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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIGS. 1a and 1b are side sectional views showing
different conventional reverberation variable type microphone devices, and FIG. 2a. Reference
numeral b denotes an embodiment of the variable reverberation amount type microphone device
according to the present invention, and is a side sectional view showing different operation
states. 31: Case, 33: Diaphragm, 34: Coil spring, 35: Fixed chamber, 36.41: Notch, 37:
Microphone unit, 3F: Vacant room , 39 ... moving chamber, 40 ... through hole.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION This invention relates to a microphone device with
variable reverberation lid. FIG. 1 shows a conventional remaining-quantity microphone device. In
the same figure (&), 11 is a dynami, a microphone unit, a toe, a 12 case /, a diaphragm, a light
bubble elasticity taught in a case 16.17 respectively in 13.14.15. The body 18 is a movable hand,
and 19.20 is a diaphragm 2 and a coil spring which loses the remaining tk attachment provided
in the case 21 respectively. The hw plate 19 and the inside 1; 6 diaphragm 12 And the elastic
body 14 and the movable hand 18 are acoustically connected to each other through a through
hole provided in the case 16.17. In these five misfortunes, the bubble saving of the elastic body is
changed by driving the oJ actuator 18 in the direction of arrows z + p, B, 1c in the figure, so that
the space between the moving plates 12.19 is acoustic. It is open to the public, and the remnant
neck is adjusted. On the other hand, in the same figure (in bJ & here, 23 is a microphone unit
made of, for example, an electret for IL & sound provided in a case 24 having a small number of
through holes, collected in 25.26. The diaphragm P and the coil springing which are formed in
the form of a fc short-cut device, and a coil unit 29 is a microphone unit made of, for example, an
electret for residual sound provided on the case 28. The output signal of the microphone unit
29.23 is supplied at 30 seconds, and the remaining 111ii is adjusted to V-. In the case of the
microphone shown in FIG. 1 (,), the sound pressure of the low frequency region of the diaphragm
19 (15 (1 Hz -1, 5 kHz) V CkV 'f is not low. It has a drawback that it is difficult to produce a small
afterthought stone. Also, in the case of the same section (b), although it is possible to obtain
shallow scoops and fifty minutes, only the scribbled sound beat by the microphone unit 29 and
the direct sound scooped by the microphone unit 23 are i. It has an entry point that it is not good
or bad. Furthermore, both of the microphones have the disadvantage that they do not change
naturally when the remaining amount of # 1 is fully changed, and the eyes 11,-can not feel aural
sensation. This i5 * was made based on the above-mentioned ◆ 、, and while changing the
amount of writing in 9i, the number of Asashima Naohan numbers or naturally changed and
good hearing was felt, and the remaining sound in the low range was enough It is intended to
provide a good residual qk seismic microphone device with limited storage and storage.
Hereinafter, one embodiment of this green tea will be described with reference to the drawings.
In FIG. 2 (a) (b J & here, for example, 31 is a body facing the bottom, and a part of the periphery
of the opening of this integral part 31 is provided with a hook 32.
A diaphragm 33 constituting the remaining Ik-device is provided within the = bo portion of the
national body 31. Between the diaphragm 33 and the bottom surface of the national body 31, an
-Aia member, for example, a coil steering 34 is taught. In the opening of the national body 31, a
fixed amount 35, in which the direction of the collar portion 32 is discussed, is integrally formed.
A notch 36 having a predetermined shape is formed at the top end portion of the fixed chamber
35 in the direction of the top of the locker 35, and the microphone unit 37 is provided in the
direction of opening of the 111I + curved portion facing the opening. -The fixed chamber 35Vc is
opened in the direction opposite to the opening direction of the fixed chamber, and the movable
chamber 39, which forms the space 38 with the fixed amount, is slidably fitted. In this beast-like
evil, the lower end of the moving chamber 39 is pierced by the blood of the 5E chamber 35, and
the lower surface of the lower end is a through hole whose item area is smaller than that of the
collar 32. 40 forms. In the upper part III of the moving chamber 39 in the opening direction of
the moving chamber 39, a pair of the ruler 36 is used and the notch portion 4 which is more
noble than the notch portion 4 is used. In the state where it is pushed into the moving chamber
39 or the foot 35 as in the 12th section (,), the surrounding width nt of the opening width formed
by the notched city 36.41 is small. Also, the through hole 40 of the moving chamber 39 is
opposed to the diaphragm 33. In this state, the beat (· · beats from the surface of the grid formed
by the notched portion J6, 4 J & the broken line in the dashed line "" beat ([1 micropon unit 37U
and also VC1 virtual hole The transmission plate 33 is driven by 40 k "jr. The sound wave
generated by the transmission plate 33 enters the microphone unit 37 as the remaining Ik
component, and further drives the diaphragm 33. In the above state, the V movement chamber
39 is driven in the direction of the arrow C, and when the fixed bit 35 is pressed, the open part
formed by the cut-and-cut part 36.41 is gradually damaged. As a result, the opposing IL1 of the
through hole 40 and the sliding plate 33 gradually becomes smaller. Therefore, the shallow #
weight gradually decreases [and the residual tatami frequency gradually increases, so that the
tatami mat decreases naturally. Then, the opening 31 of the integral 31 is completely closed by
the lower 11I portion of the transferred wJ display 35 in the case of a broom in FIG. It becomes
VC so that the sound wave 6 from the opening formed by. 41 enters. As described above,
according to the embodiment described above, 10 parts by the notch 36.41 and the opening area
of the through hole 40 change in a reverse relationship according to the movement amount 390
peristaltic state.
For this reason, it is a thing left changing with a natural feeling. In addition, since the space 38 is
formed by the fixed rod 35 and the liquid repelling 39, the sound pressure of the legal
component of the reverberation is increased and the sound quality is improved by the empty
room 38. Further, when no residual is added as shown in FIG. 2 (b), the opening [IL l 槓 becomes
large due to the notch 36.41 V, so the influence of the reflection in the eyelid chamber 38 etc. It
can be reduced and the sound quality inferiority of only the directness can be prevented. In this
agreement, the above 6C husband's second 1 "in the Han" does not go away, ":: は may move 1 to
39 against the b1 foot bank 35V to move the vc. In this case, the positional relationship between
the notches 36 and 41, the machining A hole 30, and the five parts 32 is appropriate. Besides, it
is a matter of course that the species F4 template implementation ij #: within the scope of not
aggravating the summary of this draft. As described above, according to these eight ideas, the
mouth of the soda "not sweating" I3e book The number of waves naturally changes to a liking, a
liar, and the reverberation in the low region It is possible to provide a long-lasting, long-lasting,
residual microphone that can be beaten enough and sound rays too badly.
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