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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 are cross-sectional views showing an
example of a speaker cabinet in an acoustic device cabinet having a plywood as an outer shell.
FIG. 3 is a perspective view showing a cross section of a plywood used as an embodiment of the
present invention. 1 ...... Kapoor veneer, 2-8 ...... Abiton veneer, 9 ...... Kapoor veneer.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a cabinet for an
acoustic device having a plywood shell. In the above conventional plywood, plywood made of
laminated lauan veneers or particle board is used as a stone board, and plywood made of lauan
veneers as a front plate and back plate is generally used, but the specific gravity of lawan is as
light as 0.6 or less, Since the specific gravity of particle board is also light at around 0.6, the
rigidity is low, and therefore it is not suitable for preventing vibration or for sound insulation.
Although the conventional light-weight plywood as described above can theoretically obtain the
effects of vibration isolation and sound insulation by increasing the thickness, it is also a matter
of some degree and the increase in thickness reduces the internal volume of the cabinet Cavine /
Sai? The drawback arises to raise the sound pressure level of the / l / and 2-page resonance
frequency. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention is a cabinet for an acoustic
device made of plywood intended to have a specific gravity that is heavy and does not deteriorate
the processability compared to conventional Lauan plywood. An embodiment of the invention
will now be described with reference to the drawings. The plywood of the present invention,
which constitutes the shell of an acoustic device cabinet such as a closed type shown in FIG. 1 or
a phase-reversal speaker cabinet shown in FIG. 2, is, as shown in FIG. Is a front plate, an Aviton
veneer 2 to 8 is a stone plate, and a stony stone plate, and the Kapol veneer 9 is adhered on a
back plate to be integrated. Aviton and Kapol, which are the raw woods of Aviton veneer and
Kapol veneer respectively, belong to the dipterocarp family like Lawan, and they are both native
to the Southeast Asia region from the Jilipin Islands to Sumatra. Although there is, this
designation is also used in our country. Because Aviton is harder than Rawan, which is
conventionally used for plywood, and has a specific gravity of 0.6 to 0.94, and therefore has a
rigidity of 3 pages, vibration isolation and bell noise are caused when it is used as plywood for
cabinets. Although it is expected that the effect of (1) is expected, it is often used as a structural
material without using plywood as it has a large amount of exudation of the resin component
from the cutting surface and a rough cut surface. In the present invention, in order to effectively
use the kernel which is hard and has a large specific gravity and a large rigidity despite the fact
that the resin component has a large amount of exudation of resin when the abiton is made of
plywood and the appearance of the cut 11111 is bad. , Abraton is similar in hardness and
specific gravity to Rabito, but there is no concern that resin content will exude, but the cut
surface is also dense, and a veneer made of capol with a good appearance is laminated on the top
and bottom of the laminated Aviton veneer It is combined with a plywood as an integrated
plywood as a back plate. The specific gravity of Capol is 0.6 to 0.8, which is an intermediate
weight between the specific gravity of Lawan and Aviton.
As described above, according to the present invention, the effect of vibration isolation and
sound insulation is large by using aviton as a stone plate and a fly stone plate as compared to a
cabinet made of rawan plywood. It is denser and more beautiful than the cutting surface, and can
be easily and reliably processed on four pages such as decorative plate bonding.
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