IK for high-frequency wave reproduction. There is a sufficient space
for housing the Eletret transformer tube which is preferred. It is not necessary to set up a
coupling chamber by a large passive diaphragm in the acoustic pilgrimage. In order to obtain a
space tfa, it can also be inserted into a hole which is located outside the space in the case of an
earphone having a passive dia. Furthermore, according to the invention, instead of a plurality of
separate receptions-only a single diaphragm 7 instead of a diaphragm 7! ! It is preferred to use
the single cylindrical S material in the * I + -form and place the entire ridge in the outer surface
area of the earpiece container. According to another example of the present invention, a friend
earphone 1 can be configured to obtain a listening impression very close to the impression of
natural listening. ???? The known effect of 1 sense in 1 m "1 и и is eliminated, so the
threatening pattern company space near blue self, this acoustic pattern has echo effect ? ?
according to the amount of natural space, and the frequency of the loudspeaker is not Response
? and sky flK As a result of reflections that occur in the production of loudspeakers, frequency
modulation of an electronic echo with a small frequency и и и several m ?-? ? '? ? lIK To
convert when converting. Does this make it possible to associate passive diaphragms with at least
1 @ 0 @ saponable structures with a large number of closely spaced resonant shoulder wave
numbers, or to make the adult diaphragms themselves such a turtle vibrating gastric body
assembly? Achieve sexuality more than buying. One or more passive diapars and a series of
vibration-able structure companies, and it is preferable to have a spiral spring if it is preferable to
have a table 11 in which extremely small bumps are distributed. The receiving diaphragm may
have a large mass distribution or a set mass distribution or an elastic distribution with a
difference of% -m1 or both, and in this case, such a passive diaphragm is at least for the most
part. In the frequency IIII of the present invention, it becomes a vibratable... Assembly having a
large number of closely spaced resonant beaters. A mass-like waxy elastic distribution like a
kernel is in fact distributed, for example by marking a regular or linear irregular shape K1m1, or
by distributing the mass of the diaphragm material regularly or irregularly. In particular, it is
possible to easily achieve the acceptance of the system 7-dia.
It is noted that such mass and / or elastic distribution may be achieved by depositing other
materials, such as, for example, any desired layer and dimension metal or plastic particles. The
choice of ingredients 4P 'depends on the characteristics that the manufacturer wants to give to
the earphones or when the skilled person deems appropriate. Particularly advantageous is an
example of the invention in which a plurality of passive diaphragms are arranged concentrically
with the diaphragm disposed centrally of the electroacoustic transducer, the number of even
ones of these passive diaphragms being several ones. When it is necessary to connect these
spiral diaphragms to passive diaphragms by making these passive diaphragms even, it is
necessary to have a device KM with multiple helical springs only if it is attached to the passive
diaphragm / If f O However, the advantage is obtained if the spiral-locking of the receptiondiagram 7 ram forms a regular polygon. It is desirable to make the helical spring a regular
polygon in this manner. The reason is that a regular polygonal spiral-a round circle 11111 KML
"C-и EndPage: 5 * mental turtle inside circle of trans diena diafute five, therefore, trans ^ Jena.
Some of these spirals are distracting and w * -1 to see tm in Korean or Diagram. Furthermore * in
any case, the spiral sheath of the earpiece is covered with a ring of ring S, so that contact with
these from the outside of the cannula is impossible, and these spirals are not damaged. You can
do it by yourself. Various O modifications can be added to the present invention. Of course-0-4The number of passive diapars is changed, and the number of passive dia 7-is 1.1 or less. Can be
made so that all exhibit a resonance frequency close to the coffin. You can sleep in combination
with a spiral spring, for example, a spiral spiral with various physical characteristics. In addition,
homogeneous O passive dia 7 five by the helical spring by irregular spring about mass ? and
elasticity 1 and distribution pipe ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1 1114
░ 1 ? 114 11! ?????? In the example of the earphone according to the present invention
