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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a top view of a conventional butterfly damper,
FIG. 2 is a half sectional view showing an embodiment of a speaker according to the present
invention, and FIG. 3 is a top view of a damper used for the speaker. FIG. 4 is a half sectional
front view of the damper. 4 field field part 9 frame 11 diaphragm 12 voice coil 13 damper 14
magnetic cap 16 butterfly damper 16a · · · Center hole, 16b · · · arc shaped slit, 17 · · ·
polyurethane film.
[Detailed description of the invention] The present invention relates to a speaker using a
butterfly damper, and a polyurethane film is attached to the butterfly damper to prevent dust
from invading from the node 11 and resonance? It is intended to provide what is configured to
control. The use of butterfly dampers as loudspeaker dampers has long been known. That is, this
butterfly damper is configured as shown in FIG. A central hole 2 for inserting a voice coil is
provided at the center of a thin elastic-rich two-noth resin plate, and a circular slit 3 is formed
between the central hole 2 and the outer periphery. A plurality of images are formed. The
butterfly damper of this configuration is advantageous in that the compliance is stable and a high
compliance which can not be obtained by the corrugated damper in which the cloth is
impregnated with the thermosetting resin is obtained. Furthermore, if it is made of synthetic
resin such as phenol which is rich in heat resistance, it is possible to obtain an input-resistant
damper which can be obtained with a cloth damper. However, in the conventional butterfly
damper, since the slits 3 are formed in multiple steps, dust and iron powder in the air enter the
field portion from the slits 3 to generate abnormal noise due to gap grinding, or a voice coil.
There was a defect that made V- break it. Also, is the damper itself made of a thin synthetic resin
plate? Since the internal loss is very small, resonance is likely to occur in the damper), which
causes abnormal noise. The present invention eliminates the above-mentioned conventional
drawbacks. Hereinafter, the present invention will be described with reference to FIGS. 2 to 4 of
an embodiment. First, in FIG. 2, 4 is a field portion, and this field portion 4 is constituted by a
plate 6 provided with a center pole 6, a ring-shaped magnet 7, and a ring-shaped upper plate 8.
Although the field section 4 shown here is called an external magnet type, a columnar magnet or
a laminated body of a columnar magnet and a pole piece is incorporated in a wedge-shaped yoke!
The frame 9 is connected to the field portion 4 and the peripheral portion of the diaphragm 11
together with the gasket 10 is fixed to the peripheral portion of the frame 9 by an adhesive or
the like. A voice coil 12 is coupled to a central portion of the diaphragm 11. A middle portion of
the voice coil 12 is held at a central portion of a bumper 13 in which a peripheral portion is
adhesively fixed to a step 9aK of a frame 9. The voice coil 12 is configured to be fitted into the
four magnetic 4 ° gearings 14 without eccentricity.
In addition, the dust cap 15 is stuck on the central autopsy and the upper surface of the
diaphragm 11. The damper 13 is made of a thin tunol resin plate or the like as shown in FIG. 3
and FIG. 4, and f, ', ", Q, 7., = elastic in a directionally opposite to the ring damper 16 It is
configured by heat-welding a film rich in water +)) '44 j> □ urethane film 17. Of course, the ring
damper 16 has a central hole 16a in which the voice coil 12 is inserted at the center, and a
number of arc-shaped slits 16b are formed around the central hole 16a. The upper polyurethane
film 17 is as elastic as rubber and sufficiently follows the vibration as the damper 13 and does
not disturb the movement as the damper. Further, since the polyurethane film 17 has a large
internal loss b, it also functions to control the resonance of the ring damper 16. As described
above, the speaker according to the present invention is structured 5 °, and the butterfly
damper has stable and high compliance, and the slit is blocked by the polyurethane film, so that
dust and iron powder in air can be obtained. Intrusion can be prevented, and in the magnetic gap
of the field section, gap scraping of the voice coil is generated to generate abnormal noise, and
disconnection of the voice coil can be prevented, and internal loss is increased. Thus, it is
possible to suppress the resonance of the damper, and in this respect as well, it is possible to
obtain the advantage that the generation of abnormal noise can be prevented, and the practical
value is increased.
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