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The present invention relates to a contact medium of an ultrasonic diagnostic probe.
Furthermore, the present invention relates to a contact medium for a probe for a substantially
non-cellular, bubble-free, non-abrasive ultrasonic probe 1 made of polyvinyl alcohol-based frozen
gel or more. In recent years, ultrasonic diagnostic equipment a is widely used to detect the
presence or absence of abnormalities in organs in the human body, examination of the skin and
skin tissue, or the fetal pulse 7 or pulsation of blood flow 2 and easy in many medical institutions
Began to be used. Water, vegetable oil, mineral oil, glycerin, liquid paraffin or amorphous gel is
usually used to prevent the attenuation of ultrasonic waves between the probe and the skin of
the human body when performing tests using this diagnostic device. Or apply a self-adhesive
film. When applying a liquid such as water, oil, or liquid paraffin, the taste of j as a contact
medium is at most 1 to 2 familiar, and in the case of oil or liquid paratuin, etc. It is necessary to
take a clean VC wipe. When it is necessary to use water as a contact medium, water is put in a
plastic ice bag and it is applied to the measurement site of the diagnosis site. It is necessary to
use a deaerated water to prevent the spurious echo of ultrasonic waves in the water to be used,
and when using a small size ice bag, the water may spill over 2). Amorphous gel 1 (with 4
machine clashes, 1-Jl jj no 1 section 1 (C) water and oil in a wider range than water and oil)
However, but it stays at about 1 to 2 nn. In addition, the upper limit of the test; V 崩 t t1 and
thickness 1 一 17iL use or not, diagnosis (1> there is a need to wipe away. In the case of a selfadhesive film, the film becomes J and it can be easily peeled off after diagnosis but the thickness
is at most 1 order or more F. In contrast to this, the J-shaped catalyst body of the probe of the
super-sweat diagnostic device according to the present invention is a spring water gel having a
moisture content of 80% and 1- 9'l '14- By inserting it between the hairs and shoulders, it is
possible to prevent the reduction of ultrasonic waves almost completely) and 7) contact with skin
at the time of diagnosis ν, just putting the body immediately on the skin The sex is also great,
and you can remove it after the diagnosis without washing it down. シ1. Accordingly, the
diagnosis can be made without any discomfort to the subject. Also, preparation of deaerated
water is not necessary when using an ice bag. 0 Furthermore, the water-containing gel according
to the present invention cures enough strength, for example, move the probe left and right when
obtaining a cross-sectional image by echo method. A diagnosis is made, but at this time the gel
does not break up. Development of J + J, Su 1 Takumi Wave diagnostic equipment comb is
advanced, and a probe corresponding to 1 [1] is developed.
- * i, multi ↓ For gel, 5 full 11 Shimoko focus type probe is used, et al J using the phase
difference of the element] Ru. In this case, the distance from the tip of the probe to the castle is 1
=> jf for one probe, and the can iK + from the skin 'tζ1 # 11 of the area to be diagnosed is
changed to 1 to vt' In the contact medium of) 9) IIA! If the clause is troubled and it is necessary
to convert the probe -i 'A :. However, according to the present invention, the +9 Lf medium t; 1,
the gel strength is strong, and the thickness can be easily adjusted by cutting the gel, and in some
cases, it is possible to use two sheets in a stack-no is possible,診断 At the time of diagnosis using
an electronic focus type probe, the thickness of the contact medium is adjusted without changing
the probe, and the skin coat [((11 from if? There is an advantage that diagnosis of different sites
can be performed. In particular, the price per probe is high in a device that obtains a dynamic
image of real-time display, which has been marketed recently, and it is large in U: 'U'r to stock
and collect this and each It becomes a burden, but according to the present invention, the contact
good · J, using the eyebrows / even if there is only one probe 1 if the eyebrows: diagnosis of the
range! (1) r will be on the roster. In addition, the contact medium according to the present
invention may be inserted into the tip of the probe in some cases because the gel strength is
strong for light. It is also possible to use Such use facilitates transrectal diagnosis and provides
clear images II. For example, in the case of performing + surgery in an organ, the inside of the
organ can be easily diagnosed by applying a probe in which the contact medium according to the
present invention is inserted directly to the coating surface of the organ after opening 111
Operation can be performed quickly. J11 point t of a tree 1'2 Ming, ten pieces 11 (B / ζ et al. 老
V by echo method [[y, y? −i, R−i + ′, '41 1 1) 1 + l j ′ 571 1 57 1 − f 1 ζ f 1 7 ζll S + 1: jj:
“i) t ′ −, 41 · 11 ′ no In particular, the surface of the leather is a leather #a C7,)% Iji-i · +: J,
soot + IL '(-f and 7j: i + J ability ° C,' 7 + 9 (- , +, 焚 j 焚 1x, t and (I,) 'l ((々, · 1 tube in the ° −-ダ
ン ス 差 差 差 差 く な り く な り し た が っ て し た が っ て し た が っ てMonth 1 rate
becomes meticulous 1.1 echo clear skin j 丙 and skin 1 · echo of 1 寡 or rrr [ン し へ へ 7 − あ
あ − あ あ あ − あ i '' '' '' '' シ シ シ シEven 1 ': coming zk (in the water, plastic water bags, skins,
acoustic impedance mismatch between skins and so on the name interface Double echo appears
and skin IN!
