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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of a headphone according
to the present invention? 2 is an enlarged view of the mesh screen used in FIG. 1, and FIG. 3 is a
sound pressure frequency characteristic with and without the mesh screen? FIG. DESCRIPTION
OF SYMBOLS 1 ииии Headphones, 2 ииииии Case main body, 5 ииииииииииииииииииииииииии Driver unit, 37
иииииииииииииииииииииииииии A mesh screen.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a headphone in
which resonance peaks are damped and flat frequency characteristics are obtained by dispensing
a mesh screen having a damping effect in the sound path. As is well known, in a headphone, a
speaker or the like, an acoustic damping material is disposed in the sound path in the vicinity of
the vibrating body, thereby suppressing an unnecessary resonance peak of the vibrating body
itself to obtain a flat sound pressure frequency characteristic. 1-, ... ((1073 is obtained. In this
case, it is common to use a porous acoustic damping material such as felt or glass wool as the
acoustic damping material, or use a non-woven cloth. A long time ago, felt. In the case of porous
acoustic damping materials such as glass wool, there are many holes in which there is no
variation in quality and uniform quality can not be obtained, and 4 desired effects can not always
be obtained in consideration of their volume and weight. In the non-woven fabric, it is difficult to
obtain the same braking effect as the above-mentioned porous material. This device is made in
view of the above-mentioned circumstances14. Therefore, the purpose of the device is to use a
mesh screen with a mesh number of at least 180 or more, and the braking of the co-image beak
is assured and a good sound is obtained. It is an object of the present invention to provide a
headphone adapted to obtain pressure frequency response. Hereinafter, the present invention
will be described in detail with reference to the drawings. FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view
showing an embodiment of a headphone according to the present invention. In the figure, the
henophone unit 1 is provided with a case main body 2 having a hollow cross section with both
ends open as indicated by **, and a spherical body constituting a universal joint in the case main
body 2 A spherical seat 4 formed on the inner peripheral surface of the case body 2 is rotatably
accommodated. The spherical body 3 has a pair of hemispherical pieces 3m in the figure. A
driver unit 6 to be described later is accommodated at the center of the internal space 5 formed
by combining the semispherical pieces 3m and 3b. At the center of the outer surface of the
hemispherical pieces 3m and 3b, cylinders 7 and 12 are integrally bored respectively, and the
space 5 is communicated with the outside by these cylinders 7 and 12. The cylindrical body 7 of
the sheared hemispherical piece 3a constitutes a forceps mounting portion, and in the screw
portion 8 formed on the outer peripheral surface thereof, an open forceps 10 or a screw hole 9
having a screw hole 9 penetrating therethrough. Non-penetrating enclosed forceps are selectively
screwed in according to use. Furthermore, on the outer surface of the hemispherical piece 38 and
around the cylinder 7, a large number of small holes 11 ░ 11... Are drilled at equal intervals on
the same circle.
On the other hand, the earplug 13 provided on the hemispherical piece 3b and having the semiinsert type earplug 13 attached to the cylindrical body 123- is formed integrally from silicone
rubber or the like. A cylindrical base 13m to be fitted with the cylindrical body 12Vc, and an
umbrella portion 13b formed by bending one end of the base 13m in a trumpet shape and
further bending it outward with an appropriate curvature. Therefore, if the forceps 10 is tilted
back and forth and laterally with the finger, the spherical body 3 is rotated along the spherical
seat 4, the ear plug 13 is tilted 360 degrees in the longitudinal and lateral directions. By this
shaft side, the umbrella portion 13b of the earplug 13 can be set and held in the optimum
mounting posture with respect to the ear portion. The driver unit 6 comprises four well-known
planar drive type dynamic speakers, which are provided on a pair of disk-shaped magnets IS and
16. These magnets 15 and 16 are provided by a pair of spacers 18 ░ 19 The bolt 17 which is
disposed opposite to each other with an appropriate distance and which is provided at the center
of the same 7 gnets 15 and 16 and the spacer 18. 19. The nut 24 is screwed to the bolt 1T. -It is
held integrally by the chopsticks. Annular magnets 20.21 each having an inside diameter larger
than the outside diameter of the magnet 15 ░ 16 (or the same magnet) 15.16 are respectively
disposed, and these magnets 20.21 are #m hemispherical pieces 3m, 3b Are fixed to the internal
fixings m of. The yokes 22.23 are disposed on the outer surfaces of the #magnets 15.16 and
20.21 respectively, and are fixed to the same magnets 15.16 and 20.21 by the bolts 17 and the
nails 24. In the gap 25 between the magnets 15.16 and 20.21, there is provided a diaphragm 28
supported at its central portion by the spacer 18.19 and at its peripheral end by the other pair of
spacers 26.27. It is arranged. A spiral coil (not shown) is attached to one surface of the movable
plate 28, and one end of the coil is electrically connected to the center electrode 29 fixed
between the nut 24 and the yoke 22, The other end is connected to the spacer 27 forming the
outer peripheral electrode. ?????? One end of a cord 345-is connected and fixed to the
feed center electrode 29 and the spacer 27 by a solder 30.31. The solder 31 is covered with a
filler 32 such as silicon. The rice-plate-like magnet 15.16 is magnetized such that the surfaces
facing each other are N poles and the opposite surface is S poles, and the ring magnet 20.21 is
the opposite surface with S poles. , The other side is magnetized to the N pole.
