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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a conventional
composite speaker, FIG. 2 is an enlarged view of a terminal portion, and FIG. 3 is a cross-sectional
view of a composite speaker according to an embodiment of the present invention. FIG. 5 is a
perspective view of a spacer, FIG. 5 is a perspective view of a spacer according to another
embodiment, and FIG. 6 is a sectional view of a composite speaker according to another
embodiment using the spacer of FIG. 22 ииииии Spacer, 24.25 иииииии Conductor, 29 ииииии Dustproof
damper, 30.31 ииииииииии Conductive foil. Fig. 2M
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of the means for connecting voice leads to leads in a composite speaker. As shown in the
conventional composite speaker riM 1, the ring-shaped magnet 1 is held between the yoke 2 and
the plate 3 to form an external magnet type magnetic circuit, whereby the pole piece 2 m and the
plate 3 are wound together The voice coil 4t-is positioned in the magnetic gap to make the
diaphragm 5 move by the movement of the piston a of the voice coil 4 and lC to form a woofer
for bass 1, a pole piece 2 of this bass svecam cam & vcx The high-pitched sound Suby-hB
'(composed of H- + 62). This voice slider B has the voice coil 9 positioned in the magnetic gap of
the inner a-type magnetic circuit consisting of the magnet T and the yoke 8, and vibrates at -i
diaphragm 10 ft! Configured to 11 is a damper for accurately moving the voice coil 4 of the lowspeech speaker voice for piston movement, 12 is a dust-proof damper for preventing dust from
invading the magnetic gap of the low-speed sound cam, and 13 is a voice coil 9 for high-pitched
speaker B A damper for accurately moving the piston, and a guard cap 14 for preventing the
intrusion of the desired sound into the magnetic gap of the high sound speaker B. Then, the
power supply of the audio signal to the composite speaker configured as described above can be
17.18 kf of lead resistance from the amplifier to the ones 16m and 16b of the relay ladder board
16 partially attached to the VC frame of the frame 15? Continue, the pull-out W4 of the voice coil
9 of the tube sounder Ska B has its cocoon wire 19.20 from its terminals 161L and + sb and the
holding plate 5 of the speech cam for the speech (! -Buy it through = connect it to the base with
adhesive or fix it with the adhesive) and also connect the lead-through wire VC of one tinsel wire
19 to the lead-out wire VC of the Heus coil 4 of the bass cam. At the same time as the connection,
the terminal 161) and the choke coil 21 for 16CI and 1 Ivc cross-cut are connected, and the
cotton thread @ 22 from the terminal 160 is connected with the 1st margin of the diaphragm 5.
That is, as described above, the feed to the conventional Heus coil of the composite sneaker
adopts a method of using the ground thread at- and the lead wire KN of the voice coil wound on
the 1000 cotton thread Mk vibration plate. For this reason, it is necessary to considerably
slacken the small tinsel wire of dj between the transmission plate of the rC1 low-pass slider and
the diaphragm of the naive speaker so that the 1llll pin thread does not disturb the upper and
lower sets mt of the diaphragm. Although this may occur, this result may cause an abnormal
sound to be generated by the tinsel wire at the time of the large shooting width of the shooting
plate of the low-pitched spy. In order to solve the above-mentioned points and points, it is
possible to feed the voice coil of the high-pitched screamer voice coil through the center ball and
spacer of the squeeze screeder. is there.
