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Specification 10 Title of Invention
Small speaker for speech synthesis
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a small speaker for use
in voice synthesis and reproduction equipment, and more particularly to a small speaker having a
low high frequency band frequency. In speech synthesis, generally, factors such as formant
structure characterizing speech, amplitude change, speech length, etc. are analyzed, the analyzed
factors are stored in various modes, and based on a reproduction instruction according to a
predetermined procedure, The stored factors are appropriately combined, and thereby all voices
having various formant structures, sound and tiger length, etc. are reproduced and output. In
recent years, such speech synthesis technology has rapidly developed, and can be seen as various
speech synthesis reproduction devices such as so-called speech calculators and speech clocks. By
the way, the sound synthesized based on the above technology is not a normal voice itself, but an
analog signal related to a normal voice which is desired to be stored in the electronic device in
advance and stored in the electronic device. A thing that changes in an analog way when
expressing a horizontal drift as a signal level when opening a vertical drift. In the form of y)
create a signal in the form of stairs opposite to the other using the above-mentioned factor fprocessed, and this signal is to be reproduced via a means such as low-pass fill (・ ・ ・It is
converted to the form, and it is the one that the signal of the form is reproduced from the
speaker. However, when passing a means such as a low-huss filter to obtain a signal close to the
form of a signal relating to ordinary speech from a signal of stair form, the form of the signal
relating to ordinary speech and the signal of stair form ) Erroneous EndPage: 1 difference is
accompanied by high-range quantum noise, and this quantization noise is reproduced from the
speaker, so that a very clear sound can not be obtained. There is one issue. Therefore, focusing
on the fact that the frequency of the quantization noise signal is high in order to eliminate this
problem, it is relatively easy to lower the high frequency limit frequency of the speaker unless
high frequency reproduction is particularly required. It is good to cut off a high region using an
aperture speaker. However, since it is a speaker used for a small-sized voice synthesis
reproduction device (a small size of a speaker having a small diameter, it is a high-frequency
speaker, it is a high-frequency speaker) There is a problem that it is inconvenient to lower the
limit frequency. The present invention has been made in view of the above, and a b and a high
airtightness material constitute a diaphragm, and this diaphragm and a speaker frame (a frame of
a voice synthesizing and reproducing apparatus may be used. ] By setting the air chamber in
front of the diaphragm and forming an acoustic filter with this air chamber and the sound
emission hole formed in the frame, thereby reducing the high frequency limit frequency even
though it is a small diameter speaker An object of the present invention is to provide a small
speaker that can be used.
Hereinafter, embodiments of the present invention will be described in detail with reference to
the drawings. FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a main part of a small speaker Z according to an
embodiment of the present invention. In the figure, ■ is a speaker frame, 2 is a magnetic circuit
consisting of a samarium cobalt based high performance magnet 21 and a yoke 22, 3 is a voice
coil, 4 is a terminal of the speaker frame, 5 is a synthetic resin film of high airtightness. The
diaphragm 6 is an acoustic filter including an air chamber 6] and an open hole 62. The speaker
frame 7 constituting the air chamber 6J together with the diaphragm 5 may be replaced by a
frame of a voice synthesizing and reproducing apparatus. うである。 The sound output hole 62
is formed in the frame 7. In addition, it is also possible to disperse and provide the said sound
emission hole in plurality. Further, providing the sound release hole 62 in a direction
perpendicular to the vibration direction of the diaphragm 5 requires less area for the baffle for
the voice synthesizing apparatus, and this embodiment: even if the speaker is attached, the size
can be reduced , It is extremely useful for the design freedom of appearance. It should be noted
that such a construction is not the material with high permeability such as the diaphragm 5 or
pulp, but may be a high density synthetic resin (specific examples may be known ones). ) And the
air chamber 61 is formed by the diaphragm and the speaker frame 7, and the sound emission
hole 62 is formed in the speaker frame 7 to constitute the acoustic filter 6. . If this acoustic filter
or filter is used, the joint frequency of this filter determined by the acoustic capacity of the air
chamber and the acoustic inertia of the sound emission hole causes a large load on the high
frequency reproduction output, and as a result, The high frequency band lowers. We will explain
and explain the swallowing of the upper limit frequency by the above-mentioned acoustic filter
with a concrete numerical value. In a 2cPn aperture speaker, the volume of the air chamber 61 is
0.51 m: cross-sectional area of the sound emission hole 62? Assuming that Q and 1.3-2, the
output sound pressure frequency characteristic is as shown by the solid line in FIG. In the same
figure, the circumferential mantissa characteristic of the speaker without the acoustic filter of
broken line il′′j: 2c′Jn diameter is shown, and the Fi upper band extends to the high band
and the high band limit frequency is high. On the other hand, in the speaker with the acoustic
filter of the present embodiment, the reproduction band is lower than that of the broken line, and
the high frequency limit frequency sharply drops around 4 KHz. Therefore, the characteristic as
shown by the solid line in the figure? When the speaker having the speaker is used for a
synthetic sound reproduction device, it is possible to reduce the possibility of the reproduction
noise from being reproduced and provide a clear sound.
Note that depending on the type of synthetic sound and amphibian equipment, the high
frequency band of the docidite sound will also be in the field, so changing the configuration of
the acoustic filter according to the number of surrounding areas and setting the high frequency
limit frequency arbitrarily It will be clear that it is good. As described above, the synthetic sound
reproduction apparatus using the small speaker of the present invention can provide clear
reproduction sound without reproducing all quantization noise.
4. Brief description of the drawings EndPage: 2 Fig. 1 is a cross-sectional view of the main part of
the small speaker according to the embodiment of the present invention, and Fig. 2 is a
conventional small speaker and the speaker according to the first embodiment of the present
invention. Is a diagram showing an output sound pressure characteristic curve of 5 ... diaphragm,
6 ... acoustic filter, 61 ... air chamber, 62 ... sound emission hole. Attorney Attorney Attorney
Fukushi 1N1 Figure 2 EndPage: 3
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