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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIGS. 1 to 3 show an example of a conventional
headphone, and FIG. 1 is a sectional view showing the structure of the headphone, and FIG.
Sectional drawing, FIG. 3 is a frequency-vibration acceleration characteristic view of the housing
| casing for headphones same as the above. 4 to 8 show an example of the headphone case
according to the present invention, and FIG. 4 is a sectional view showing the structure of the
headphone case, and FIG. 5 is a front view of only the headphone case. Fig. 6 is a cross-sectional
view taken along the line 7-7 of Fig. 5. Fig. 7 is a frequency-vibration acceleration characteristic
diagram of the brush for the hard phone as above, and Fig. 8 is a front view showing a
modification of the same above. 0 Furthermore, reference numeral 3 used in the drawings, 13 и и и
и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и first peripheral wall portion 15a ~ 15d и и и и и
и и и и и f & 16a-16d и и и ииииииииииииииииии Reinforcing lip, 17a to 17d иииииии Screw screw L18 иииииии Sound
absorbing plate, 21 ииииииииииииии Gelled substance. ? "Figure 3
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a headphone case
used in audio equipment. FIG. 1 shows an example of a conventional headphone. The housing
(21 of V-headphone (1) is integrally molded of synthetic resin. In addition, a 131tit
electroacoustic transducer "(IK), (1) ff-, and" ? "is shown, and illustration of the internal
structure is abbreviate | omitted. Hereinafter, (4) is a wire mesh, (51 sound absorbing material-+
61 is a sound absorbing plate. (7) is an ear bat, (8) is a cord butcher, and (9) is a connection cord.
Then, one electro-acoustic transducer (3) is driven by the supplied electrical signal to reproduce
the acoustic signal. By the way, when a low frequency electrical signal is applied or driven with a
large output-the housing (2) is a sound pressure generated from the electroacoustic transducer
(3) and VC'5E directly from the electroacoustic transducer (3) It is vibrated by the vibration
transmitted through the entire waiting body, and may vibrate sharply at the natural resonance
frequency of the housing (21. In this case (non-IP ? IJ 11 of 21 creates peaks and valleys on the
frequency characteristics of one echo signal reproduced by the electroacoustic transducer, and
excellent * 1 m wave number custom order can not be obtained and it is not good. In the prior
art, there is a large size of 1 j D (the case where the wall thickness W of the case 21 is increased
as shown in FIG. ?????????????????? The spectrum of the body (2; '1' of the
recommendation only changes, and it is not an effective method (2) for vibration isolation of the
case (2). As for the frequency-vibration acceleration% U of the frame (2), as shown in FIG.
Moreover, since the headphone + 11 Fi + both ears are used, there is a limit to increase the
thickness W in relation to the weight and size. tyr change to this method, 1! Body (2 (l'l! A
method is also employed to form a ttrtyrQ-rib (not shown) that loses the 11Vc reinforcement
(figure xff). However, the same material as or the same material as that of the housing 21 is used
for the above-mentioned reinforcing member and rib 11J with a small internal loss with respect
to the vibration 11Jl. Therefore, in these methods, the mass of the housing 121 is changed by the
reinforcing member and the rib, and the spectrum of the unnecessary vibration is changed
according to the change of A, I [! Body (2; not jI! I Suppression of vibration-In other words, it is
not an effective method for vibration reduction of the case 21 In the case of the headphone used
in the present invention, one mechanical strength and a sufficient maintenance of gold are
required to provide a non-electric one having a high vibration damping effect.
Next, an example of the headphones of the present invention will be described based on FIGS. 4
to 7. The housing a of the headphone 0 shown in FIGS. 4 to 6 is formed integrally with a
synthetic tree hK. In the first peripheral wall 111Q41 of the housing Q31, the groove portions
(15m) (15b) 115c) (15d) of the same central angle-the circumferential direction (81! Of the 1111
portion ? spring). Figure 5 formed along the direction of arrow A)-these VC to form 61 large
grooves $ + 15a) ~ mouth 5d) which are intended to be filled with a gel-like substance described
later. A thick outer circumference @@ (14g) and an inner peripheral wall T14b) are formed on
the first circumference Ils ?, but they have weak mechanical strength, and in this case 1 \
damage + -S. For this reason, the reinforcing lip I + 6a) (16b) (16C) 116d) is integrally formed
between the outer 84J @ (14a) and the circumference @ 1llil 14b) at a constant interval of -Tg'I.