? l-shown in a simple ecg, an active trans- porter diode 7 ram e21 ░, t / IIs and only one
acoustic transcend after the IK are provided. This acoustic return path Kt! Providing a passive
diode 7 with a natural resonance of electricity and an associated acoustical wear-resistance. As
already mentioned, the principle on which the invention is based is known. Replace the simple
series connection of the mass and the frictional resistance deceptive to the normal earphone of
the series with a series resonant circuit, and form a selective shunt for the remaining acoustic
impedance of the earphone that requires ░ to correct the frequency response of the earphone It
In other words, it is necessary to accommodate an element that constitutes an acoustic path
leading from the # part of the active diaphragm 1 to the rear, and to make this element e'4
equivalent circuit equivalent to a series and m circuit. In acoustics, the series resonant circuit
described above is formed by passive diodes having a recovery force (capacitance), a mass
(inductance) and a frictional resistance (ohmic resistance in the electrical equivalent circuit 1
diaphragm) . The resistance to rubbing of the upper eyelid is negligible in most cases. The reason
for this is that this frictional resistance is placed within the acoustic path, and it is smaller than
that of the O acoustic frictional resistance at 9 ░. The basic arrangement of such a passive
diaphragm is shown at 1 lIK. Like all known earphones, this Ryukyu O @ O earphone is also
equipped with electroacoustic transducer-wage, of which Nogi 7 I only tg. Shown in tm. This oneacting diaphragm l drives the joint room when the earphone is put on the ear. This combined
chamber dream consists essentially of a void between the ear 2 and the earpiece. In the
equivalent electric circuit diaphragm (jlJII), the recovery of the hinged chamber is indicated by a
capacitance of zero. 10. Insert in the hole at the side of the close-door room of the earpiece, the
passive dial 7-^-1 which is 111111 Kli in series. The receiver-diapar after the 11 wax-receiverdialogue 7 is in acoustic communication with the rear surface. ??????? In the equivalent
circuit diagram of ll, 1. . Passive dai 7 u ^! Produces a recovery force 04 и, a mass L4 and a
frictional resistance R4. In FIG. 11, the resistance R4 is shown separately and immediately
adjacent the RK of the diode 7I. The reason is that generally the friction resistance of passive
diaphragms is very small, in most cases requiring an additional resistance, one. The most
important acoustic element line dia 7 04 S is the recovery force 04. This acoustic force a4Fi low
acoustic wave in the low shoulder wave region is prevented, and the energy EE in the joint
chamber is high frequency II 4? Raise. The resonance of the passive Diaplam S with L, k and 04,
curves as shown in FIG. 3 for a sealed earphone, ie an ear-tightly applied ear, but with distinct
enhancement characteristics in the region of 200 to tsoo 11 degrees. Have and are converted to
a straight line parallel to the horizontal linear axis #cl! Set. That is, the song 41 o K '+. Dan-mb
company straight dKfi is converted for short-circuiting of passive diapars that are proprietary
along the platform. Furthermore, due to the resonating action of the mass L4 associated with the
passive diaphragm and associated Igl I of the binding chamber, the receiving-diaplam also
increases the sound pressure 1 in the binding chamber separately from the other effects.
The result is shown in FIG. 117 as a curve 11f on the curve e. Relatively large II of meeting room
attendance! Since the passive diaphragm j is coupled to the active diaphragm 1 for a recovery
force of 0, both diaphragms adjust the frequency characteristics. 5. EndPage: 6, an area where it
is necessary, for example, the JOU to tsooIsO area. It vibrates in the same phase. The frictional
resistance R4 company is supposed to be in mirror-image matching with the above-mentioned
shape of damping factor when increasing. The sounding ability of the E-Jayson 114 can pass
through-the mass of the diaphragm 7 and the sound-the known passive within the hoarse 1
container phase-shifted 9-phase with the active diaphragm by the recovery of the container
volume. It is different from the effect of Diaplum. To 960 transfer S * parties to each other 1. .
Due to the combination of both these placed diapars, the efficiency of the loudspeaker increases.
In the earphone according to the present invention example, increase in wax efficiency does not
occur in the area of B2ooNtssous. Efficiency in the high frequency range. Wearability is increased
according to the present invention. The physical '& interaction is described below for KIIJ Ilit.
