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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing an embodiment
of the present invention, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view showing a passage portion of a case, FIG.
3 is an equivalent circuit diagram, The figure is a frequency characteristic diagram of output
sound pressure. 1 иии First yoke, 1a и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и 2 second
yoke, 4 и и и. Air gap, 5 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и tongue portion, и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и voice coil, 9 и и и и и
opening Parts 10 10 openings 11 Acoustic resistance material 13 passages 12 12 cases.
[Detailed description of the invention] The present invention has improved the frequency
characteristics in the low band [stock]. It's about headphones. A magnetic air gap is formed
between the cylindrical portion of the first yoke in which an annular magnet is loosely fitted to
the headphone and the inner edge of the annular second plate-like yoke, and is attached to the
diaphragm within the air gap. The headphone unit which arranges the voice coil is installed in
the case, (1) / valve and! Z,-: ?, there is a configuration in which the image pickup plate is
vibrated by the magnetic force generated by the current flowing through the voice coil and the
magnetic force of the magnet to generate an audio output. In this type of headphone, a house
formed on the back of the diaphragm is communicated with the atmosphere, an acoustic
resistance material is attached to that part, acoustic resistance is given by the acoustic resistance
material, and the same wave number characteristics are obtained. Has been found to be
improved. Therefore, in the present invention, in order to improve the same wave number
characteristic, the headphone unit is provided with an opening for opening the back surface 1III
of the diaphragm to the atmosphere, and a case in which the headphone unit is installed has a
passage communicating the opening and the atmosphere. It is characterized by having provided
composition. Hereinafter, embodiments of the present invention will be described with reference
to the drawings. First, head phone / units] will be described. In FIG. 1 and FIG. 2, 1 is a yoke of @
1, and in (1) a cylinder portion 1a of a middle (2) 1 Ji '' town sky is formed in a substantially
central portion of the yoke 1 of 'lXl An annular magnet 2 is loosely fitted in the cylindrical
portion 1a of the first yoke l. A first plate-like second plate-like yoke 3 is attached to the magnet
2 so as to draw in the plate-like portion Ib of the first yoke 1 and the magnet 2, and the inner
edge 3 a of the second yoke 3 A magnetic sky 44 is formed at the threshold with the outer
peripheral edge 1a of the cylindrical portion 1a of the first yoke l. A resin layer 5 is formed on
the inner side of the cylindrical portion 1a of the first yoke 1 and the back 1ii IC 1dl of the first
yoke 1, and the resin extending outward in the radial direction on the outer edge 3b side of the
second yoke 3 The ridge portion 6 is formed. The potting resin 1i15 and the buttocks 6 are made
of synthetic resin such as Ag3. The outer edge 7 a of the diaphragm 7 is brazed to the collar 6,
and the voice coil 8 brazed to the peristaltic plate 7 is disposed in the air gap 4. The resin layer 5
is provided with a tubular (3) opening 9 which penetrates the yoke 10 cylindrical portion la and
opens toward the back surface 7bl atmosphere of the diaphragm 7. An opening 10 is provided
for turning the back surface 7b to the atmosphere, and an acoustic resistance 11 is attached to
the opening 10 of the ridge 6.
There are 111 or more openings 10, and the number is arbitrarily determined. The headphone
unit described above is incorporated in the case 12, but in the case 12 there is provided a
passage 13 communicating with the 10 portion 9 to substantially increase the axial length tlf of
the node portion 1a of the opening 9 There is. Reference numeral 14 denotes a cover for
protecting the moving plate 7, and reference numeral 15 denotes an ear pad. A plurality of small
holes 16.17 are formed respectively in the case 12 and the cover 14 so that air can be circulated.
In the embodiment, as shown in FIG. 2, the passage 13 is tl # -shaped and the open end is closed
at the bottom of the headphone unit, but the structure of the passage 13 may be any, Any
material may be used as long as it allows communication between the part 9 and the atmosphere.
Also, although the end of the passage 13 is directed to the atmosphere 10 through the small hole
17 of the case 12, (4) the attachment 1iII of the passage 13 may be opened directly to the
atmosphere from the case 12 . Further, in the embodiment, the opening 9 is made substantially
longer by the passage 13, but the passage 13 is connected to the opening 1G as an elongated
portion lO which is a tubular l by the opening 10t-pipe etc. It is also possible to connect the
passage 13 directly to the opening lO so that the length of the opening lO may be substantially
increased. It is not necessary to provide all of the i echo resistance eleventh in the opening 10.
The gang, in this case the passage 13, does not have to be connected to all of the south entrance
10. FIG. 3 shows an equivalent circuit of a headphone incorporating a headphone unit. The
numeral 18 denotes compliance of a chamber formed by the imaging plate 7, the ear pad 15, and
the ear, and 19.20 the equivalent mass and the mechanical resistance of the acoustic wave
leakage from the chamber. Also 21 is a driving force, 2 is a diaphragm 23? The weight and
compliance of the 0 voice coil 8, 24 is the acoustic resistance of the acoustic resistance material,
and 25 is the equal merit prize amount between the opening 9 and the communication path (5).
The reference numeral 26 denotes the compliance of the volume behind the unit and the case 12,
and the reference numerals 27 and 28 denote the equal prize amount and the resistance of the
small holes 17 provided in the case 12. The acoustic resistance 24 appropriately damps the mass
of the vibration system (the diaphragm 7 and the voice coil 8) and the series resonance of the
compliance 1 chicken 20, but the equivalent prize amount 25 between the 10 parts 9 and the
passage 13 in the low region. Since this acts as a bypass circuit of the acoustic resistance 24 and
weakens the function of the acoustic resistance 24, the diaphragm 7 becomes easy to take an
image and the output sound pressure becomes large.
Since the equal merits 125 between the opening 9 and the passage 13 are the mass 22 and the
mig 1 j of the diaphragm 7, the mass 22 of the diaphragm 7 and the voice coil 8 and the
compliance 23.10 portion 9 of the S moving plate 7 The cognition point due to the equal prize
amount 25 with the passage 13 is five more than only the purchase 22 of the diaphragm 7 and
the voice coil 8 and the compliance 23 of the diaphragm 7, and one sound is easily produced.
The diameter of the opening 9, the sectional area wt of the passage 13, and the lengths of the
passage 9 and the passage 13. . 1. By appropriately selecting, it is possible to obtain 14 his
number characteristics such as shown in FIG. 6 or 2 ? via 1 и 5 (in FIG. 3 or 3), iil wave number
characteristics shown in FIG. Characteristics in the lower region of the As apparent from FIG. 3,
since the opening 9 etc. 1iiijl [quantity 25 is actually increased by the passage 13, it affects the
acoustic resistance 24 and the frequency in the low band portion is The characteristics will be
well improved. As described above, according to the present invention, the opening of the
headphone unit is made substantially longer by the passage of the case, so that the low
frequency wave number characteristic can be easily improved, and in particular the opening of
the thin headphone unit. It is particularly effective when the length of the part can not be
increased and the equal mass of 40 parts can not be increased. Furthermore, since the passage
can be formed at the time of case metal molding, not only the manufacture becomes easy but
also the cost becomes low, and furthermore, the performance can be made uniform.
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