For li I: middle L: A brightly echoed corps with all 11 /, and L-2-(2) Non-explosive φj contact fj)
1j 1), y-body is composed of a frozen polyvinyl alcohol-based frozen gel 'i1. But it is used here.
1? Rivinyl alcohol has a degree of saponification as long as frozen gel is used at normal
temperature unless it is dissolved in the water, and there is no particular limitation on the degree
of saponification; It is preferable that the lou is high and the degree of saponification is high. In
order to improve the strength of the process and to improve the workability in the preparation of
frozen kerls, it is also possible to use a mixture of high and low degree of polymerization, or a
combination of high and low degree of saponification. Oh. E) polyvinyl alcohol, modified
polyvinyl alcohol such as maleic acid, itanilic acid, methacrylic acid, and C-> (1) alkyl ester or Q '/
+ 1 alkenyl anhydride, II / 71-, acid gold IP FA. Y: A, alkyl vinyl ether, Nokutsu di noc l \ 'Y. (
"Meta" Acrylamide, "iH, i, t; Body, Oleander, ■? (1), raw wood, phorno aldehyde, and reaction
products with isonoa non-1 etc. also 1 'Q)' for 11] ability) b) b) OA par 4 (1 ( "Frozen gel 例 え ば
", for example, Japan 44 * I 卯; 603, 386 & tT n + '.' +11 '(-2 jj 1 so that the aqueous solution
mainly composed of polyvinyl alcohol and call is in the defoaming V-shaped frame γ + ij; L
Refrigerated at a temperature of less than 5 ° 0! U: released at room temperature 1i <Il. Z Freeze
(, by melting ice etc. i.! 1らノする。 At this time, short fibers and fibrous materials may be
added as in the case of H main and old 726673 and 7 2 (i 61 4 and 61: 1, and may be a
plasticizer or a gelling agent. , Antifoam agent may be added. In order to achieve the object of the
present invention, however, it is necessary for the water-repellent gel to be homogeneous to the
ultrasonic waves, and the inclusion of air bubbles must be prevented as much as possible.
Furthermore, when plasticizers other than polyvinyl alcohol, gelling agents, other matrices of -14,
etc. are added, their dispersion in the sweat gel is made as uniform as 111 and these dense and
wet ones It is necessary to choose one that does not cause a difference in gel density. In addition,
freezing processing temperature and processing +1. ! The strength of the frozen gel obtained
between r and the soft tL I / ← greatly affect (7, the degree of freezing is low, and the length of
the treatment 04 is long, the hard ones are hard, and the hard ones are not good, the freezing
temperature If it is high, freezing is not enough and the gel becomes soft.