???????? JK has two common Is circuits. It has a mass L4 of one resonant circuit line
passive diaphragm S, a frictional resistance R4, and an @ recovery force 0 of the combination
chamber controlled by the internal friction of the ear canal. -On the other side, Resonant I 1
butterfly passive dia, 7 ^ ^ SO mass L 4 and dai 1 7 ram! And the frictional force R4 has a
recovery force C5 in a very small space. This increases the air velocity. In addition, the sound
pressure in the dispensing chamber increases over the frequency 1 ITIA where the wavelength
scale is equal to the acoustic side path. The above mentioned effects of J can be combined to
make them uniform in time in a high one wave song range. This phenomenon provides another
unexpected effect of the present invention. In the case where the frequency ratio 11 of the
earphone can not be made sufficiently linear by the 1 @ 0 receiving diaphragm, a plurality of
passive diaparm tubes in the acoustic path from the m-part to the rear of the phi-dia 7 ram. It can
be provided. An example of this is shown in cross section in FIG. ,. 11 i ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? iz iz iz iz iz iz iz ? ? ? iz iz ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?. In this example, the active diaphragm l is
disposed at the center of the active diaphragm l! Place four passive dia 75Ajfg 414 ? ? on Q, Q,
and these passive diaphragms spasm resistor 111 / ?. Relate
The active diaphragm 1 is also braked by the frictional resistance IK. Figures 4 and 7 show
another example in summer of the present invention. Also in the case of this example, the "fM
active dial 7" is placed at the center, but this active dial A / ,. 01 ? ?? ?? ?? ?? 11 11 11
11 11 11 11 11 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??. As in the case of this example, the%
@ ? element is provided in the form of frictional resistance t, n, and the frictional resistance is
adjusted to be Vi to adjust to the frequency characteristic 1 * of the earphone. Do. In order to
obtain a linear frequency response that is desired at 16 points, a part of the one for which one
resonance with each inserted passive diaphragm determines the degree of correction! It is
obvious to do. Located within mt @ tVi, the active diaphragm 1 and the passive die path, in
particular to have the desired effect on the supply characteristics of the cavity for the coupling
chamber. When using multiple passive diapars, These diaprams can be found to have the same or
different support profile 1 tubes. If a single annular passive diaphragm is used, this diaphragm is
given any desired type of seal in order to make the diaphragm a ? 11 or to obtain a split m part.
????????????? In all of the examples described above, a flexible, flexible, optionally
butterfly-elastic material J is provided with an annular sealing bead / 2 of annular shape. For this
reason, the present invention is air-tightly applied to the ear or the ear-surroundings, and the seal
W1. This is for the earphones of-. In the earphones, in order to prevent the inside of the
earphones from being contaminated by dust etc., make the air venting holes or holes be enclosed
to the outside by ? @ @ // Can. This customer ,. The device tittc can be worn by attaching the
headband of the earphone. The invention is not limited to moving coil sensors, but also applies to
one type of electroacoustic transducer f of a certain type. ??? -The figure shows the tats
electric tiger. EndPage: 7, Example 11 applied to scan-f is shown diagrammatically. The one-place
active diaphragm xt is placed between the perforated type l and 1 of the core t. The transducer
one is provided with a passive diaphragm 1 having a control and resistance S. A protective cap X
having a large number of holes and a photo 5 pad 1 come in contact with the ear. Perforated
container zaii tube configuration. The earphones constructed in this way are also extremely light
weight-there is a la.
11 / II NINI IN t Indicates earbud> II or J @ for listening to the quadruple horn. * Tiieii, along 1 I l
/ figure I-I ?. Figure 10 originally shows the same as the example previously described [[[iphone.
As shown in FIG. 1I, which is a cross section taken along the line M--M of the difference between
the above-described example and the above-described example, 1 la, two 1-acting diaphragms X
and 2 are provided. The reason is that the earphones are Quads 11 Honiz? It is because it is for
listening. Receiver-Dia 7 Ram X is between two active transformers Diapuram and with three
active diaphragms IIIIl! Arrange over I. Heavy IF to determine the impression about the position
of the die up 4Mu sound source! It is reproduced exactly as well as the frequency. 'All receiving
and active diaphragms cover the clear room O boundary meIL. Since the passive diaphragm X is
controlled by the frictional resistance provided near this fLKJII, these passive Diaplam M can
operate over the wide frequency band. The frictional resistance may be located either in front of
or behind the passive diaphragm, but by appropriate choice of the material tube, eg 1.1) the
passive diaphragm om * as required, eg by means of paper with paper I am selfish. If necessary,
the control characteristics of the diaphragm as described above may be altered by additional
frictional resistance placed close to this diaphragm or by other suitable acoustic means. Of
course. In the example shown III / J and / J @ K, Quadrahonique earphones OJ @ 0 functiontransducer dia, 9A1? Indicated by M and B. These active diaphragms J2 and n are r-! -Flat ffl
passive diaphragm и и и M and M by MK. The parameters are: open fundamentally resonant, which
may be different, and the fundamental resonance of the diaphragms jF and B, the control of the
diaphragm C, and the ratio of the surface area of the passive diaphragm to the surface area of the
active diaphragm. When the parameters are switched to VIK, these parameters give the desired
effect, ie, the desired sense of the sound source position. This is not only the example in Figure 2
but also the example shown in Figure 1, with 0 in 1 case. ? / l and 111 Invention O ? ? Yet
another example is shown. . In the case of this example, the member material, for example d, the
receiving part MIIC to paper, the plastic membrane for the m-part j7 or the whole tube plastic
thin film is preferably the same material. Integral diaplum tube configured as above is used.
