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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a horn structure according to an embodiment
of the present invention. 2 is an open plan view of FIG. 2, FIG. 3 is a perspective view of a
connecting plate according to this embodiment, and FIG. 4 is a speaker system of a television
receiver tank for audio multiplex broadcasting of the 1-one structure according to this
embodiment. Fig. 5 is a perspective view showing a modification of the connecting plate
according to the above embodiment, Fig. 5 is a perspective view showing still another
modification, and Fig. 7 shows the present invention. FIG. 8 is a partially enlarged perspective
view showing a connecting portion of the connecting plate of FIG. 7 in a state where the
connecting plate according to another embodiment of the present invention is formed. In the
reference numerals used in the drawings, 1 ииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Segment
ииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Speaker Unit, 12...
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a speaker horn
structure in which a pair of side plates are connected to each other via a dovetail plate. It is
suitable to be incorporated into a set such as a television receiver at 1%. 2. Description of the
Related Art In recent years, with the increase of irrigation on one side of a television receiver, and
the formation of a stereo of a television receiver by audio polyphonic broadcasting, etc., the
speaker system of the receiver is in a gradually increasing size. On the other hand, in a speaker
system incorporated in a set such as a television receiver or the like, a horn (a tube having a
different cross-sectional area or the like) in order to efficiently radiate the sound emitted from
the speaker or the like to a space. A thin rectangular horn which is advantageous in directivity
and space has been used for the boat. For example, in the case of a horizontal television, etc., a
horn structure is used in which a connecting plate formed of a resin is disposed between a pair of
parallel side plates of wood. The connecting plate is integrally molded. The acoustic wave is
efficiently formed on a curved surface so as to efficiently conduct, and a pair of side plates are
airtightly attached on both sides of the connecting plate. The speaker unit is attached from an
opening provided in one of the l1il plates, i.e. 111m to the horn structure (2). However, as
mentioned above, when the size of the speaker system is increased and the horn also has a large
size, the upper wiring board also becomes larger along with it. If * is integrally molded, the large
mold becomes unreliable and disadvantageous in cost, and the deformation of the plate becomes
large, so it becomes difficult to obtain a predetermined curved surface. Furthermore, because of
the special shape of the plate, transportation efficiency is deteriorated. This also raises the cost of
the product. The present invention has been made in view of the above-mentioned problems, and
in the horn structure described at the beginning, the delayed connection plate is composed of a
plurality of segments (for example, pieces). By configuring in this manner, it is possible to
increase the transport efficiency of the i & sheet. In addition, it is possible to reduce the
deformation of the valley segment, while it is not necessary to use a large mold, thereby reducing
the cost of the product. The invention will now be described in detail by way of example with
reference to the drawings. (31-71 Uni First, one embodiment of the present invention is shown in
Figures 1-4. The horn ma body is a pair of mutually parallel side plates 121f3 + consisting of flat
plate-like bodies such as wood and plastic snacks. Synthetic resin, Moe is made of AB8 resin or
high impact sterol #R skin and made of a connecting plate (11 and right in total, 0-continuous
plate which forms a so-called rectangular horn as a whole (11 is the same Each of the 02
segments (1aX1b), which is composed of two segments (1a) and (1b) formed from a mold, has a
shape according to the exponential function-? of the shield, and By turning over and combining
them, it is possible to easily and accurately obtain curved surfaces which are vertically
symmetrical as shown in FIG.
When the connecting plate 111 is divided into two segments (1a) and (1b) as described above,
the connecting plate (1) can be mounted only by using a relatively small same mold. Therefore,
the mold can be miniaturized and the cost can be suppressed, and the precision W of each
segment (1 m X 1 b) formed thereby can be increased, and each segment (1 m) (1 b) is a
connecting plate Because it is half (4) redness of (1), its deformation can be reduced.
