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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of the present invention,
and FIGS. 2 to 4 are cross-sectional views of a part of another embodiment. 1 ...... phase inverting
speaker ene black changer, 2 ... box, 3 ...... front baffle plate, 4,5.6 ... speaker, 7 ...... duct, 8 иии и и и
Back baffle plate, 9 и и и и и и и и и и Bottom plate.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is an improvement of the
phase reversal type speaker entag-ager in addition to the ttI @ speaker and another speaker. [1, M one-baffle collar supports a plurality of all-one ")"-"" two "speaker. For this reason, the
vibration of each speaker has an adverse effect through the baffle plate. Therefore, the present
invention aims to prevent mutual influence between the speakers and to provide an effective
means for the reproduction of the bass range. By the way, as shown as a first example of the
phase-reversal speaker enterprise fill according to the present invention, a speaker other than for
bass, for example, a speaker for roaring noise (four-, mid-sound) in the 1II-baffle 1113+ of the
box (2). And a rear baffle plate (6) (a duct for phase inversion (7)) as shown in * m example tfiL]baffle plate (3) or 2nd of the speaker (51 attached) The above-mentioned box (the base plate 191
of the box 21 has a structure in which a low-pitch speaker 1m is sequentially arranged in the
lower corner. (2) A leg Q is attached to * St @ of Box 1 if necessary. This leg a и is a speaker for
bass (to form the lower IHC empty threshold of the phrase. When the low frequency speaker (6)
operates, its positive sound is radiated from the bottom of the bottom plate (9) to the outside,
and the forward and backward sound is phase-reflected by the duct +7 in l nox (2), and the
Getuss It is emitted to the positive (-) or riW- of (2). Note that the positive-sound of the low-pitch
speaker (8) is not shown in FIG. It can be reflected in the desired direction by 1 reflector 1 m @
HI as in the example of 3 collection. The l-tat-at-oni 7) is provided at an arbitrary position, such
as downward facing, on the right, on the back, and on the back. The present invention brings
about the following effects. (1) ff1fl @ The speaker is directed downward, and the weight of the
vibration system acts, so it becomes possible to use either a negative tone or a 7-tone low-pitched
tone or +3)-. Great) The high-pitched sound of the low-pitched speaker is directed downward and
dispersed, so it becomes easy to clear the high-pitched sound. (3) Since the low frequency
speaker radiates the sound only by the piston motor because of the load of its own weight, the
reproduced sound in the low frequency range by the pisto / 4 & -series becomes bright. (4) Since
the mounting plates of the speakers stand KM on each other, the false effect on the baffles due to
the resonance of the speakers can be eliminated. (5) The speaker for the low-pitched sound is
deposited in a large volume 6914 in the bowl, and the stability of the moped is ^ -0
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