In the n and n He cases, we have constructed one piece of material on the edge of the diaphragm.
? part and receiving! The difference of this example to the example of Diaplam composed of
materials that make up 11 111 minutes * Ii! amv-ah, in the Korean Hanyu! b. However, it is not
important on the seeds of Dipram to be established @ Korean original title. The following
description is to apply to these j [7 @. Have slaves, In this adjacent area W, there is shown a
single diapram having an edge bead monk of tfl1 or more. In addition, a narrow and annular flat
area R is provided on the edge of the diaphragm in order to attach the tube 7. The diaphragm is
1 ░ by an annular projection or bead l12 and the area 1 and J? The ring-shaped projections Q
supported between the elastic and rigid, t damping and sound transmission can be frustrated.
The annular projection q is mounted on a support q associated with the acoustic transducer or
provided on the interface 4. A blue-echoic friction resistance stop is provided to brake the
diaphragm for I / IJs. Possible to put in the blank of the magnet device (not shown)-The coil aS is
a central function! Mount 1 lbWL for 10 on the rim. When making the rectangular 'annular
projection fllIQ elastic and braking: . EndPage: 8, by simply bringing the diaphragms into contact
with each other, only by bringing the diaphragms into contact with each other 1- + to support
this ditach, or to fix this diapram by engagement. An external receiving-diapram portion of II II is
formed. An active diaphragm section comprising a central cup-like section 1 driven by a movable
fill IK and a flexible edge section 1 constitutes a sound transmission device, with a curved
annular section 1 and an edge bead #. In the resonance region of the annular diaphragm I, the
coupling chamber is snarlably sealed against the ear by the passive part of the diaphragm and
controlled by the frictional resistance stop-dia 7 ram n,: uo front To create an acoustic short
circuit from the rear to the rear. The '' first (one-half-zero in the IIllj figure) lance device is exactly
the same as the lit (QtS figure on the left) transducer system with regard to the arrangement and
configuration of the diaphragm. In order to blame for this, there was a t-wi that added the same
code to the same code as the one attached to the J-II II)) tweezers apparatus. However, these
transducer devices can be different from one another, such that transducers which are designed
to generate an echo according to the principle of quadraphonic listening can have different
acoustic properties.
Magnetic coil device 1030 A movable coil transducer device having a movable coil IO- which is
movable in the form of a gap and an active diaphragm 10 / mounted with the movable coil
IO?Km1 is shown schematically in FIG. . Place in the earphones. A coupling chamber 701 is
provided on the side of the diaphragm ottoOf11. The acoustic pipe 101 is made to be adjacent to
the m combined quantity 10 and the acoustic pipe ios is extended into the air chamber 106. The
air chamber 10 is provided with an Ell-shaped soft and / or elastic bead 109 as is known and 1
░ of the bead 10'l) to enclose the ear llO airtight. In the rear boundary wall of the air chamber
10 ? 10, for example, a plurality of passive diaphragms 107 are provided, and these passive
diaphragms 107 are associated with the frictional resistance 101. Geometrical arrangement of
the diaphragm IO'l and the frictional resistance 101. , Is shown in the recommended bird's eye
view. If there are Korean these diatsuk 1. Replace the membrane with an annular O passive
diaphragm with an L-polarity, and with this annular passive diaphragm, a hole in the acoustic
pipe IO5! It is self-indulgent. In this case, the corresponding frictional resistance is in the form of
a layer similar to the shape of the annular passive diaphragm. Of course, depending on the
requirements on the frequency response of the earphones and the price, it is also possible to
provide a plurality of fi / passive diapars in the coupling room IO according to the requirements.
1-Capability-Transducer diaphragm Tota, it is possible to couple to the acoustic tube leading to
the coupling chamber 104 with or without changing the velocity. -Even in the case of the velocity
change breaking, it was confirmed that the velocity change (the effect of the present invention
can be completely obtained even with the example Km). As is clear from the tJJII / f diagram O
curve, the same results are obtained for these purchases. If passive diapars are used according to
the invention, a curve a is obtained which has clearly equalized properties. A place to replace the
cold passive diaphragm with a shield plate. At the same time, wax and meat paste b "are obtained.
