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Description 1, title of the invention
Speaker equalizer
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a loudspeaker
equalizer. Conventionally, aluminum and zinc have been mainly used as the material of the
speaker equalizer. However, because this material is installed in a place with high internal
pressure and high sound pressure, it may cause the resonance to vibrate and cause deterioration
in sound quality. At the same time, problems occur such as having to design in consideration of
this point. The present invention has been made in view of oblique points, and an object of the
present invention is to provide a speaker equalizer that is lightweight and can have high
dimensional accuracy, and has a large internal loss and is less likely to generate resonance and
vibration. is there. Next, FIG. 1 shows a dome type speaker, FIG. 2 shows a horn type speaker, 1 is
a dome type diaphragm, 2 is a coil bobbin, and 3 is a voice coil. In FIG. 1, 4 indicates an arcshaped equalizer, and in FIG. 2, 5 indicates a conical equalizer. なお6はホーンである。 In the
present invention, the materials of the above-mentioned equalizers 4 and 5 are all metal
magnesium (hereinafter simply referred to as magnesium) or an alloy mainly composed of metal
magnesium (hereinafter simply referred to as magnesium alloy, for example 90 to 95%
magnesium, aluminum, zinc, manganese, It is formed of silicon, copper, iron, an alloy with
another metal, or an alloy of 99.90% or more of magnesium and an extremely small amount of
beryllium and / or manganese added thereto. Magnesium is the largest metal of internal loss, and
is about 200 times larger than the internal loss of aluminum. By the way, although magnesium is
generally used in the form of an alloy with aluminum and zinc, aluminum and zinc significantly
impair the internal loss of magnesium. For example, the addition of aluminum of 0.1 to 1 lowers
the internal loss of internal loss to about 415, and it is about 1/2 for 0.2 wt% and about 1/10 for
IWt. When zinc is added, the reduction in internal loss is even larger, and the addition of 0.1 ft%
reduces the internal loss to about 1710 with about 1 / 2.0.2 Wt%. Furthermore, the internal loss
of other metallic elements is totally lost, and when the content t exceeds 0.1 wt%, the internal
loss becomes remarkably small. Therefore, in order to take advantage of the feature that the
internal loss of magnesium is large, the purity must be 99.90-or more.
By the way, high purity magnesium has a risk of igniting when it is manufactured by die casting
or casting. In the present invention, therefore, the danger of ignition is prevented by adding
beryllium 'io, oos in the range of 005 wt%. Beryllium hardly dissolves in magnesium and hardly
loses the internal loss of magnesium if it is added under 0.05 wt% dust. Moreover, when high
purity magnesium is used, it is corrosion resistance that becomes a problem with ignitability.
That is, when the iron content is 0.0015 wt% or more in magnesium, the corrosion resistance is
significantly deteriorated. When this is commercialized, the appearance as an equalizer is
impaired, and it is necessary to improve corrosion resistance. Therefore, in the present invention,
the corrosion resistance is enhanced by adding manganese in the range of 0, 15 to 3 WtEndPage:
2%. And if it is addition within the above range, it will greatly affect the internal loss of
magnesium. 0 As described above, since the speaker equalizer is made of magnesium as
described above, it is possible to manufacture a lightweight product with high dimensional
accuracy. At the same time, since the internal loss is large, it is possible to manufacture an
equalizer which is less susceptible to vibration and resonance. In addition, magnesium of high
purity (purity of 99.90% or more) is high even if other metals are added (depending on the
amount of addition), as the specific elastic modulus and internal loss are almost the same as
magnesium of high purity. Purity magnesium is the best material for the equalizer. In the present
invention, beryllium t-o, oos to I 1.05 wt% added, or "17 ga / l" 0.15 to 0.3 wt% added, or both, it
is lightweight It is possible to obtain a loudspeaker equalizer having high internal loss, no
ignition ability, high corrosion resistance, or both.
4. Brief description of the drawings shows an embodiment of the loudspeaker equalizer
according to the present invention, FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a dome-type loudspeaker
vibrator and equalizer, FIG. 2 is a horn-type loudspeaker vibrator and equalizer FIG. 1 ...... domeshaped diaphragm 2 ...... coil bobbin 3 ...... voice coil 4.5 ... equalizer 6 ......... horn applicant
Pioneer Agent Hideo Kuwano Co., Ltd. Figure 1 Figure 2 EndPage: 3
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