C. to C. 1 as a preferred cold .sigma. + I system Jl stomach crystallinity degree,
particularly -1 (1 "C.about. C. is passed through for this purpose. Also, the moisture
content of the frozen gel of the present invention is preferably low from the viewpoint of gel
strength, while preventing the # loss of ultrasonic waves as much as possible, and further
reducing the density of the gel Is preferably as high as possible. In order to achieve the object of
the present invention, it is desirable that the water content be at least 8 () on the dust. The size of
the water-containing gel according to the present invention is not particularly limited, but JC51
has a favorable resistance of 5 or more [7, not that] (in j white skin IM- or skin 1 in 1 echo 1) To
obtain a clear 1 ilji image) 1. In addition, “r / this gel 肴 T ノ%%”% 'Jf-Eight circumferences 1/1
1 IQ H1112, 1/4 can be fixed for 1 lIA. The j-tono of 山 畠 畠 1 /, 7 ++ = 5t rn r is 2 θ f sweet. In
addition, when the water-containing gel of the present invention is used for a long period of time,
molds and bacteria may be attached to it, 1 and so on. Because of the presence of water gel
preparation 1) 5, it is preferable to preheat j 1 antidegradant and 1; nectar 1 · r in advance. I am
old! 1.1.. Diagnosis of sidearm wisdom (· · 考 考 決 し て 決 し て 決 し て 決 し て 決 し て
・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・. As a usage mode of the contact medium of the present 11 M, a
probe for ultra g-wave diagnosis by echo method (j (only (( It is also possible to use j'C tentacles
for the doppler method child monitor and l: t1.1-d1 instead of j and (for use). ソ ト ー 実 実 に よ
に よ に よ 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 荊 荊 荊 1 1, 1 Jj-J this. Example Completely
Saponified Polyvinyl Alcohol (2 (1 ° C. & (J, -4 viscosity of aqueous solution 2 B, 2 C, p, degree
of saponification! + 9. Add 1l, 121 lS to 7A distilled water 88 while stirring to IS 1 to 1, with 21
extra cuttings (Add 1,05 capitals and heat so as not to wrap up the package '/ S 1g · r )) This. (1'-)
# + water bath solution 100 100 1 in one 11? ! After one hour * l oxi 0X5 (7 eta poured into the
outer container, at room temperature: 3 () dispersion 115 "-C ': fL: completely out of the city / r.
Then, for 5-5 (1-C r ', γ internal bunching [24 h still 1 support, room temperature -t' f: taken out
from X unit 1 ;; . 1fI :,) il / r, / '7j (' 4j gel ('ri water rate' 8%,) e! y ', 7X 2 nn after January-Ji +!
Ime sonography 11 ': II The contact medium between the device probe and the skin 1 ^] and the
surface of the mammary gland ItJr mound by the Foucault method 13' method: 'IV ilf? The
boundary 鵡 d of the skin and the contact medium IId IIJ 6 "Gorge, the gate air also <Ii + \ '! No j
1 1 r υ I ') fl l (. A) Transfer to the stone of the ξ 腟 ス キ ャ ナ ー scanner i / C 勺-C also gel Q7
j, there is also no /. EXAMPLES Complete saponification: 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 H
water / 1 / acid J + polyvinyl alcohol / L coal (20 "4% 7J <solution viscosity m, 12. (l c 4 +
saponification 1 985 moles, tan p + = 71 In the same manner as in the case of j11 I (i'l J s7), put
61 U L into a 5 X 5 X 3 rnt container, and after completely degassing at room temperature, 3 in
the -30 ° C freezer. () After freezing for hours IR, room 61. Take out to A. After 11th, this frozen
gel (water content 80%) k 腑 i 9: i! A varicose vein located in the right upper M fijl, used as a 'ry 2
M medium of -f, echo->' created as a layer image on a Braun tube with a commercially available
ultra-sound diagnostic device, and a camera rQ shadow performed a clear paste A lumpy mass
stopped. 出 願 Patent applicant 株式会社 Co., Ltd. 代理人 Agent r 土木 絖 E ll E Book 1 Showa 5 fi
r, 11 J'l 10. NII, 1. '1j) Secretary Kazuo Wakasugi Rituto 1, indication of the case / P wish if ((',>
7-16 (163+) No. 2, title of the invention ultrasonic diagnostic probe contact medium (+ os + t 'l,
Shiki table r1 Riri Roshi) · + [Rong cotton i> * μ ====; 寸 size ;: =: = Mimi (芒: ==== Sora =: "Nino
et al.-4 generations 1111 j / also 5, correction σ) object 6, content of correction (1) Akira, 4111.
From the bottom of page 8, correction of [Dog 2- monitor child monitor j by the Topsea method
fetal monitor]. (2) Correct the “foaming agent” all in the same way, on page 9, line 2;
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