As indicated by this line, the frequency box mflc of too to 5ooTix has an increasing characteristic,
and a very irregular characteristic having several peaks and valleys in this frequency range,
Presentation. ??? FIG. 19 is a schematic diagram 1 and a cross sectional view showing a
monaural reproduction tin earphone having one transducer for both ears according to the
present invention. An electro-acoustic transducer / JJ of the province with an active diaphragm 7
co-axially transmits a hollow branch / 22 K sound which acts as an acoustic conductor.
An example of the cross section of said branch pipe / 22 is shown to sJP figure. At each end of
the bifurcated two tubes / JJ, apply a binding chamber lmm, and apply air tight to the WI by this
binding chamber 18 ? ear pad / 27. A plurality of passive diaphragms 12t are inserted in the
boundary wall of the coupling chamber / 24, and these passive diaphragms are positioned in an
acoustic passage extending to the outside air. Or. EndPage: 9, insert the diaphragms tJr of these
receivers into the open state ta.lI. The material will be transmitted to the combined chamber lJ ?
via 1 sound branch pipe / JJ and its outlet hole tJX pipe. The protective grid body / 10 will
damage the multi-receiving-diaphragm / At and friction resistance / Jf related to them! To
prevent. The acoustic conductor is made of a sufficiently elastic material and provides a loop
deflection characteristic with a spring bias to the branch pipe / J. Instead of an annular bead for
sealing the coupling chamber from the outside, an annular hollow member suitably made of
rubber or plastic L9 which is suspended from the earlobe and / or from the ear and has a low
hardness. You can use it. Several other 6 @ 's of the present invention are shown to Rei J / -JWJ.
In the example shown in FIG. 1, an active transducer die 7 ram is shown at 101, and this activedia 7 bore 20 Ib coil attached to the east is transferred within the air gap of the permanent
magnet arrangement JOJ. The above diamond 7 is damped by acoustic friction and rubbing
resistance. The following part of the transducer is made to continue the wax cavity co-Oj, and
from the back part of the transducer diaphragm, the ultrasonic wave is generated through the
friction resistance co-zero and the void co-O! Communicate within. The acoustic hole co 01 is
provided in the boundary of the void JOS, and about / for the crosswise dimension of the void
201 and the small cross section of the acoustic hole co 04. The sound can pass only for low-low
frequencies below OH%, so that a total pressure of 1 can occur in the coupling chamber. (1)
Sound wave friction resistance J (717 company expenses-in front of Dia 7 ram Jn 7). Place on
The back-up of this reception-diagram ram 20? is communicated to the surrounding air through
I0 space 1-0 and acoustic loco //) '. In the case of this example, an acoustic short circuit between
the front and the rear of the transducer die 7 ram. Low-frequency range less than about / job K: J
in the diaphragm: ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
?The resilience of JOj prevents multiple acoustic shorts. A grid-like protection #, co-IJ are
arranged in front of the frictional resistance 209 and on the cap J / JvlII constituting the treble
resonance chamber. Make a proper exposure to the ear with the pad J / 1 + by making a large
11 gm shows one other O @ llt. In the case of the present example, the passive diaphragm J / j is
communicated with the joint chamber J / 4 and the space J / 7 where the writing is made with
respect to the outside air. 1- The rear acoustic friction resistance J / F of the transducer 11 and
the ramco 11 is communicated with the space JJ7. An acoustic hole can also be provided in this
empty space JJO. There is a lot of space between J77 line and there is a lot of space, JO co JO%
1ljl! Or the latter space JJO is simply provided with a mass passy 7 space blue sound hole 221
which constitutes a low-pass filter # ?, so according to this example the sound is not transmitted
outside 1IIK. Not only that, external sounds reach the ear 4-0 This is advantageous in some cases.
In the case of this example, the cost of performing frequency linearization-functionality of the
DIA 7 ram is completely effective KJ II, and there is no loss of sound pressure buildup at low
frequencies in the combined chamber, damping ratio 2 / ? 2. It takes place. Also in the main
example, the acoustic short circuit of the transducer diaphragm does not occur. In addition, a
holed protective plate 2J and a flat picture, the pad 223 is a structure in which the pad is closely
attached to the ear. And. Il JJllll shows an electrostatic transducer, for example an earphone with
an amount of electrostatic transducer based on an electret. -Establish a capital within the
electrostatic or piezoelectric transducer JJ Yumeio @ JJj and the vacant space JJj. Get out. ???
