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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 to FIG. 3 show an embodiment of the present
invention, FIG. 1 is a perspective view, FIG. 2 is a sectional view thereof, and FIG. 3 is an example
different from the example of FIG. FIG. 4 is a cross-sectional view of a conventional speaker. 1.2 и
и и и и и diaphragm, 3, 4 и и и и и и voice coil, 7 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и Yoke, 11 ииииии
Center pole, 11a и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и magnetic fluid, 16, 17 и и и и и и и и diaphragm.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an electrodynamic
speaker, and is intended to realize a coaxial two-way speaker with a single magnetic circuit. The
coaxial two-way speaker has an advantage that the acoustic center is fixed since the high sound
speaker and the diaphragm of the low sound speaker are coaxially arranged, and the localization
of the sound image is good in the frequency range of the entire audible range. As such a coaxial 2
way speaker, conventionally! ! The one shown in 4K has been proposed. The dome diaphragm (2)
is an edge (1) t, / z,? The voice coil (2) supported by the yoke (d) through the gum (L1) de-nud
(2) and driving the base of the dome diaphragm (2) and the dome diaphragm (2) is a magnet (2).
And a pole and a yoke are disposed in the magnetic gap of the magnetic circuit to constitute a
high-pitched speaker. In addition, a magnet of a magnetic circuit in which a base of a cone
diaphragm (a) and a voice coil (a) that drives the cone diaphragm (a) are composed of a magnet
(a), a yoke CTI and a center pole (a) Placed in the air gap. A bass speaker is configured. The cone
diaphragm-is disposed coaxially with the dome diaphragm (2), and is supported by the frame (2)
and the spacer through the edge (2) 2 and the damper Wt. However, since such a conventional
speaker is only a combination of two independent speakers, two magnetic circuits are required,
the number of parts is large, and the cost is very high. Most of the direct material of the speaker
is occupied by the cost of the magnetic circuit. Furthermore, as another drawback, since the
magnetic circuit of the high-pitched speaker is disposed in front of the low-pitched speaker,
reflection of the sound emitted from the low-pitched speaker occurs), sound pressure (2), etc .; j;
51; There is a problem that it is difficult to flatten the wave number characteristics. The present
invention utilizes the lubricating action and sealing action of the value set fluid, and arranges
both the voice coil of the stuttering speaker and the voice coil of the bass speaker in one
magnetic gap to eliminate the above-mentioned drawbacks. It provides a way speaker.
Hereinafter, an embodiment of the present invention will be described with reference to FIGS. In
FIG. 1 and FIG. 2, an annular yoke QQ is disposed on the upper surface of the substrate 11 (lla) of
the center pole (2), and the annular yoke QQ is disposed on the upper surface of the magnet (9);
The pole (ii) and the magnet (9) constitute a magnetic circuit having a magnetic air gap (d). The
magnetic gap ? Hayok Q (formed in an annular slit shape between the inner peripheral surface
of I and the outer four surfaces of the center pole I).
In this magnetic gap, a high sound dome diaphragm (11 annular base and 1 bass cone
diaphragm (2)) coaxially arranged with the center pole (1) and an annular base are arranged, and
Dome diaphragms located at the base respectively: Fil: !! Two voice coils +31 (4) for driving the T
and the cone diaphragm (2) are disposed. The dome diaphragm (1) is supported by the tip of the
center pole (b) via a damper (5) provided on the inner surface of (3) 1 '. The cone diaphragm (2)
is placed on the yoke head and is supported by the frame (7) via the damper (1) and the edge (8).
The magnetic gap-is filled with the magnetic fluid 4. In this magnetic fluid (d), a magnetic powder
such as iron oxide having a diameter of 800 A or less is covered with an oil or the like in an adult
body such as silicone oil, ester or insulating oil, and dispersed stably in a colloidal state. Is
appropriate. Next, the action will be described. In the conventional speaker in which only one
voice coil is disposed in the magnetic gap, for example, the thickness of the voice coil portion
including the bobbin is 0.4 to 0.6 cabinet for the fa gap length of 1.2. There is 141, O, 86-0.4 ?
on one side between magnet i and voice coil. This is to prevent contact between the voice coil
and the magnetic pole during a large swing. Therefore, if two voice coils are arranged in a
magnetic gap of about 1.2-, not only contact with the magnetic & occurs, but both voice coils rub
against each other to cause interaction and heat generation, and as a speaker Do not play a
function. However, according to the above configuration, since the magnetic fluid (ii) is filled in
the magnetic air gap, the magnetic fluid (d) fulfills damping of the lubricating function abnormal
resonance similar to oil, and the magnetic pole That is, the interaction due to friction between the
yoke ring and the center pole (6) and the voice coil [3] (between 41 or both voice coils + 3) t 4) is
eliminated. Until then, it is possible to obtain stable vibration even if two voice coils (31t 41 are
arranged) in a narrow magnetic air gap similar to the conventional magnetic circuit. The
magnetic fluid weir, as described above, is prepared by coating a magnetic powder such as iron
oxide having a diameter of 800 ? or less in the liquid with its surface coated with fatty acid or
the like and dispersing it in a colloidal state. As a result, the magnetic powder does not coagulate,
and if it has a small diameter, the thermal movement overcame the energy due to gravity or a
magnetic field and uniformly disperses and does not separate from the liquid. Therefore, the
magnetic fluid (2) is held in the magnetic gap by the magnetic field, and does not fly out of the
magnetic gap (7) even if the voice coil (alt 4) vibrates.
So, magnetic fluid @ will have the ability to seal the magnetic air gap, so the dome vibration (6)>:
2 '. :: и и и и Special air that does not leak air from the gap between the J-7 moving plate (1) and the
cone diaphragm (2) and seals the gap between the two diaphragms (1) (1) It is not necessary to
attach the members of the two diaphragms (1) (in the dark). For this reason, it becomes an OT
function that two diaphragms (11 (2) vibrate completely and independently, and the high
temperature diaphragm (1) and the bass diaphragm (2) reproduce independent frequency bands.
Is possible. FIG. 8 shows another embodiment, and the difference from the example of FIG. 2 will
be described. A flat plate in which both the high-pitched diaphragm-and the low-pitched
diaphragm 0 are made of foam or honeycomb etc. Both diaphragms are arranged in the same
plane. With such a configuration, since the two diaphragms ill (21 are coaxial and in a plane), a
very well-localized speaker having both the acoustic center and the phase aligned can be
obtained. The present invention can be implemented as described above. According to this,
although it is a coaxial two-way speaker, there is only one magnetic circuit, so that the
manufacturing cost can be greatly reduced. Furthermore, acoustically, there is no magnetic
circuit (6) of the high-temperature speaker unit in front of the low-frequency diaphragm, no
reflection of sound, no flattening of the sound pressure frequency characteristics. It becomes
possible. Furthermore, since the magnetic gap is filled with the magnetic fluid, the thermal
conductivity is significantly increased and the heat dissipation is improved, so that the durability
of the speaker is improved and two voice coils are arranged in the magnetic gap. Dissolution of
heat generation due to
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