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Specification 1, title of the invention Sectofulhorn's speaker system (1) In the scoutful horn's spill
cuff stem where the horn opening protrudes to the front of the baffle plate, h downward side of
the horn protrusion or at least one The speaker system of the sect full horn characterized by
providing the baffle corresponding to a horn protrusion part bowl shape, and having made the
upper F side of a horn protrusion asymmetrical.
2, the scope of claims
8. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a system of Sectulhorn's
Spirka system, and more particularly to a speaker system using Sectulhorn which eliminates the
influence of a reflected wave or the like. In the speaker 7 stem using sectofull horn, the horn
opening side is expanded. Therefore, in the case where the horn is attached to the baffle plate,
the sound wave emitted from the horn when the horn opening end protrudes largely to the front
of the panfull plate. Some of the light is reflected by the baffle @ at the periphery of the horn to
generate a reflected wave and disturb the spread of the sound wave. That is, in the speaker
system as shown in Fig. 1 and Fig. 2, the direct wave A from the horn l and the indirect wave B
generated by hitting the baffle plate 周 縁 at the periphery of the horn protrusion la mutually
interfere with each other There, there is, that the reflected wave does not converge on the same
place as the direct wave □, and is intended to be diffused around. As shown in FIG. 4, a baffle 3
having a spherical surface is fixed to a baffle plate at the periphery of the horn projection / a so
as to attenuate reflected waves. In the case where the horn protrusion corresponds to the length
of-quarter of the wavelength, it can not be properly controlled. As shown in FIG. 5 and t +, as
shown in FIG. 5, there is also a measure against providing a sound absorbing material to the
peripheral baffle plate of the horn projection / a, but there is a drawback that the appearance
does not appear and the commercial value decreases. The Therefore, the characteristic of this I #
h sectoral horn is that EndPage: 1 can be made to have an arbitrary set value, and the
distribution of sound pressure at the set angle gate is even more disturbed. In order to prevent
the disturbance of the characteristics without causing the problem, by utilizing the fact that the
horn protrusion is shaped along the cylindrical surface, a baffle which is a part of a cylindrical
shape is attached to the horn protrusion, and the horn protrusion It is an attempt to attenuate
the reflected wave with F asymmetry. Details of the present invention will be described with
reference to the attached drawings. First, FIG. 6 is a side ffi view showing a part of a speaker
system using a sectoral horn, the horn speaker / l is attached to the baffle @l and its opening
projects to the front of the baffle @ 12 to be horned It is a protrusion // a. And since the
periphery of this horn protrusion // a is shaped along a cylindrical surface, in order to fill the
space between this horn protrusion // a and the baffle plate The baffle 13, which is a partial
shape, is fixed to the upper side and the F side of the horn protrusion // a.
In this case, the baffles 13 of the upper F are not asymmetrical, and not only change in height,
but also change the shape of the end face / Ja of the baffles 13 as a north parallel plane as
shown in FIG. Is also preferred. Also, the frequencies of the reflected waves can be made different
from each other by omitting the upper and lower baffles 13. Thus, according to the invention t
(according to the speaker system of the sectoral horn, the baffles 13 having different reflection
conditions are mounted in the space around the horn projection // a which is produced by
attaching the sectoral horn // to the baffle plate 1 Therefore, even if a part of the sound wave
emitted from the ho / aperture is reflected around the horn protrusion // a, the reflected sound
wave may have a lower frequency each other, causing the reflection path to be complicated and
attenuated. it can. As is apparent from the above description, according to the speaker system of
the sectoral horn according to this first embodiment, the space around the horn protrusion that
occurs when the horn speaker is attached to the baffle plate is filled with the baffle and the shape
of the baffle Since the above is F asymmetry, or either one is omitted, the reflection hole of the
reflected wave becomes complicated and can be attenuated or the Rfl numbers can be made
different from each other, and the direct wave There is an effect of improving transient
characteristics, localization and the like without disturbing the
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a schematic side sectional view showing a
speaker system for a conventional sectoral horn, '4 and 2 are oblique views of the horn
protrusion, and FIG. 3 is a horn protrusion showing a conventional type of scissors 4 is a side
sectional view of the same part, FIG. 5 is a schematic side sectional view of a conventional steel
horn stem for a sectoral horn using a sound absorbing material, and FIG. 6 is a schematic
showing a speaker system according to the invention Side sectional view FIG. 7 is an oblique view
of the horn protrusion, and FIG. 8 is a front view showing an embodiment of the same place. l / ...
sectoral horn, / / 11 ... horn protrusion 12 ... baffle plate, 13 ... baffle. Patent Assignee Pioneer
Corporation Attorney Attorney Kobayashi Nobuyuki. Susumu Murai EndPage: 2 late "2 Figure
rough N ラ フ EndPage: 3
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