??????????? In the ring-shaped passive Dai-Ahlam JJ de tubey with 1 111 1 110 1
revelation friction fg @ 221 to Han. After this passive 7 7 O O S S ?? x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
x x x x x. In the case of this example as well, there is no acoustic short circuit between the two
sides of the diaplum. FIG. J shows another example having an electrostatic or piezoelectric
transducer tYt. ???????? 230 emits a sound into the coupling chamber -131. The
transducer 210 is to communicate with the atmosphere via the perforated protection element
232 at its interface. By providing a non-porous wall instead of the perforated protective element
232, a mass biased acoustic hole! By providing it, the transducer can be communicated with the
air chamber 233. Place the passive diamond 7 Jum J4 C in the surround of the transducer. EndPage: 10, 1-14 blue echo friction resistance 2JjKJ: restraint-is performed. This can also be
housed within the company's friction resistance company expenses-Dia 7 ram. For example, a
paper insert inserted into the shell can be made so that the plastic diaphragm t @ i @@ 5 dia-atem
has internal friction.
The picture / diaphragm JJ ? is a continuous air chamber, J # K. Air room co! ! And when JJj is
sealed against the outside air, external WhK * does not transmit and blue does not transmit to the
ear from the outside. Even if you open le 911% to equalize R111 of atmospheric pressure, @ Jzz
? J: (hi-J3tF) (boundary Kli-te IIvh hole), acoustic production-what bll sound does not affect-. The
basic resonances of the plurality of reception-diagrams may be the same or the risk may be high,
and the dimensions of the plurality of air 1i 1214 and the plurality of acoustic frictional
resistances 2110 are also the dimensions EKjl Or it can be 40 different. This allows acoustic
tuning to occur-the desired frequency response sound is produced. According to the present
invention lIK, it is possible to obtain a great advantage by simultaneously obtaining several
advantageous elements regarding the alteration #C of sound transmission by the earphone.
Receive-Diapram line, the frequency 'IIk characteristics of the earphone are tuned to 1 within the
wide-control IIII range. The coupling chamber is damped, thereby suppressing disturbing
standing waves in the high frequency 1iIl. However, the comb filter effect of the outer ear is
maintained. ? within the combined chamber by eliminating the m and optimizing the frequency
response. Sound signal (true signal) approaches the sound signal of natural listening in free air.
As is known, even slight interference with such a true signal interferes with spatial listening. In
addition to monaural earphone reception, ste-reo earphone reception also often causes a signal
difference 1 between the two ears, and this signal difference] changes the direction in which an
auditory event occurs according to the frequency WkK, causing disturbance and disturbance. To
produce a "sense of in-head blueness", and-or very little-is a hearing event tljL located near the
head. ? The main point is that you can get an important point by which you can listen to remote
and directed sound through the earphone. Tuning of receiver 7 diaphragm, transmission
diaphragm and receiver diaphragm 7 adjustment of transducer frequency response
characteristics OJ: Various parameters # are all true signal, O level and group It is a condition to
break one of the assault of propagation ? nature theft. It can also be made to be able to be
changed from the outside of the tuned Korean earphone. SaW shows an example of this type of
earphone. A dynamic friction resistance ?31 disposed on a 114xx receiving-dia 7 ram 237 is KII
so as to be variable. ???????????????? Change the cross section of the
resistance surface-K from K.
As apparent from FIG. 1, the disc 2 ? O is made to be able to be rotated by means of a rotary
knob, so that 1 and 2 discs of the core can cover more or less of the resistance surface. The
pressure of the braking material can also be made to act as a variable frictional resistance by
employing a suitable mechanism. The operating characteristics of the earphone according to the
fringe X and 1 figure in relation to -1sllll company frequency characteristics are shown in 1 ░.
? 9 ice diagramm 239! When it is closed, that is, the frictional resistance is infinitely given to
Daikichi (-? a is obtained. Oliice Dipramuko 39 is broken by Wl @ and released by II to obtain a
local curve, o is obtained, and when Orifice Dia. 7 Tsuka and muco I9 are completely installed KII,
a curve sld is obtained. O No. J1 v where song IIO is optimal to give the impression of the best
sound! In the example of J% / & air room co! J toll ring J j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j
j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j J j In the coffin with Lapus St, form # # C of Transgena diaraum co.