Furthermore, since each segment (1) (1 b) has a shape that is easy to scoop, its transportation
efficiency becomes bird's-eye, and the cost of the product can be reduced as M rice. Positioning
pins (51 and mounting bosses (7)) are integrally formed on the connecting plate (17 (segments
1m) and 1b). Each boss s + 7) is connected to the segment (1aX1b) by a pair of five-shaped arm
wedges, and a predetermined space is formed between the boss Ill17) and the segment (1m) (1b)
. When the space is formed in this way, deformation due to sink marks does not occur on the
inner six faces of the segments (1a) and (1b). On the other hand, positioning holes (6) are
provided at positions corresponding to the positioning pins (5) of the segments (1aX1b) in the
111Il plates (2) and (31). Also, in the side plate i21t31 corresponding to the boss Nt71 of the
segment (1aX1b), fit the positioning pin (5) of the O segment (1aX1b) formed on the screw
insertion hole side into the positioning hole (6) of llI & 121 (31) By matching. Even if the
segments (1m) and (1b) are easily attached, deformation of the% segment (1aX1b) is prevented
to (5) 11 ?????. Cefmen) (11 x 1 b) is provided with # (8) in the gangster * nm of the
segment (1a x 1 b) and the side plate t 21 131 It is supposed to run away. This airtightly divides
the internal space of the horn from the external space to prevent sound or leakage. Furthermore,
in order to make the mounting a, the segment (1aX1b), the -plate t21i3 +, and the screw 3 (0)
screw 19+ which is coupled 914C is straight through the screw insertion hole a41 of the side
plate (2) or (3) (1m) It is screwed into the small hole formed in the both ends of the boss | hub
part (7) of (1b). The speaker unit (4) faces the outside of the circular opening (c) provided in one
side plate 12), that is, as shown in FIG. 2, the main body of the speaker unit (4) or the side plate
121 (FIG. It is mounted so as to be located between 31.
Therefore, in this embodiment, the sound coming from behind the speaker unit (4) is used. With
this configuration, the speaker (6) -i ? can be made to open the ring of the entire system as
compared with the conventional case where the speaker unit (4) is attached from the outside of
the horn structure, and the mouth is advantageous The sound volume and the sound volume are
not inferior to those of healthy rice. FIG. 4 shows an example in which the horn structure
according to the present embodiment is applied to the mid-low range speaker system of the
telehission receiver for voice multiplex broadcasting. In the present embodiment, since it is a thin
and vertically long rectangular horn and the speaker unit (4) is incorporated in the horn
structure, the width of the entire speaker system can be made extremely thin. It is therefore
possible to make the receiving cabinet relatively small. Note that in the figure, a ? indicates a
tweeter for high sound. Modified examples of the segments (1a) and (1b) in the above
embodiment are shown in FIGS. 5 and 6. FIG. In the modified example shown in FIG. 5, the
reinforcing rib portion ? is integrally formed at one end in the width direction of the segment
(11X1b). The rib portion all prevents deformation of each segment (11X1b) and facilitates
adhesion to the side plate (2) or (31). Further, in order to prevent deformation by the rib portion
Q?, the boss portion (7) may be in contact with the knee 1 at the segment (1aX1b) (7) to be Sat.
In the moth of Figure 6. Ribs @ + 117 are provided in the middle dog cage of each @ direction of
the segment (1a X 1 b). In addition, it is also possible to provide a rib at the both ridges in the
width direction of the segments (1a) and (1b) 0 ░ A connecting plate according to another
embodiment of the present invention (11 is shown in FIGS. Show. The parts corresponding to
those in FIGS. 1 to 4 are given the same reference numerals, and the explanation thereof will be
omitted. In the connection plate (1) according to this example M, the two segments (1aX1b) are
mutually bonded via the thin portion +1 m, and the segment (1aX1b) is in a state of being
wrinkled as shown in the figure. Are molded. In this embodiment, polypropylene resin or nylon
resin may be used. In this way, since the segments (1aX1b) can be connected in a true manner,
the backing plate of the connecting plate 111 can be easily made to increase its transportation
efficiency, and as a result, the cost of the product can be reduced. When the horn is assembled,
the segments (1aX1b) are mutually rotated in the direction of the arrows with the thin portion az
as a hinge.
As a result, (8) 1, the dusted plate ti + is shaped as shown in FIG. The segments (1aX1b) may be
provided with ribs S as shown in FIG. 5 and FIG. Although the present invention has been
described above with reference to the embodiments, the above embodiments are by no means
limiting the present invention and various modifications can be made based on the technical idea
of the present invention. For example, in the above embodiment, the connecting plate 11 may be
divided into two segments (1aX1b), or may be divided into many parts, for example, four parts.
The connecting plate (the curved surface of the connecting plate 11 can be changed to a rest,
and it can be a pond water a-axis shaped horn of an exponentially curved shaped horn in the
above embodiment. Further, in the above embodiment, the fI plates 121131 are connected in
parallel to each other to form a rectangular horn, or the * plate (21 + 31 months (segments 1a)
(segments 1 (a)) so as to be coupled. You may shape | mold by changing the width | variety of 1
b). In the above embodiment, one invention is applied to a speaker system of television reception
damage for voice multiplex broadcasting, but one invention is applicable to various other speaker
systems. (9) As described above, according to the present invention, since the connecting plate of
the horn structure is composed of a plurality of segments, the% connecting plate can be easily
parlocked. The transportation efficiency is increased, and as a result, the cost of the product can
be reduced. Also, just as in the embodiment of the present invention, dividing the dovetail board
into a plurality of segments makes it easy to form each segment and can suppress its
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