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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIGS. 1, 2 and 3 are longitudinal sectional views of first,
second and third embodiments of the headphone according to the present invention,
respectively. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 ииии Headphones 2, 2 ииии Head band, 3 иииии Headphone
unit, 4 иии Head, 5 иии Ear shell 6 ........
[Detailed description of the invention] The present invention relates to a headphone, and when
the left and right speaker parts of the headphone are constituted by two speaker units disposed
substantially coaxially, the maximum sound pressure level is high and low. The purpose is to
provide headphones without unwanted mechanical vibration in the range. In general,
headphones include an enclosed W headphone in which an ear pad attached to the speaker unit
covers the listener's ear shell, an open air type headphone with a sound absorbing material
interposed between the speaker unit and the ear shell 0, and a speaker unit front surface There
are forward-opening type headphones which are spaced apart and opposed to the auricle. In this
case sometimes! Unlike the open-type headphone of the ii1 plane type, in order for the speaker
unit of the headphone to be at a position where the speaker unit of the listener is clear, the
complete sound of the speaker unit reaches the ear shell in the darkness of l. The disadvantage is
that the maximum back pressure level is small, the maximum sound t is small, and the
mechanical vibration of the area of the fork (2) unit is -1 via the headband supporting the
speaker unit. It is transmitted to the head of the buyer and @ suffers from the disadvantage of
making the patient feel uncomfortable. The unthinking is the removal of all the above entry
points, and the valley implementation will be described along with the reversion below. FIG. 1 is a
longitudinal cross-sectional view of a first embodiment of the unobtrusive headphone in a state
of being worn on the head of a listener. In the figure, 1 is a headphone, and a pair of headphone
units 3 are attached to both ends of the head band 2, and as shown in the figure, I9! The
headphone unit 3 of-is attached to the developing unit 4 of the user, and the headphone unit 3
of-is opposite to the ear shell 5 by a certain distance 0. In the figure, only the headphone unit 3
of-is shown. The unit 3 is provided symmetrically with the headphone unit 3 of-, and has the
same shape and the same mechanical strength 1] as the unit 3. Therefore, the description t-will
be omitted. The headphone unit 3 stores (2) two speaker units 7.8 of the same shape inside the
housing 6. Also, the left and right 9Ill-like pot center parts V of the housing 6 are provided with
enlargements 6a and 6b. O Make the speaker units 7.8U and the front of the large speakers (3)
coaxially face each other In this state, it is fixed to the still M portion of the hole 6a of the left
common plate II of the integral 6 and is mutually held by the holding member 9 in history. At the
time of sound reproduction, the speaker units 7.8 are driven in the same phase as each other.
However, since the speaker units 7.8 are arranged in a pair, the bm ? of both speaker units
vibrate in a mechanical opposite phase with each other.
Therefore, due to the induction effect of the two peristaltic plates, the sound pressure is raised by
approximately 6 dB in the case 6 yen as compared to the case of one speaker, and the sounding
of the largest sound pressure level is generated. Each propagates in the B direction. Thus, the
listener can listen well to loud loudness t. Further, since the speaker unit 7.8ri apparently
vibrates in opposite mechanical phases apparently as described above, in particular, the
mechanical vibration IJJ transmitted from the valley 8 to the head band 2 from the valley 8
sometimes can be mutually 4) 1 Match and disappear. Therefore the listener is head & while
listening to the sound of Nijo! Uncomfortable mechanical vibration from headphones l to 4 @ not
received. FIG. 2 shows a second example of the present headphone. In FIG. 2, the same reference
numeral is attached to a part of the first and the second part of the first and the second part, and
the description thereof is omitted. The speaker unit 7.8 is attached to the pedestal 6 with a fall
rest in which the large speaker back faces 11111 are coaxially X 'jlcj. At the time of sound
reproduction vc, the speaker units 7.8 are driven in the same phase as each other in the same
phase, and the valley diaphragms of the speaker units 7.8 are mutually in the mechanical circle
phase as in the first embodiment and lHj. The sound is emitted at the maximum sound pressure
level at which it vibrates and becomes a dog as in the above embodiment. Figure 3 is a book: 2!
The third embodiment of the heddle head is shown. In the figure, the same reference numerals
are attached to the portions substantially the same as those in FIG. 1 and the explanation thereof
is omitted. The speaker unit 7.8 is mounted in the unitary body 6 with the large speakers 1i11lll
both coaxially facing upward. The speaker units 7.8 are driven in opposite electrical phases with
each other at the time of sound reproduction. However, Spy (5) Kaninite 7.6 is the same-force 1
officer V ? ? d r r? In the case of synthetic vibration, the machine a> vibrates in the opposite
phase with each other, and ? i of the maximum sound pressure level which is the same as in the
first and second embodiments is radiated and the gradient. The speaker unit 7.8i may be cast
together with F. Ms. Ms. Husband? In this case, the listening 26 listens to the sound produced by
the Tenshin A direction and the foot is attached to the head hono unit 3 L1. It is also possible to
listen to the arrow f from the direction B by not casting i in reverse. Also, the headphones of the
above-mentioned valley example may be used as a two-channel speaker with a low-pitched
speaker for both the two swords of the axilla speaker r conspiracy and a lch of the ear shell for
sodhon ci) * it. Also, the front open type two-way headphones such as the 4-ch non-V headphone
for which the high-pitched speaker is disposed on the front and wave blades of the auricle or '+'
on the speaker and upper blade or lower blade of the agar shell ut for speaker VC apply% well,
large A above the valley contract case example "like ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? heart.
As described above, according to the headphone which becomes inferior, (6) the left and right
speaker parts of the rumor headphone are formed by facing each other coaxially with 2 units of
the ? sneaker unit, and formed by each other. The two M2 speaker units, D-P SJJ, have a twospeaker effect, so that l: ? becomes a large adult f-pressure bell. Vr Vr Vr Vr Vr ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 111 111 ? ? 111 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?
? ?? ?? Vc Vc Vc Vc Vc Vc Vc Vc Vc Vc Vc Vc Vc Vc ? ? 2? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? r
r (r 4 (и и ?? ? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? (? ? ? ? ? ? 07 07 07 ? 7 ? ?Bare 0 ░ 4
Figure 1! ???? IIL 1st 4th, Fig. 2 and Fig. 3 show the vertical view of the 11th, 2nd and 3rd
disasters. ?????????????????????????? Headphone unit, 4 ... ? m,
51111114 ?, 6 ""! Bar 63, 6b @ @ 4 holes, 7, 8 и contest и speaker product part), 9mm mm stock
h [presence] if O (7) 4r-1r mi 127 и 1 / 'Yo ABq 64 Figure 2 next Figure 7 AB6a3 / 1586 Fig. 3
Ma AB 0 366, Inventors other than the above To the side of a rower Address: 6 chome Saaya-cho,
Jina-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture 12 rec. 7 7-included two and / or three
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