The above-mentioned air chamber co j3 is filled with passive diapar 1 rl Lk having acoustic
friction resistance co SS. For this reason, the coupling chamber extending in a calculation amount
communicates with the outside air through the passive diaphragm 2S. Noh и и и Dynamic
transducer diamum care We watch from the rear part and divide it from the outside air by the
empty space j4. If it is also necessary to make the air void ? s s ? O, it can be done by means of
the central hole ? 57. In the example shown in sygw, the material resulting from the active
transfer diaphragm J4 / from the coupling chamber and .lamda.? EndPage: 11, 9 ^ 2 St ? yobiresistance co j? l Will pass the fresh air K11llll. Transgeny t is self-contained in the 011 part-air
holes S by itself. Other means by the robbery) use this means to 1 & can come and disturb the "II
internal atrocities" effect to be disturbed. When I make it possible to obtain a vibration material,
that is, an electronic musical instrument by means of a Vh earphone, that is, an electronic
musical instrument (in some cases, a low frequency wave frequency modulation of a generated
sound having oscillation)-La factual already Ell It is return. There are no regular earphones that
can cause such sound effects. The other two sides are shown diagrammatically in Figure X and y.
In the example shown in MII, the active diaphragm J0J of the electroacoustic transducer is placed
at the center of the disc-like member J (7 / which represents one boundary of the coupling
chamber with the ear.
The front of the O1 @ -dia 7 ring 302 from the front to the rear, and around the 11 @ -dia 7 ring
JO co. Provide jOj &. In addition to passive diaphragms, they have different intrinsic properties,
but at least in the present example they are configured as mug materials with a large number of
very close lll'f filter resonant frequencies, V%. However, if the end S is continuously supplied to
the passive diaphragm 1031L, the rotated J0 has this characteristic. The device with the spiral
thread 30 ? is held at the support position J0jK associated with the disc-like member 30 / @. For
example, in the case of lightly supporting the first helical spring 10 with the cupola 30 ? of the
auxiliary diaphragm 303a, a wire, a double helical spring 3041 I! It is possible to couple to the
passive diaphragm jOJ &. General Kti Such connection method is sufficient, but for example d
helical spring JO gauze and Dia 7 ramkiebora -1. , By a small amount of an adhesive t-stitching to
-1 ? ?)) can be connected to the layers. Of course, other connection methods, such as elastic
connection, are also possible, as long as they are particularly suitable for the particular case.
Depending on the number of dimensionally-sized 30 or more shells, a more or less clear stereosounding impression is obtained, then by means of a butterfly, such as corrosion and / or
sandblasting '#i, S ? O ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?! ???? By the spiral spring tm
having a surface irregularly distributed irregularly, it corresponds to one true stereo sound.
According to the invention, the wheel 54 is .. I! The fact that even with one very close resonant
frequency of the tf 30 bases, the passive die y79AJOJatlllli (11111 dynamic, ie the fact that the
single-echo shorts extending across the passive diapar 101 & are statistically distributed! It is
based on the fact of presenting. In the example shown in FIG. 911, the same effect as that of the
example shown in FIG. 8M can be obtained in the same manner. In the case of this example, it
differs from the example of the fix diagram in that each of the passive diaphragms 101 to J / J is
configured as a vibration-structure including a large number of very adjacent resonant
frequencies. It is substantially the same as the example of the construction line 11JF diagram, but
in the case of this example, the & J11I margin is not used. The four mirrors of the spiral are
replaced by a specially constructed receiving-dyax 101N10. These receiving-diaphragms 3Qt-J /
J are provided with imprinted mineral supports which are compatible with each other in order to
have a mass scale and an elastic distribution for the desired 9 WCTL.
