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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a side view of this type of apparatus; FIG. 2 is a
view showing the present invention mounted, FIG. 3 is an enlarged cross-sectional view of FIG.
FIG. 2 is an enlarged sectional view of a part B in FIG. 3 ииииии Mounting plate, 4 ииииииии Transducer
cover, 5 ииииии Vibrator, 6 иииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Vibration rubber 7 иииии Sponge и 8 ииииииииииииииииииииии Iron
plate , 12 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и penetration metal fittings.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a mounting
structure of a rice sound wave transmitter-receiver intended to cut off noise from a noise source
as much as possible. FIG. 11 shows a conventional apparatus of this type, and FIG. 2 shows the
state in which the present invention is implemented. In FIG. 1 and FIG. 2, 1 is a ship bottom, 2 is
a metal cylinder welded to the ship bottom 1, and a projection 1 'is formed inward to fix a
mounting plate described later with, for example, a screw. Reference numeral 3 denotes a
mounting plate smaller than the inner diameter of the ball node 2. In the middle of the mounting
plate, a hole larger than the diameter of the vibrating body 5 is provided, and the mounting
portion of the vibrating body 5 is the inner wall of the hole. Reference numeral 13 denotes a
waterproof penetrating metal fitting for connecting an ultrasonic transducer (not shown) and an
imaging forceps. FIG. 3 is an enlarged cross-sectional view of part A of FIG. 1 and shows the
feature of this type of conventional device, and the reference numerals correspond to those of
FIG. In this feature, since the mounting plate 3 and the vibrator 5 and the transducer cover 4 are
integrally fixed by the Holt b, noise generated from ship vibration, slip 1] knee, foam etc. is
directly transmitted to the vibrator 5, IfBJIA black spots due to noise are recorded on the
recording paper of the ultrasonic transducer, there is a deficiency that makes it difficult to
separate fish schools. The present invention is provided with, for example, a three-layer sound
insulation board and a sphone, which use different materials of acoustic innocance to shield the
imaging body from mechanical vibration and acoustic imaging in order to eliminate these
drawbacks. These will be described in more detail with reference to the drawings. Fig. 4 is an
enlarged cross-sectional view of Fig. 2B, where ? is a sound insulation board having a structure
in which the upper and lower surfaces of the iron plate are reinforced with a root rubber 6 ', 7
for example a closed air bubble, 8 for transmitting and receiving Plate for fixing the vibrator
cover 4 and the vibrating body 5, an iron plate for preventing the shape of the anti-vibration
rubber 6 'on the mounting plate 3 side of the sound insulation plate l when fixed by 9I-i The
transmission / reception cover 4 and the mounting plate 3 are connected to each other, and they
are pressed by bolts 12 so that they can be fixed. The other symbols correspond to FIG. 3- The
features of the present invention will be described below. The imaging moving body 5 performs
imaging movement and emits a sound wave according to the imaging movement of a vibrator
(not shown), and the returned sound wave recaptures the imaging movement through the
vibrating body 5 again. It vibrates and converts it into an electrical signal. Therefore, it is
desirable to shut off unnecessary mechanical vibration and acoustic vibration to the vibrating
body 5, so that the present invention provides the 1ijji sound board l consisting of three layers
on the upper and lower surfaces of the moving body 5 of the moving body. As a result, the
imaging movement from the transducer cover 4 and the vibration from the mounting plate 3
through the iron plate 9 are not transmitted to the vibrating body 5. That is, due to the difference
in acoustic impedance between the iron plate 9 and the root protection rubber 6 ', a part of the
imaging motion transmitted to the iron plate 9 is reflected and not transmitted to the root
protection rubber 6'.
On the other hand, the imaging motion transmitted to the vibration-proof rubber 6 'is attenuated
there, and then the same as above due to the difference in acoustic impedance between the iron
plate in the sand-in-ch structure by the vibration-proof rubber 6' and the vibration-proof rubber
6 '. And is further attenuated, and finally vibration is not transmitted to the vibrator 5. Also, in
the case of the vibration transmitted to the transducer cover 4, the vibration is not transmitted to
the vibrating body 5 as described above. 4-Next, from the flange end face of the transmitter /
receiver cover 4 to the end face of the iron plate 9 (the end of the mounting plate 3 and the side
wall of the mounting plate 3) Unnecessary vibration to the vibrating body 5 is prevented by
providing the sponge 7 on the circumferential surface of the flat bolt 8 in contact with the weir
and the vibrating body 5. Furthermore, the vibration transmitted through the bolt 12 from the
mounting plate 3 to the clamp 11 is not transmitted to the transmitter cover 4 by interposing the
anti-vibration rubber IO between the transmitter cover 4 and the clamp claw 11. As described
above, mechanical vibration or acoustic vibration is absorbed by the sound insulation plate l or
the skib / shuff at all the power points where the vibrator 5 and the other members are in
contact with each other, and the ultrasonic transducer main body is The black spots due to noise
generated on the recording paper are significantly reduced, and the identification of the school of
fish can be facilitated.
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