In the following, the embodiment of the present invention is subjected to an FBA + third process
(FIG. 1 and the same ones as shown in FIG. Small to omit the light. The spacer 22 has a concave
shape in which the official circuit of the speaker B for high-pitched treble is fitted, and the Km
hole 23klK in the axial direction formed in the center ball 23a of the lower ffl'lr yoke 23 (The
inside of the crucible is embedded in the conductors 24 and 25 in the vertical direction so that
both ends thereof project so as to be shadowed. Then, the ring 28 is screwed into the wall 22b of
the center t-le 231L by screwing the ring 28 into the hole 22bvc taun (1 and its outer periphery
on the outer periphery) Add one foot while pressing against the top. After that, the magnetic
circuit fil of the IPl speaker B is engaged with the pure portion 220 of the concave shape j of j),
and the electrodynamics are performed, and the diaphragm 10 of the high sound speaker B
[voiced coil A lead wire 9 and a conductor 24.25 projecting above the spacer 22 are connected
by copper threads @ 2T and 2B. As a result, the welding ffc to the noise sounder B is completed.
On the other hand, the feed connection to the low frequency speaker-, flexible space I (1, a
conductive foil 30 31, 31 t-pasted with excellent flexibility, this conductive foil in the gap damper
29 between the space v 22 and the diaphragm 50 It takes place through 30, 31. That is, one of
the conductive ili! The +30 is in contact with the inner end 114 of the electric conductor 24 and
connects the outer ill to one of the drawing pins 41 of the voice coil 4. In addition, the other lead
lFF31i! The inner end is sanded on the conductor 25 through the choke fill 32 ', and ?? 4) f is
drawn to the other drawer 1144b of the voice coil 4 at the outer periphery. The lower end of the
body 24.25 is the connection 1 to the amplifier. As described above, the power supply to the low
heel scycam and the power to the high sound sneaker B resonate from the ground body 24.25 so
that it becomes K, and it is only for the low-torque scythe ') gimbal pair to the E7. There is no
need to use V thread metal, and the occurrence of heterotony due to contact with the ball does
not occur in digging the cotton thread. In the above, the choke coil 32 for blast furnace cutting is
connected between the conducting S body 25 and the four electric foils 31 of the dustproof
damper 29 and f (but diss further is VC7F, further to the spacer 22). If embedded in the relay 4N
body 33, as shown in FIG. 6, V conductor choke coil 32t-connects between the conductor 25 and
the middle 4III body 33, and the relay conductor 331C conductor foil 31 The connection of the
choke coil 32 can be made so that the connection of the choke coil 32 can be carried out by
Also, the guide may be a yarn 3G, 31i1 or may be a four stitcher in which the prevention damper
29 is woven. According to the above ? и et al.-There is no occurrence of abnormal noise due to
contact with the aged 71 of the yarn wire, and no load of soot is added to the bass board. So
rolling does not happen, N [Stone! Since there is no need for a tinsel cord between the speaker
and the low frequency speaker, the distance between them can be reduced, and as a result, the
height of the entire pan head speaker can be reduced and the thin speaker ? ?! i-Realize that it
can be realized, 4-simple tax-glazed silk 1 v of the surface-# [iII figure of the conventional
composite speaker, Fig. 2 is the expansion of the terminal margin j 1 Fig. 3 is the [Proposal Q]-A
sectional view of a coupled speaker in a dog embodiment, FIG. 4 is a perspective view of a spacer,
FIG. 5 is a perspective view of a spacer in another embodiment, and FIG. 6 is a spacer in FIG. It is
a cross-sectional view of another Ц P% composite speaker using gold. 22 иии Spacer 24.25 иии
Conductor ii body 29 иии Shielding nova 30.31 иии Conductive foil rrtto4 (Is)! "One-tiered
IsIO9714121911: 6-A / 2a 4211 E2 layer 116a16c16b1615: 9, ? 01922 to the 1st act, 33880"
"pa ░" ", t <41: 7 M ** M Agent Hideo Hideo" "IC 7a ) ? ? L ? 5B9. 7A /
23a2326242523b22b2 ri! )) 1115 times 2c 35, ii '22b-, knee 22 ::: 122 :: 5422a large use new
registration registered applicants Pioneer Corporation 33880' 7 agent Hideo Ogino rr 4 LO @ (%)
LL shellino 031 A- Applicant ?Hideo Kuwano Utility Model Registered Applicant? / <(Onia Co.,
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