These receiving-diambers 7 can have any desired shape, such as concentric rings, full rolls,
uniform mass or uniformly distributed 1, linear or arcs. With the elementary ten-niece. I talk with
you. Although the principles according to the present invention are fundamentally simple, it is
possible to obtain an earphone that is as high as the quality achieved with conventional
earphones in terms of frequency response and stereo fidelity. The present invention is, of course,
not limited to the above-described example, and many variations can be added. This t! ! Brief
Description of the Aspects ls1 figure shows the passive diapar and this one. . Frictional
resistance! A cross-sectional view showing an example of the earphone according to the present
invention having a single acoustic passage extending from the front to the rear of the diaphragm,
a 1 m 2 figure is a diagram showing the electrical equivalent circuit of FIG. The Gy7.1a dream
map showing various frequency response characteristics for explaining the movability and
toughness shows another example of the earphone of the present invention having a plurality of
receiving-diagrams arranged in the periphery of an active transducer. Cross section, a cross
section of the JII j vA sex proven figure taken along the v-v line and seen in the direction of the
arrow, и J Jl! The present invention earphone 1 has an annular passive diapar, which has a
diameter of ? and 7 ░, respectively. 20 cases of w11 and Ping 'rsva, at 5 and 9-combine the
blue echo circuit with passive diaphragms in addition to the acoustic return path from part of the
active F rang Siedia 7 ram to the back S The ear according to the invention, which extends from
the chamber into an acoustic cavity, which is I1. A cross-section w showing a knee of a hon, JI # a
cross-section of an example of the present invention earphone of the Korea doraodokek
regeneration layer taken along line X-X of $ 11 / figure and viewed in the direction of an arrow,
FIG. Stratogram ON-M A cross-sectional view of the arrow in the direction of the arrow, 9127g is
Okaji (? ? Other examples were taken along the N-M line in Fig. 3 and viewed in the direction
of the arrow Cross section, II / 711 is a flat-view of the example I2 Figure O, a flit- line as well as
another ofli taken along the line Hng4oxx-x and viewed in the direction of the arrow vi-1aistB ?
Jlll / ?Example: ejP view, @ / 4 * 1 and 8 show the joint chamber divided by 2 и 09%, these
single chambers communicate with each other through the acoustic tube, and this invention ear,
2 -A top view, a chart showing the comparison of the frequency response characteristic is a Daray, a slv figure. A chin earphone according to the present invention Sectional view, the 3eltt1Mn
view exx-xx fireman's standard on O sectional - A, showing various other examples of the Lee M-s
diagram line present invention earphone.
FIG. 1 is a schematic illustration of an arrangement of the earphone according to the present
invention showing an example of the earphone according to the present invention having a
variable friction tube with respect to a passive diaphragm; FIG. 1 relates to the influence of the
frequency response characteristic of the first sa earphone The graph for explaining the operation
of the device of the figure, FIG. 1 and 2 show one receiving-diagram 7 outside of the earpiece
container and an example of the present invention earphone and the present invention provided
inside An example of an earphone is a cross-section S diagram, and FIGS. 1 and j are a plan lit
diagram showing two @ of the present invention earphone configured to remove the ?Ill ante. 4
noise? effect when listening to the earphone. It is. ?????????????????
???? /, 2 notes, 20 /, 2 / f. J dream? , J4 /, 10 koni, active diaphragm, ?, 10 ?. ???? ?
??? J / 4. ? co S, co J / ... combined chamber, 1. ????????????????
????????????????? ???? ????? ???????????? JOJ, JOJ
*, 101 to J / J... Receiving-diaphragm, 4 ... container, I, 10, #, 101 ░ Jl 9. JO ?, 209.2 / 9. ?
??????? Ko It, 23! 237 ░ frictional resistance, 1 /-ииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии ?
иииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии B-и Asylum. Cap, whip, / J? -и и Ear pad, 1-blind hole container,
1 ... ability * g minute, ff-, ? '-area, I ... receiving part, Q ... end fiber bead, invasion-tank Rsupport, nail, JOJ-movable coil,%-interface, 1 OJ-possible. Coil, 10 J-и и Magnet device, IO ?, 104.
211. Jl 4 J J j J иии Air chamber, 10 j иии Acoustic tube, 104. 211 + + Air chamber knee toy-elastic
bead, tto 7 ears, / JJ-branch IF% IJ II-... electroacoustic transducer, 120-и и Protection grid body,
201 и и и Permanent magnet device, 20! , Jlo, J / ?, JM), Jl4. + (TJj4,-, void, JOJ, JJ /-, acoustic
hole, J //-, acoustic outlet, J / J-, cap 1, 2 / J, JJJ,, protection plate, J2 dream, J2-JJO. ..
Electrostatic or line piezoelectric transformers, Jj J, 240-, containers without transformers, Jj lOuter cap, JO... EndPage: 13FIG, 14'-ffEndPage: 15 Warning: Page Discontinuous FIG, 28FIG2 ')'
60FIG, 30FIG, 3177 EndPage: 165, List of Appendices (1) One Specification (2) Drawing (1)
Request Form One copy (4) Power of attorney one copy (original and translated sentence) (5)
Priority certificate 5% (original copy and translated sentence) 6, inventor, patent applicant or
agent (1) inventor (1) inventor (other than the above) 2) Agent residence ? 100 Tokyo Chiyodaku ? 3 chome 2nd 4 EndPage:
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