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Description 1, title of the invention
Production method of concrete horn
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention is intended to accurately configure
the inner wall of the horn as designed, to prevent the working error in manufacturing the horn
and to prevent the deterioration of the horn characteristics. It relates to the production method.
For the acoustic horn, in particular, the audio horn, 2 various measures have been taken to
prevent deterioration of the sound quality due to resonance. Concrete horn as one of the most
effective ones. The manufacturing method is a method of assembling a mold frame, filling a
concrete or mortar between them, removing a V-type machine frame, and mortar-finishing the
inner surface, a method of coating a mortar with an outer frame and tensioning a rIiJK wire
mesh. , But mainly for flight I! ! ?? tt has been used mainly for bass horns because tt is superior
to anti-resonance b, but work 4 will be bigger and it will be finished! It was not used for middle
tone or high tone because the degree was bad news etc. The present invention has been made to
provide a horn with high precision and little resonance regardless of the size of the horn, except
for these drawbacks. An embodiment whose configuration is shown in the drawings will be
described below. O / Figure-Figure 3 Figure 3. Horn type (radial horn, 1 !!) The middle band is for
medium sound. ??? Materials for the opening part combs (1), <L ? (1), side combs (3), for
opening part uprights (4 t) or more, for frame construction materials processed veneer board,
baffle plate ( Ono и и и processed aluminum plate gold plate, wall plate (?), and side wall W (7),
using a pressboard (thick paper with cfm synthetic tree F8 effect and sword pressure shaping),
skeleton Wood joints, nails, eboki / adhesives' Ir1j !! Use the rubber-based EndPage: 1 adhesive
for press-board bonding. 1 Assemble the opening comb (1) and the opening upright (41) in a
cedar frame. Make a set of openings that make an outline of the figure / figure and make an f-
figure (tap 9 on the top view, join the side with the baffle plate (y) and join the cedar wood 3)
with 3 1 Attach to the fixed position of the side Attach the 0-order comb-shaped serpentine (2) to
the fixed position of the opening comb (1) and @ face wall plate (2). The rest is assembled in the
same way, and the framework that forms the horn is completed. Subsequently, press pods are
spliced on the upper and lower sides with a Japanese cedar mainland. Once the assembly is
complete, apply a synthetic-Gelcolipid-based adhesive to harden the outer wall of the horn and
bond it with the frame material, and fill it with concrete, cement mortar, resin mortar, etc. of
appropriate thickness. Then, from the round shape of the throat of the horn (1), light the four
spots while the cross section becomes rectangular at the position of the horn length at a position
of 1 / ? 1 percent.
The above description is one embodiment of the present invention, and the dimensions,
materials, etc. may be modified as appropriate. The above-mentioned embodiment is a radiation
type horn which is considered to be difficult to manufacture by the conventional method, but it
can be easily realized by the manufacturing method of the present invention and has high
accuracy, and it is for a roar (super tweeter) It can also be used as a back-end for a small horn. In
addition, the shooting area of the horn is also divided into each member and becomes smaller,
and one member itself is also useful for reinforcement, and there is the same effect of the same
family as tightening the sound quality with 9 cases.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows the structure of the embodiment, wherein
the lower left half shows a frame and the lower right shows a wall in a front view. The off view is
a plan view, the left half is a skeleton, and the right half is a wall sheet metal. Oh / figure-in 3
years of age / ... opening part comb material co ... ? book, 3 ... side comb cedar san wood, 4t ...
opening part perpendicular material ,! ииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии? Indicates the
throat of the horn. ???????? ?
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