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The speaker system of the specification 10 sectoral horn (1) In the loudspeaker system of the
sectoral horn where the horn opening projects to the front of the baffle plate, according to the
shape of the projecting portion on the top F or one of the horn projecting portion, and A speaker
system of a sectoral horn characterized in that a baffle made by mixing and molding cork or
rubber and cork 44 is fixed to attenuate and absorb reflected waves.
2, the scope of claims
The present invention relates to a speaker system of a sectoral horn, and more particularly to a
speaker system using a sectoral horn whose influence of reflected waves is reduced. In the nine
speaker system using a sectoral horn, the horn opening side is expanded, and therefore, when
the horn is attached to the baffle plate, the horn opening end protrudes largely to the front
surface of the baffle plate, and the sound wave emitted from the horn A part of the light may be
reflected by a baffle plate at the periphery of the horn to generate a reflective skin and disturb
the sound wave. That is, in the speaker system as shown in FIG. 1, the sound wave is disturbed by
the direct wave from the horn l and the indirect wave B generated on the baffle plate of the
periphery of the horn protrusion / a. was there. In order to prevent such a defect, as shown in
FIG. 2, there is one in which a sound absorbing material 3 such as glass wool is disposed on the
periphery of the horn protrusion / a, but there is a defect that the design is unsightly and the
commercial value decreases. . Also, as shown in FIG. 3, there is one in which a baffle q having a
shape corresponding to the shape of the projecting portion is fixed to the periphery of the horn
projecting portion / a, but changing the path of reflected waves to reduce interference. Although
I could do it, I was not able to expect much the damping effect. Therefore, the present invention
is characterized in that it is possible to set the directivity angle, which is a feature of the sectoral
horn, to an arbitrary set value, and that the characteristics of the sound pressure distribution
within the set angle are uniform. EndPage: 1 To stop the disturbance, take advantage of the fact
that the horn protrusion has a shape along the cylinder circumferential surface, and attach a
panful that is a part of a cylindrical shape to the horn protrusion, and then the horn protrusion It
is an attempt to attenuate the reflected wave with asymmetry under F of. The details of the
present invention will now be described with reference to the attached drawings. First, FIG. 6 is a
side sectional view showing a part of a speaker system using a sectoral horn, with the horn
speaker // attached to the baffle plate 2 and the opening thereof projecting to the front face of
the baffle plate 12 to project the horn It is part // a. Since the periphery of the horn protrusion
lla is shaped along the cylindrical peripheral surface Vc, the partial shape of the cylinder to fill
the space between the horn protrusion // eL and the baffle plate lco. Between the upper side of
the horn protrusion // a and F 傭. The baffle / JFi cork alone, or 11 of a cork and a rubber mixed
and kneaded are molded. This is effective for a wide band of reflected waves, since the porous
surface of the baffle is formed innumerably on the baffle surface to change the bottleneck of the
reflected sound and to attenuate the reflected sound.
Also, the height of the baffles should be small. Furthermore, the two baffle open ends may be
constituted by non-parallel planes. As described above, in the speaker system using the sectoral
honin according to the present invention, cork or cork, which is a porous material, is formed in
the space of the horn projection // a peripheral edge produced by attaching to the sector horn / f
baffle plate Since the al baffle 13 is fixed at a part of a cylindrical shape corresponding to the
space, which is formed of a material obtained by kneading the rubber, the reflected wave is
significantly attenuated, and the I (also the reflection path becomes complicated Spread does not
interfere with each other. As is apparent from the above description, according to the speaker
system of the sectoral horn of the present invention, the space around the horn protrusion, which
is generated when the horn speaker is attached to the buckle plate, is made of cork, Id cork and
rubber 41 filled with the baffle 21 molded by kneading, it is possible to reliably absorb and
attenuate the reflected wave, there are effects such as removal of the reflected wave of time
delay, improvement of the transient characteristics and the like.
4. Brief Description of the Drawings FIGS. 1 to 3 are schematic side sectional views showing a
conventional speaker 7 stem, and FIG. 4 is a schematic side sectional view of a speaker system
according to the present invention. ti ... sectoral horn, lla ... horn protrusion 12 ... baffle plate, 13
... baffle. Patent Assignee Pioneer Corporation Attorney Attorney Kobayashi Shingo, TejimaSusumu Murai; EndPage: 2
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