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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional perspective view showing an
embodiment of the present invention. 1 ииииии Microphone body, 2 иии и и и Upper body, 3 C crophone
unit, и и и и и и Vibration part, 20 и и и и и и Elastic body. ??
[Detailed description of the invention] This invention is about the microphone heat gaining echo!
. A simple device that can obtain ?-conventionally uses spring; M surface vibration of (1): basic,
that is, the sound pressure is electrically amplified and transmitted to the diaphragm through the
vibration of the spring. There is a reverberation speaker etc., but in a microphone that tries to get
reverberation from direct sound pressure through a spring, it is sound pressure enough even if it
is just the reverse principle of echo 4 beka due to its structure? It is necessary to Nupulin h
because it can not be obtained! (1) In order to obtain the echo effect by weakening the spring
force and acting directly on the sound pressure, it is not possible to beat the vibration that gives
the echo effect, and also G). Even structurally weak (and susceptible to fine external tremors
(anxious T-like conditions had a fire point). This device was made by l'H7 to falsify the abovementioned defects of the buttocks, and one of them is a microphone whose structure is simple
and 81 excellent effects can be obtained and its reverberation time can be adjusted. To provide.
Below,-! ?? The embodiment will be described with reference to the drawings. In the drawing,
reference numeral 1 denotes a microphone main body composed of a telescopically connected
upper body 2 and a +2) lower body 3. The body 2 is a cylindrical body provided with the large
diameter receiving part 4 at the upper part thereof and the length adjusting groove 5 at the outer
edge of the lower end thereof Disease, 1 part, ? 1. ? ? ??hmw * +: A one-bottomed
cylindrical body in which a length adjusting groove / that slides in meshing direction with the
adjusting groove 5 of the ? 4 and 2 is spouted. Acoustic vibration NVJ 4% 8 * such as covering
the drows in the upper opening of the diaphragm attachment 4 of the above-mentioned body 2
Erosion cover 11 is attached to the center of valley vibration plate 8-side 4-the side of the side of
the court 9 and the large number of pores 10. A microphone unit 12 is housed in a microphone
unit housing s6 of the lower body 3 and generates an electric signal according to the vibration of
the electric conversion diaphragm 14 consisting of the electric conversion diaphragm and the
electric conversion diaphragm 14 It consists of an electric transformation part 17 for
transmitting a lump to a magnetic tape or nuhika via a cord 18. The diaphragm 1 may be
provided with a notch at one edge thereof to improve the vibration property, and the electric
converter 17 may be a movin (3) furnace in the case of a dog, for example. And a moving coil 16
which is attached to the inner lower side of the vibrating plate 14 and which is moved in and out
of the magnetic field formed by the L magnet 15.
A plate spring 19 is attached to the bottom of the lower body 3 and an elastic body 20 made of,
for example, a spring is stretched on any of the two temporary springs 19 and the plate spring 9
above. . The spring 2D has the above-mentioned swing in the middle! Each one is connected to
the center height of the plate 8.14 and the second one, and the quality is regulated by the guide
21 by which one body is administered in a proper position. In addition, the plate spring 9.1Q also
has a Ts diaphragm 8 ░ 13.0 ? -C1 ? 1, ??? 14. . -11-Ginseng man 3F: The vibration of the
silk ? diaphragm 8 and the plate resistance of 9.19 is set to be good for vibration. Next, the
operation of the above configuration will be described. First, the acoustic diaphragm 8 vibrates
by the acoustic pressure that has entered the microphone main body 1 from the sound receiving
unit 4. Then, due to the vibration, the spring 20 whose middle part is connected to the vibrating
plate 8 vibrates to the plate springs 9.19 and +41 at both ends. 1 total -111 off the coast of the
ship ?---? ?-t = = = ? -1 ? F-?! ???? ??? The electric conversion diaphragm 14
vibrates in the same way as the acoustic vibration excitation f8 and 1N shadow by 1re11 of the
ring ring zO, thereby generating an electric shock signal. Even if the sound input into the main
unit 1 has stopped, the damping vibration of the spring 20 still causes the electric f-conversion
diaphragm 14 to vibrate so that a reverberation signal is generated by this. Become. l Adjust the
length of the upper body 2 engaged with the adjustment of the residual caustic between the
sound in 115 1115 and lower body 3)) Length adjustment groove 7 and slide vertically! If all ss
? ? ? n n ?? ?? ?? ?? ??)))))))))) ? ? ? ?) ?1 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 4 1- God echo time becomes short. In the fJqm example, the
length adjustment of the microphone body was made by sliding the length adjustment groove
provided in the upper body and one body and held mutually to the ground, so as to make it into
an insulting mechanism 5j It is a matter of course that the method by superposition and the like
+ mechanism of ZL / may be used, this invention consists of a cylindrical upper body and lower
body connected so as to be able to adjust the expansion and contraction as in the case of The
microphone unit with the sound receiving unit installed and the microphone unit in the lower
part и The above micro 7: an acoustic diaphragm provided in the sound receiving unit of the
microphone unit, Y, ', main unit r-both ends Supported by the middle hook, the second ring-LLh
chamber moving plate and the above-mentioned microphone "и и J ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?elastic body connected to the groove part, received by L ? ? ?The above-mentioned acoustic
signal is transferred to the upper -h [-microphone unit via the elastic body. The reverberation is
obtained by the destruction of the elastic body at the same time as it reaches t) et al. A good fl
effect is obtained with a single structure, and the length of the microphone body is reduced to
make the elastic body Since it is possible to change the vibration characteristics of the
reverberation time sound can be adjusted.
Further, the sound J diaphragm and the vibrating portion of the microphone unit are not always
indefinitely placed in the furnace or the like connected to the middle of the elastic body, and
there is no inconvenience such as distortion or the like. 4. Brief description of the drawings-I'fl +
b11 is a cross-sectional perspective view of the embodiment of the present invention is a cut-out
view. 1-1 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и e11
e microphone unit, 14 и и и и Axe vibrating part, 20 иии Ax и Elastic body. Applicants Star Electric
Appliances Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Attorney Attorneys Attorneys Attorney Arai ()] / / 1 () q ?
21, 51 1 tl "77 1 '? l de 117 834 Applicants Star Electronics Manufacturing Stock Board:'".
Atsushi Arai Yusuke 6, creators and agents other than the above (1) Creator's address A V ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? 1 ? ? 4 ? ? Name rrh 1g ? Inc. Tenkai-hiko Address Osaka Prefecture Yao
City Kita Ri Bae 1-chome 4-53 Name Seiden Kikai Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Aichi Umeshima (2)
Agent Address Address 64, Kamiyamacho, Kita Ward, Osaka City Umeda Sakki Building 530
Telephone 06 (312) 0187 Name Counselor C29471 Akiyama three? Moth
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