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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a side sectional view of a speaker system using
a sectoral horn using a baffle, FIG. 2 is a front view thereof, and FIG. 3 is an explanatory view
showing a state in which a buckle constituting block is assembled. is there. 1 ...... sectoral horn, 2
...... baffle plate, 3 ...... baffles, 3a ...... block, 3b ...... Sessemmen, 3c ......... Open end face.
The invention relates to a baffle # block for a sectoral horno, and more particularly to a panful
configuration gronk that can be selected in the form of a reflected wave mt according to the
preference of the speaker system user . When the horn sII is fan-shaped and the horn is attached
to the baffle @ at the end of the -t, the horn protrusion is the foldif plate of the panful plate. The
sound wave -4 scattered from the horn is reflected to the panfull plate of the horn shoulder plate
to generate a reflected wave with a time difference, and the sound "OIL" I had to forgive you. To
prevent this, the reflected wave reflected on the baffle plate of horn pigeons, and go straight
from the horn / / II Il IWI wave is not to be mixed-that is composed of nine stones. That is, a
sound absorbing material t represented by glass wool etc. on the baffle plate matched to the horn
projection part? It is fixed or fixed at the P4 edge of the horn protrusion in the shape of seven
protrusions (a corresponding shape of the baffle is spherically arranged in a symmetrical manner
on top F). However, because the ill-defined glass wool of il 1 person rt baffle plate is not fixed,
the appearance is stupid (there is a spell to make the price value I [the lower price value, and in
the latter letter, it is reflected on the alpha baffle dll The reflected wave is extended to the
shoulder 1 + mR but it is possible to make it possible to obtain a reflected wave, but 1 reflected
wave t, *,-a set of speaker system which is largely affected by m1llK,-roughly If this baffle is
installed, it is not the process 4 and it can not be enough to eliminate the influence of the
reflected wave t-line enough (2). -T Here, the purpose of this invention is to make it possible to
arbitrarily select the form m of the reflected wave in accordance with the environment in which
the speaker system is placed and the circumstances of the sense of use of the user's manual. The
baffles are assembled as a plurality of building blocks iCL, and the building blocks having a
number of teeth are attached to the hono protrusion to ensure that the reflected waves are
diffused and attenuated. The details of this invention will be described with reference to FIG. 1 ii.
In Fig. 1, the reference numeral 1 denotes a positionful horn, and
иииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Attached to Tuple @ 2, the opening / a protrudes
and the question forms the projection / b. In this case, the panful J in this invention is fitted to
one contour shape of the protrusion lO. Multiple blocks jaic with one measure plane l111s!
And make up the FIllC1i matched block and touch il! Compensating wedge surface 3b which can
keep FJIA wedge, and forming a baffle 3 of sJ step 9 with a suitable size of 1 lf I for stacking an
arbitrary number of blocks 3a. This is to be used as a projection of the dragon trulhono @ zb KIjl
constant L baffle. It is preferable to provide the baffle 3 with the projection / b vertically and
symmetrically or asymmetrically, and sequentially stack the states of diffusion and erosion of the
reflected sound one by one. The figure shows an example in which the baffles 3 are provided
asymmetrically in the upper and lower sides, and the upper and lower surfaces of the block 3,
the conversion stone and the tangent R surface 3b are flat. In the case of 1 & with coupling due
to unevenness, the joint relationship of 1 lllll Jlc with J et al. Is formed to keep L and (1 further
reflection of the reflected wave, the open al13c of the block 3a of the Fffl is curved, It is
preferable that they be nonparallel to one another. Therefore, the direct seed wave Dd of sect full
ho 7 / D) goes straight as it is, but it is diffused in indirect wave I, which is 1 reflected wave, with
panfull, 7 with Ura IeiK, and made to be in the process of diffusion. -G et al. Are influenced by the
set environment of the baffle, 7 iC and the set environment of the acid increase + attenuation ?x
heaker system, so the most common condition by the selection of the number of (4) 41 F
components ?! ???????????? As is apparent from the above description, according
to the baffle component block of this Jj I ?? ?, since a plurality of shapes according to the
contour of the horn protrusion are prepared, it is necessary to It is possible to enjoy so-called
sound retention by selecting diffusion and attenuation according to the user's preference.
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