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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view of the
loudspeaker according to the invention, FIG. 2 shows a frequency characteristic diagram, '6 is a
voice coil, 7 is a through hole, 8 is an elastic body, 10 is a diaphragm , 12 is a bobbin and 13 is a
wire ring.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of the natural resonance of the voice coil of a loudspeaker. In general, the speaker fixes the
diaphragm a at the end of the chair coil f61, and the vibration from the drive source is
transmitted to the diaphragm to emit sound. The area of the diaphragm with respect to the voice
coil serving as the drive source In the diaphragm, bending movement occurs as the frequency
becomes higher. Since this abnormal shooting motion is transmitted back to the voice coil in
reverse, it is transmitted as follows: Boy (1) 攬 l '々-/ θ 79 79 :. The scoil causes a bell vibration
to produce natural resonance, which promotes abnormal vibration of the diaphragm. Due to this
abnormal vibration, a sharp resonance peak is generated in the high range as shown by a broken
line in FIG. In order to improve this, conventionally, a hardening agent is applied to the bobbin of
the voice coil or a reinforcing material is used to give strength to the bobbin, or a dumper is used
on the inner circumferential portion of the bobbin to brake Although the characteristic resonance
has been suppressed and improved, such a method has a drawback that it is difficult to remove a
strongly strong resonance peak. The present invention seeks to provide a loudspeaker which
ameliorates these drawbacks. Hereinafter, the illustrated embodiment will be described in detail.
In FIG. 1, (1) is a speaker yoke, (2) is a center pole integrated with the yoke, (3) is a magnet, (4) is
a plate, and (5) is a frame fixed to the plate , (6) is a voice coil composed of a bobbin a3 and a
bobbin ring wound with the bobbin UK,... Is fixed to the end of the bobbin 2 (7: Outer ring
method-, + vibration A plate 1 is a dustproof cap, and (7) is a through hole provided in the bobbin
of the voice coil, and is constituted by a series of long holes or a large number of holes in the
circumferential direction of the bobbin. (8) is an elastic body provided so as to fill the inner
through holes, and is formed of a material having high compliance such as a synthetic rubber or
the like. (9) is a spider that supports the vibration unit constituted by the voice coil (6) and the
diaphragm a @. When the speaker configured in this way is operated, the vibrating portion
integrally vibrates in the low frequency range as in the prior art, but when the frequency
becomes high, the voice coil bobbin is repelled by the bending motion generated in the
diaphragm. Try to produce an inherent resonance, but the damping action of the elastic body
provided on the bobbin suppresses the transient vibration, and as shown by the solid line in Fig.
2, to remove the resonant sieve in the ^ range Can. As described above, according to the present
invention, the voice coil (the bobbin @ of the season has a through hole (7) and the through hole
is filled with an elastic body having a high comp. (3) 3 inch). Can eliminate the resonance taste of
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