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Patent Office Secretary Saito Ei, Yuden 1, Title of Invention Tokyo, Japan Suginami Ward Izumi 2Chome Address Tokyo Minato-ku Shibishi Kubo Sakuragawacho 2 # 17 Mori Building [Fa] Japan
Patent Office 0 JP 50 -J-049230 published Japan 50. (1975) BJQ Office Serial Number
Description of the invention Bonding method of a decoration Name of the invention Bonding
method of a decoration
2, inventor
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a method of
bonding a decorative item as a pattern such as a trimming line to a saran net provided on the
front of a speaker box, for example. For example, recently, in a loudspeaker, a design such as a
trimming line may be applied to a saran net provided in llIm of the box for the purpose of design
effect. In the case of applying a pattern to a cloth such as the above-mentioned saran net, it is
generally sufficient to form the pattern necessary for weaving the cloth, but in fact all such
patterns should be applied. Instead, it is selectively made according to the type, size, etc. of the
speaker, and it is therefore desired that the pattern can be formed easily and inexpensively as
needed even after weaving the cloth. The present invention has been made in view of the above
circumstances, and provides a method of adhering a decorative article which allows an
ornamental pattern to be easily formed by post-processing so that the decorative article can be
easily adhered to a decoration cloth. The purpose is to An embodiment according to the method
of the present invention will be described below with reference to the drawings. In the present
embodiment, as shown in FIG. 1, first, a strip-shaped metal foil 3 coated with a transparent vinyl
tube 2 is disposed at a planned portion of the saran nets 7 previously cut into necessary
dimensions. The transparent vinyl tube 2 is heated, for example, while being pressed onto the
surface of the gellan net 1 with an electric iron, to melt the transparent vinyl EndPage: 1 tube 2.
When the transparent vinyl tube 2 is dissolved, the metal foil 3 is dissolved and the melt of the
transparent vinyl tube is stained with the saran net 1 at the same time as the coating is dissolved,
and then gradually solidifies as it is naturally cooled. The metal foil 3 is adhered to the saran net
J as shown in FIG. The eighth rIA shows a state in which the metal foil 3 is bonded to the saran
net 1 as a trimming line and is provided on the front surface of the speaker box 10 by the above
method. According to the European bonding method, the metal foil 3 can be bonded as a
trimming line even when the saran net 1 is provided on the front of the speaker box IO, so the
presence or absence of the trimming line depends on the type and size of the speaker It can be
decided each time and it is convenient. Since it is sufficient to apply heat while pressing the
transparent vinyl tube 2 even if bonding with the metal foil 3 is performed, the bonding
operation does not take time and effort, and it becomes simple and inexpensive. Furthermore,
since the strip-like metal foil 3 is covered with the transparent vinyl tube 2, it is easy to carefully
align the Saran-net J in forming a trimming line.
In the above embodiment, the case where the trimming line is formed by the metal foil 3 is
shown. However, the strip-like cloth may be covered with a transparent vinyl tube to form the
trimming line as described above. Although the above description has described the case where
the trimming line is formed on the saran net 1 on the front of the speaker box, the present
invention can also be applied to a general one adhered to a cloth-like one as a decoration * 1- *
uniform. Furthermore, the pattern is not limited to the one forming the trimming line, and a
pattern having an arbitrary shape can be formed. As described above, according to the present
invention, it is possible to provide an inexpensive method of bonding an ornament which can
easily attach an ornament to a cloth to be decorated while forming an arbitrary pattern.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 11 is an explanatory view of a hot-melted thin
copper and a heat-weldable crucible showing an embodiment of a method of bonding a
decoration according to the present invention. FIG. 8 is a method of the present invention. Is a
diagram showing an n-1t-sarannet obtained by the above-mentioned embodiment provided on
the front surface of the speaker box. 1 иии Sarannet, 2 иии Transparent vinyl tube, 3 иии Metal foil.
Applicants Attorney Attorney Takeshi Suzue One piece 3 @ EndPage: 2 ... j 5. -List of attached
documents 6. Inventors other than the above, Patent applicant & also! Agent EndPage: ?
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