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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a side sectional view showing one embodiment
of a speaker box according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a sectional view of the main
part of the same. ииииии Electrical parts, 3 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и Printed circuit
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION In the present invention, when forming the
speaker box, the speaker box into rows, various kinds of base groups 7.1, 7 ? 4 and ?░? 42.
The present invention relates to a speaker box in which the resonance of the Kamiyoshi
electronic part, "114" and the like is prevented by the sound J-sert shaping, and thus the
preferred reproduction agency is considered as i). Conventionally, an example of a speaker
network (... Electric components such as a capacitor, a coil, etc.) is mounted on a glint board, and
its tlf port 1 is not treated as a separate treatment for the speaker's hook For example, they were
attached to the inside with screws. Follow (1) y3-/! If, for example, a large current flows in the
coil of the low-pass filter, a magnetic flux is generated by the current flowing in the coil, and the
magnetic flux is repelled or attracted between the coils wound many times by this magnetic flux,
and the coils move The phenomenon occurs. This phenomenon can be said to be resonance that
occurs at a certain frequency or at several points in harmonic frequency relationship based on
this frequency. Therefore, when a human power signal matching the resonance frequency of the
coil is supplied to the network, the coil resonates, and the resonance causes the signal supplied
to the voice coil to be distorted, resulting in distortion in the reproduced sound. This
phenomenon is particularly likely to occur in a network of bass speakers supplied with a large
amount of power. Further, as in the case of the above-described coil, distortion is also included in
the reproduced sound due to the repulsive force in the amount of seedling depending on the
condenser. The present invention provides a novel speaker box that can eliminate such
conventional drawbacks. That is, the present invention provides a speaker box that prevents the
resonance and obtains good reproduced sound even in a low-pitched speaker, in particular. An
embodiment of the present invention will be described with reference to the drawings. FIG. 1
shows a preferred embodiment of a speaker box to which the present invention is applied, and
FIG. The main part is shown enlarged. In addition, although the speaker box demonstrated below
is a case where this invention is applied to what is called a closed-type speaker box, it can be
applied suitably also to a speaker box of a bass reflex type etc. FIG. In FIG. 1, reference numeral 1
denotes a housing-like speaker box main body. The main body constituent parts constituting the
box main body 1 are a back surface portion 1a, a front surface portion 1b, and an upper surface
portion 1c. The speaker box main body 1 is made of, for example, polyester, carbonated calcium
carbonate and sand, and is made of resin concrete or bulk working molding compound
(hereinafter referred to as BMC). Or it is made of various materials such as hard urethane,
gypsum and cement.
The above-mentioned LIMC is formed mainly of, for example, a resin material consisting of
unsaturated polyester resin (3) and thermoplastic turnover, and a reinforcing agent consisting of
glass fiber and an inorganic filler, and the coloring agent, mold release Agent, a thickener, a
polymerization initiator, etc. are added. As said thermoplastic resin, the well-known resin used in
order to provide low-shrinkability to unsaturated polyester resin molding agent, for example,
(meth) acrylic resin, styrene resin, saturated polyester resin, polyvinyl chloride resin, vinyl
acetate Use resin etc. This thermoplastic resin is used to maintain low shrinkage during insert
molding of the speaker box 1, and is usually a crosslinking agent of unsaturated polyester resin,
specifically, styrene and its derivative, (meth) acrylic. It is dissolved in a polymerizable monomer
such as a system ester or diallyl phthalate to be blended. The thermoplastic resin solution is
blended in an amount of 25 to 40% by weight in the resin component, and the thermoplastic
resin is preferably 25 to 50% by weight in the solution of the crosslinking agent. As the filler, for
example, known inorganic substances such as calcium carbonate, barium sulfate, magnesium
carbonate, clay, silica, starch (41 bulk, etc. are used, but the specific gravity of the speaker box
body 1 itself is increased or decreased, or the physical properties and appearance are changed.
For this purpose, the type and the amount thereof are appropriately selected. The blending
amount of the filler is appropriately selected within the range of 35 to 77 weight of the total
composition of the molding material. On the other hand, 2 is an electrical component housed and
fixed inside, for example, the back surface portion 1a of the above-mentioned speaker hox body
1, for example, as shown in FIG. 2, coil 3, capacitor 4, resistor 5, transistor 6 or the like. is there.
Reference numeral 7 denotes a printed circuit board on which the electric components 2
constituting these networks are printed. The electric component 2 and the printed circuit board 7
as described above are insert-molded into the inside of the main portion of the speaker box main
body 10 by the molding material of the above-described resin concrete or BMC. Reference
numerals 8 and 9 denote low-pitched and high-pitched speakers collected on the front surface
portion 1b of the speaker box main body 1 = i. Therefore, an example of a method of forming the
speaker box (5) according to the present invention will be described below. First, the electric
component 2 such as the coil 3 and the capacitor 4 and the printed circuit board 7 are converged
in a mold having a predetermined shape, and the molding material, that is, the resister or the
HMC, etc. is injected in a persecuted manner. The molding material flows into the gap between
the coil 3 and the capacitor 4 or between the printed circuit board 7 and the like, and the
molding material is cooled and taken out, in which case the electric component 2 and the printed
circuit board 7 are made of the molding material. It is fixed inside the component.
When the electric component 2 and the printed circuit board 7 are fixed by the molding material
in this manner, for example, a current flows through the coil 3 as described by taking a coil as an
example, and even if a magnetic force is generated there, The repulsion or attraction between the
coils prevents the movement of the coil 3 itself or the relative movement of the coil 3 and the
core on which the coil 3 is wound. Thus, when the coil 3 is fixed by the molding material as
described above, the resonance of the coil is prevented, and an undistorted sound can be
reproduced for any frequency. (61) Also for the heat generation of the electric component 20,
since these components 2 are insert-molded by the flame-retardant molding material as
described above into the inside of the main body construction part, they may contact mutually
with combustible components etc. Absent. Therefore, the safety can be secured against the heat
generation of the electric component 2 as well. Furthermore, since the electric component 2 and
the like are insert-molded inside the rear portion of the speaker box body 10, for example, the
speaker box can be made compact. Furthermore, the present invention can form the speaker box
quickly without the process of attaching the printed circuit board to the inside of the speaker box
using a screw as in the prior art. In addition, in order to shape | mold the speaker box of this
invention, you may be made to divide | segment and form the whole speaker box into one suction
from the convenience of attachment of a speaker, etc. For example, the front part forming the
mounting hole for mounting the speaker and the other electric parts etc. are insert-molded
inside, for example, the back part is separately formed, and the speaker in the mounting hole of
the front part After wearing the speaker, i. The speaker box may be formed by combining the
front surface, the top surface, the back surface, and the like. As apparent from the above
description, according to the present invention, a printed circuit board on which an electric
component such as a coil or a capacitor is mounted is compared with a conventional speaker box
mounted with screws or the like inside a speaker box. Since the constituting electric parts or
printed circuit boards are housed and fixed in the main body structure of the speaker box, for
example, the back face, movement phenomena due to repulsion or suction between coils are
prevented, thereby preventing resonance of the electric parts. Thus, good reproduced sound can
be obtained. In addition, it is also effective for the heat generation of electrical components.
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