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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing an embodiment
of the present invention. FIG. 2 is an equivalent circuit diagram. FIG. 3 is a frequency
characteristic diagram of output sound pressure. 1 иии First yoke, 1a и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и
и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и 2 second yoke, 4 и и и и 5,..., Resin layer, 6..., Collar portion, 7 ...
diaphragm, 8 .. voice coil, 9 .. tubular hole 10 иииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Sound resistance material.
[Detailed description of the invention] The present invention has improved the frequency
characteristics in the low region (1) ,? It is about the headphone unit. The headphone unit is
loosely fitted with an annular magnet to form a magnetic gap between the cylindrical portion of
the first yoke and the first reed of the second annular plate-like yoke. A voice coil attached to the
plate is disposed, and the diaphragm is shaken by the magnetic force generated by the current
flowing through the whistle coil and the magnetic force of the magnet to generate the sound
door output. In the case of such a set of headphones, it is in full communication with the
atmosphere formed on the back of the slate and the air, and the front pipe resistance material is
mounted on the seven parts, and the front meeting resistance material is used to make the front
meeting. It is known that the frequency characteristics can be improved by applying resistances.
Therefore, in the present invention, in order to improve the frequency characteristics, the outer
mK of the headphone unit (i.e., a collar portion made of ITO fat is provided, a hole is formed in
the collar portion, and a tubular hole is formed using the tube portion of the yoke. By making it
possible to sufficiently improve the low frequency viscosity, it is considered as a% image.
Hereinafter, the embodiment of the present invention will be described with reference to the
drawings (2). In FIG. 1, the lFi first yoke is formed integrally with the hollow cylindrical portion
1a at the substantially central portion of the w and l yokes 1, and the cylindrical portion 1a of the
first yoke 1 is integrally formed. An annular magnet 2 is loosely fitted to the. An annular second
plate-like yoke 3 is attached to the magnet 2 so as to draw in the plate-like portion 1 b of the first
yoke 1 and the magnet 2, and the inner edge 3 a of the second yoke 3 and A magnetic air gap is
formed between the outer phase edge 1a of the first cylindrical portion la. A resin layer 5 is
formed on the inner side of the cylindrical portion 1a of the first yoke 1 and the back direction
1C1lli of the first yoke l, and the outer rim 3bll of the second yoke 3 is a resin that is released
radially outward An edgy collar 6 is formed. The same IN fat Nlll5, buttock 6 is Il @ from AB8
town's synthetic resin. The outer edge 7a of the diaphragm 7 is attached to the flange portion 6,
and is mounted in the voice coil 8Fi air gap (3) 4 attached to the peristalsis & 7. The resin layer 5
is provided with a tubular hole 9 penetrating the cylindrical portion 1a of the yoke 1 and facing
the back surface 7b 1111 K of the diaphragm 7, and the flange portion 6 is a through hole h 10
facing the back surface 7b of the diaphragm 7. The through-hole 10 of the ridge portion 6 is
provided with ("" Oig resistance material 11 is mounted. One or more holes 10 are required to be
provided, and the number thereof may be arbitrarily determined.
In this case, the front plate "IC1F- of the diaphragm 7 is attached to the ear with a vibrating
space, and attached to the ear. Fl4 ear paso" (IA4 <abbreviation) is attached. FIG. 2 shows an
equivalent circuit tyr- of a headphone incorporating the headphone unit according to the present
invention. 12 is the amount of compliance formed by the diaphragm 7, the ear pads, and the
ears, and 1a14 is A! + It is the equivalent weight and the mechanical resistance outside of the
sound Osaka leak of ? and others. It is also 156 & ? 1 power, l to 17 is mass Tonbriance of Na
? ? ? 7 ? ? Heus coil 8; 18Fi sound II resistance material pre-association resistance; 19 is It
is. 20 is the compliance of the volume behind the unit and between the case, and 21.22 is outside
the resistance of the venting mass of the air hole provided in the case. The series resonance of
the mass and compliance 16.17 of trance resistance 18t'i vibration system (slip 1 EIi board 7 and
voice coil 8) is tamped to mt, but in the low range, the equal pulp 1119 of the tubular hole 9 is a
sound 41 Since the ? IIII resistance 18 plays a role as a bypass circuit of the resistance 18, the
diaphragm 7 easily vibrates and the output sound pressure increases. Since the tubular hole 90
to the valence mass 19 are the mass 16 and the negative electrode 1 of the diaphragm 7, the
mass 16 of the diaphragm 7 and the voice coil 8, the compliance 17 of the diaphragm 7, and the
tubular hole 90 ball mass 19 The resonance point due to is lower than only the mass 16 of the
diaphragm 7 and the voice coil 8 and the compliance 17 of the vibration & 7, so that it is easier
for a bass or bass to come out. By selecting the diameter D1 length t of the tubular hole 9 to be
11, it is possible to obtain an 1111 wave number characteristic which is undesirable in 2 or 3 in
FIG. 3, and a frequency as shown by 1 (6) \ The characteristics in the lower region of the
characteristics will be improved. The acoustic resistance 18 and the equal mass 19 of the tubular
hole 9 are parallel rice bowls, and the acoustic resistance 18 or the thick .phi. Increases the
influence of the tubular hole 90 equivalent mass 19. In the present invention, since the tubular
hole is provided in the resin layer portion, the resin m whole island in the yoke tubular portion is
good for increasing the diameter of the tubular hole K, and to increase the length of the tubular
hole The thickness of the resin layer is good enough, and it is possible to improve the frequency
characteristics easily by providing a tubular hole for the frequency characteristics. Further, since
the sleeve-like hole can be formed by liK for molding the resin i # I, it is not a scale that is easy to
manufacture but also inexpensive, and further, it makes the performance uniform.
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