Therefore, when an electric current is supplied to the coil attached to the movable plate 28, the
moving plate 28 is displaced by the magnetic flux from the magnets 15.16 and 20.21, and this
moving movement is taken out as a sound. ing. Furthermore, a dustproof screen 36 is formed on
the rear side of the internal space 5 of the spherical body 3 by fixing its peripheral portion to the
internal side of the hemispherical piece 3a with an adhesive 35 Km to partition the space 5 from
the outside. Is provided. Further, on the front side of the internal space between the driver unit 6
and the sound path 38, a mesh-like canvas 11-n 37 is disposed. This mesh-like slip 11-ring 37 is
a 6-piece to damp the unnecessary resonance peak of the #M moving plate 28. For example, as
shown in FIG. By doing this, the mesh number (the number of nets per 1 inch (25, 4 cm)) is
formed to be at least 180 or more in the longitudinal and lateral directions, respectively, and the
next one is used. The size of the mesh 41 is 40 ?m to 58-m in the longitudinal and lateral
directions. The dark wave number characteristics of the diaphragm 28 in the case where the
mesh screen is arranged and in the case where the mesh screen is not arranged are shown in FIG.
In this case, the real IwI is twilled with a nylon yarn having a wire diameter of 15 deniers, a
mesomesh number of 200 (the number of longitudinal and horizontal meshes of 71 inches) and a
mesh size of 40 ?m KN screen A The one which has been pressed is a screen B in which a nylon
yarn with a wire diameter of 15 denier is wound, a mesh number is 196 О 238, and a mesh size
is 58 ?m. Further, the two-dot chain line 1 shown in FIG. 3 is obtained by measuring the
frequency characteristic of the moving body without using a screen such as a screen F. As
apparent from the frequency 7-scattering property I to m, when the screen is not used, the coshooting beak of the mobile body appears extremely per 650 Hz, and by using the screen B, the
resonance peak is obtained. Can be damped to a certain S *, and the use of screen A can almost
completely damp the occurrence of co-imaging beaks, and flat frequency characteristics can be
obtained. Also, according to the results of measuring the eight wave number characteristics using
the conventional porous acoustic damping material and the non-woven cloth described above,
whether they are not shown, they all have the drawback that they tend to cause high pressure
damping. It was hoped that the performance would be inferior to that using the screen A.
From the following -H, it is possible to effectively damp the length-imaging beak of the mobile
unit by using the mesh-like 1 clean having a menyu number equal to or greater than tytso, and to
obtain a flat sound pressure frequency layer property Can. In the above example, the case of
using a screen with filon yarn has been described, but not limited thereto, various synthetic yarns
such as polyester, polyethylene, Tetron (trade name 8-name), carvite and the like can be used. In
the above embodiment, the electrodynamic loudspeaker is used as one driver, but the present
invention can be similarly applied to, for example, an electrostatic, magnetostrictive, piezo effect,
or the like slider. As described in detail below, according to the headphone according to the
present invention, there is provided a silky screen of an eye size having a braking effect '4r
between the driver unit and the outside to resonate the pregnant body Since the beak is
configured to be damped, flat sound pressure characteristics can be obtained, and headphones
with good sound quality can be provided. Also, since the mesh screen and the screen have stable
quality with almost no variation in mesh number and mesh size, the acoustic resistance by the
screen is relatively stable, and the quality is uniformed and reliable. I can measure the
improvement of sex.
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