It is designed to reinforce 11 parts (141 and the inner peripheral wall 114b). Screw holes (17Jl)
to (17d) are provided in each of the large reinforcement ribs N6a) to (lad), and the screw holes
(17a) to + 17d) K are attached, and a large setscrew device is used to A suction 111i01 is
screwed to the open end of the (4) circumference 1111 + 141 of 1. In addition, it acts as a cover
body with respect to the suction plate ii (l ? against -6 groove part (lsa)-(lsd) K). One large j1! On
the back surface of the peripheral wall sI of the second embodiment, a second circumferential
portion accommodation smaller in diameter than the first peripheral wall portion I is formed. And
the circumference 111 of the second circumference 41 part (you are one of the above-mentioned
niece)! A groove S1 and a reinforcing rib (not shown) having the same shape as that of the 1l Q
41 are formed. In addition, @ is an electroacoustic transducer, (c) is an ear pad-(d) is a cord
bushing-aFi connection cord, ae is a sound absorbing material, 1 section is a wire netting, @ a
decorative panel. As described above, the above-mentioned grooves 11sa) to (15d) and (2) of the
recess hole case U are filled with a gel-like substance (211). And in this way the gel-like
substance 011 is filled and 7 '? The housing 113 does not have the same drive IK as the drive IK
at one time (131 vibrates at this time, the gel-like substance Q ? is sticky! i: fi inception occurs,
internal loss due to this is a damping effect on the vibration of the case Q (((. As a result, the
unnecessary vibration of the housing Q31 is suppressed-that is, the protection is performed. The
frequency characteristic of the acoustic signal reproduced by the electricity (5) -acoustic
transducer (2) is excellent. By the way, as the volume t of each groove (ISa) to l1ad) and ?
increases, the volume of the gel material Q? filled with these circles sK increases as the volume
of the gel-like substance Q increases. You can do it.
However, if you do so, the perimeter @! The flI 114a) and the circumferential wall @ C 14b)
become thinner, and the mechanical strength of the housing 113 is weak. L karltc perimeter @
part ttaa) and circle 1 [tlt! Between 5 (14b) tit-reinforced by a number of reinforcing lip ttsa)(16d) K as described above. Accordingly, the mechanical strength of the housing 0 is sufficiently
maintained. Next to this application 1FIJK, gel of the gel material T2] l 81! ???? Describe
Iphf. First, using the following as a compounding material of the gel-like substance 01: 0 liquid
polybutadiene 1003 amount S (trade name 2 Idemitsu Polybutadiene R-45M-Idemitsu
Petrochemical Co., Ltd. split), liquid boribden 100 parts by weight C trade name 2 Idemitsu
boribden 100J Idemitsu Petrochemical Co., Ltd. (61 ? ?? Company), insic Tate lolt M +
chemical name: MDl, 4.4-diphenylmethanediinsocyanate) mixed at normal temperature, it
becomes hardened gel like after 24 hours due to the action of hardener, cyanate, self-closing It
became to have sex. In addition, the gel-like substance r2 is a strain 1! The internal loss for IK is
large. And it became K having a large strain rate C displacement / thickness ?. And the above
mixed materials were mixed and experimented with the gel-like material Q ?. As a result, the
housing 00 frequency-vibration-side accelerated summer characteristics show a large # value
shown in FIG. According to this, it can be seen that in the conventional example shown in FIG. .
Next, another experiment will be conducted to describe a second example of the sixth gel-like
substance C1 1+. The following materials are used as the compounding material of the gel-like
substance C1m1 hole. Liquid silicone 300 parts by weight (trade name: Shin-Etsu KE) 04 GEL,
manufactured by Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.-Key (7) Yahoo! Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd. Yt)
When mixed at room temperature to 150 T, ? ? becomes a hardened gel due to the action of
the catalyst. The temperature is about 24 hours for the gel to cure in about 24 hours, and the gel
for about 1.5 hours at 60 ░ C. Also, the self-closing property of the gel-like material is good and
large even at the side temperature. As a result of mixing the compounding material tubes as
described above and carrying out a central examination with the large gel-like substance C11, the
suppressing effect of the unnecessary vibration of the 1w1 body 0 was equivalent to the
characteristic C of FIG. 7 of the first embodiment. In the case Q31, one or a few Fia of reinforcing
ribs (30 ml 130 b) 130 e) (30 d) 'may be formed between the ridges (reinforcing ribs 116 a) to
116 d shown in FIG. .
Such a K makes it possible to further increase the mechanical strength of the housing 0. The
present invention provides the above-mentioned lIr1 (a small size and lightness is required for
the headphone case, the case 11iR1IC of the case and a plurality of #Is circles provided along the
direction of the leg force of the gel-like material filling tube) In addition, a plurality of reinforcing
ribs for dividing (81 ? S) is integrally molded and its value number is k. Therefore, due to the
viscous flow of the gel-like substance generated with the housing vibration, the circle 1 in the -V
body! Since Ii loss can be generated to suppress the construction cost vibration of one case, the
vibration isolation of one case can be extremely effectively performed. The housing can be
reinforced very effectively by a plurality of reinforcing ribs. According to the present invention, it
is possible to obtain an amorphous high headphone casing having a vibration damping effect
while sufficiently maintaining one mechanical strength.
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