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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a conventional phase-reversal speaker system,
FIG. 2 is a non-directional closed-type speaker system having a cylinder or tube as a cabinet, and
FIG. 3 is a single port opening. An omnidirectional phase-reversal speaker system according to
the present invention, FIGS. 4, 5 and 6 respectively show a phase-reversal speaker system
emitting a sound wave omnidirectionally according to the present invention. DESCRIPTION OF
SYMBOLS 1 ... Speaker, 3b ... Port, 4 ... Volume on the back of a diaphragm, 5 ... Cylindrical
cabinet, 6 ... Equalizer, 7 ...! Slit, 8: internal cylinder, 9: port opening, 10: diaphragm, 11: voice
coil, 12: damper, 13: magnetic circuit, 14: free Edge. Fig. 2-85-Juyo 51-127734 (2) · 3rd (2) 4th
flash 5th ■ Gth flash-86-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a phase-reversal
speaker system that radiates acoustic waves in an in-plane omnidirectional manner. In the past,
the speaker system's capinone toss, open back, closed, phase-reversal, bass reflex, etc., in
particular phase-reversal, has been conceived for the purpose of widening the closed bass range.
1 shows the phase-reversal cabinet 0-2-1--the cabinet is cylindrical or tubular in shape, and the
speakers are partially mounted on the cabinet so as to emit acoustic waves in a plane
omnidirectionally. Figure 1 shows a closed loudspeaker system with 1) attached. 'Yf5 is a speaker
system having in-plane non-directional characteristics in which a cylinder or a tube (5) is a
cabinet as in FIG. 2, but a boat (sound path) (5%) is used to expand the bass range. Is a phase
inversion type speaker system provided with There is a disadvantage that the opening of the port
is only at one place, and therefore the sound wave can not be emitted omnidirectionally. In the
figure, (2) is a box-shaped cabinet, 0) is the volume at the back of the diaphragm, (6) is an
equalizer that enables sound waves to be emitted omnidirectionally in a plane, (υ emits sound
waves from the speaker The slit which was opened like a strip in the wall of a cylinder is shown,
respectively. The object of the present invention is to eliminate the drawbacks of the prior art,
and to provide a phase-reversal speaker system that radiates sound waves in a plane and
omnidirectionally with a simple structure. This invention will be described based on the
drawings. 2-- FIG. 4 shows that the inner cylinder (8) encloses the speaker (1), the speaker (1) is
attached to the plate and the port opening (9) is attached downward from the plate FIG. 5 shows
that the cylinder (6) is attached at a remote position, and the opening (9) is provided at the
bottom from the position. FIG. 6 shows that the diaphragm (a) is shaped along the outer
cylindrical wall, 1i1T, D3.8.quadrature.4. 2.2オ□い。 11i, h'-f, t5-) (5 &) t, 1 TKEfii Li **
example. (B) indicates a voice coil, (2) F1 f7 par, (2) indicates a magnetic circuit, and an axis
indicates a free edge. This invention is based on the above configuration and uniformly
omnidirectional in a plane from the opening of the port. Sound waves can be emitted, and a
simple phase-reversal cabinet can be obtained.
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