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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of the present invention,
FIG. 1 is a front view of an ultrasonic distance measuring instrument p, FIG. 2 is a rear view of
the measuring instrument, and FIG. It is line 3-3 sectional drawing. In the drawings, 1 is a
measuring instrument, 2 is a vibrating element, 3 is a plate having a large number of holes, 10 is
a radiation plate, 3b and 14 are holes for draining water.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the mounting
structure of a transducer element for transmission and reception in an ultrasonic distance
measuring instrument, and in particular, a plate having a large number of holes is provided, and
this plate is attached backward to the output of the transducer element, Is the output of the
vibrating element provided with a horn-like reflector? By sending it to the front side, when it is
used by attaching it to a vehicle, it can prevent water from invading in both towns, at the time of
car washing, etc., and it is possible to measure the distance -172 or better in good sensitivity. The
present invention relates to a mounting structure of a transmission / reception vibrating element.
In a measuring device such as a distance measuring device using ultrasonic waves, when
moisture components such as rainwater infiltrate into the measuring device, the vibration
element related to the ultrasonic waves is corroded by the moisture n and exhibits sufficient
transmitting and receiving capabilities Can reduce the measuring ability of the measuring
instrument. In this type of measuring instrument, a vibrating element for transmitting and
receiving ultrasonic waves is disposed at a position close to the outside in the measuring
instrument cautery, for example, it is easily used by being attached to a vehicle. Not desirable.
Therefore, conventionally, there is a method of preventing rainwater etc. from entering the
vibration element altogether, attaching a thin plate phase over the front surface of the vibration
element, attaching a 7i ? ? v1 horn cover, or fully extending a wire mesh. Is used, but n is also
insufficient 0 In the light of the problems with R mentioned above, the inventor of the present
invention has been working on a wooden construction to solve this f'L completely effectively. .
The purpose of the present invention is to provide an ultrasonic distance measuring device with a
transducer element for transmission and reception, with its output portion directed backward
toward the horn-like reflector, with a ?, and a 2-n measurement). By providing a plate with a
hole in the front part of the bowl, it is possible to sufficiently prevent water from entering during
double-eyes, car wash, etc. when used in a vehicle etc., and to perform all distance measurement
with good sensitivity. It is. Hereinafter, a preferred embodiment of the present invention will be
described in detail with reference to the attached drawings. 1 is a front view of the distance
measuring device, FIG. 2 is a rear view of the measuring device, and FIG. 3 is a sectional view
taken along line 3-34 in FIG. The measuring instrument 1 according to the invention is provided
with two vibration elements 2, one being a vibration element for ultrasonic wave transmission
and the other being a vibration element for wave reception. The vibration element 2 of people is
provided in the measuring instrument 10 by fixing its rear end face to a plate 3 having a large
number of holes 3a which are attached to the front face of the measuring instrument 10 case. .
Therefore, the vibrating locator 2 is arranged so that the output portion 4 emitting the ultrasonic
ak of the vibrating element 2 is directed backward in the measuring instrument. In the vibrator 2,
5 is a node-shaped element cake, 6 is a base, T is a ceramic, 8 is a ceramic, and nR is a moving
plate, and 9 is a connecting line. 3-10 is a reflector that reflects ultrasonic waves, and the
reflector 10 has a conical horn shape that opens toward the front.
The front end of the reflecting plate 10 is fixed to the case front wall of the measuring
instrument. The horn base 10a at the rear of the reflection plate 10 is provided with a reflection
plate movable portion 10b movable in the front-rear direction in the n1 base 108 fixed to the
rear wall of the measuring instrument case. Screws are formed on the shaft 11 to which the
movable part 10b is attached, and this shaft 11 is screwed into the rear wall 12 of the ?ntc horn
so that the female screw portion is formed on the outside of the case case. The knob 13 is
attached. The movement of the reflecting plate movable portion 10 b in the front-rear direction is
performed by operating the adjusting knob 13. As described above, when the vibration element 2
is driven, the ultrasonic wave is emitted rearward from the output unit 4 and transmitted forward
on the reflecting plate 10 and the reflecting plate movable portion 10b. In addition, it is possible
to transmit an ultrasonic wave by transmitting a directional crystal by means of the horn-like
reflection plate 10 and the movable part 10b, and further by changing the directivity by
appropriately adjusting the wJJ part 10bt.?. 4- ? и When using the above distance measuring
device as a bank sensor of a vehicle etc. Even if pressure water in car wash etc. is directly
received, the water pressure is weakened by the plate 3 having many holes on the front, and the
vibration element 2 is The output portion 4 of the transducer element 2 is not subjected to the
influence of water when it is disposed in the backward direction. Further, the reflector plate 10
may be formed entirely at predetermined positions of the plate material 3 having a large number
of holes, as a whole of the holes 3b slightly larger than the other holes, or by forming a plurality
of holes 14 in the rear wall 12 of the horn base 10a. It is possible to penetrate into the space
formed by ? and to leak some water from the respective holes 3b, 14 иии to the outside. As
another embodiment, it is also possible to use a large diameter of the large number of holes 3a
formed in the plate 3 and to use it for drainage. In this case, it is not necessary to form a drain
hole separately. In the above embodiment, two vibration elements are used, and fc is not limited
to cn, but it is possible to use one at the same time for transmission and reception. As apparent
from the above description, n according to the present invention is 5-small. -(4) (: и) By providing
a waterproof sheet metal with a large number of holes, and by providing a reflection plate and
arranging the ultrasonic vibration element backwards, even if it is attached to a vehicle and used,
the water in both towns and car washes Infiltration can be completely prevented, and various
effects such as the ability to measure the distance with good sensitivity and keep the directivity
completely good without exerting any influence of moisture on the vibrating element are
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