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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a vertical cross-sectional view of the righthand portion of a flat panel loudspeaker showing one embodiment of the present invention, FIG.
2 is a partial perspective view of an outer frame in a reduced size, and FIG. 3 is a partial
perspective view of a voice coil. It is. 'The same reference numerals in the drawings indicate the
same or corresponding parts. 1 is a lower plate, 2 is an upper plate, 3 is a magnet, 4 is a yoke, 5
is an outer frame, 9 is an inner frame, 13 is a voice coil, 16 is a diaphragm , 17 is an outer edge
18 is an inner edge, 23 is a bobbin, and 24 is a slit.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of a flat panel speaker using a flat plate-like moving plate. The flat plate speaker has a narrow
piston vibration area compared to a cone type speaker, but it is a flat plate) but it is flat, and the
sound pressure-frequency characteristic between the cone type speakers Peak, tip not appearing.
B. 1 □, phase-frequency characteristics are also flat. Moreover, the piston vibration area is also
made to the same extent as that of the cone type speaker by improving the structural surface
such as using a honeycomb structure which is light in weight and can increase the thickness, or a
material having a large Young's modulus can be obtained. It has become possible to do things,
and has recently been reviewed. Further, since the diaphragm is a flat plate and the primary
resonance frequency is low compared to the cone type speaker, the primary divided vibration
appears, and in order to reduce this, the method of driving the nodes of the primary division of
the diaphragm by the voice coil is taken. As a result, a cavity is formed in a portion surrounded
by the diaphragm, the small chair coil, and the upper plate, and a cavity resonance occurs in this
portion, causing a new problem that causes the performance to deteriorate. The present
invention has been made on the basis of the above problems and will be described in detail in
accordance with an example shown in FIG. That is, in FIG. 1, (1) is a hollow disk-shaped lower
plate, (2) is a hollow disk-shaped upper plate, and (3) is shaken against the upper plate (1), (2)
Cylindrical magnet, (4) is upper at the upper inner side, and the outer periphery 1 l Ili of the
Beplate (2): has the appropriate gap or lower plate (11, u fixed in place) These yokes form a
magnetic circuit from these yokes. As (5) shows the details in FIG. 2 (: a hollow disk like the
hollow disk-like support (6), the fixed portion fixed on the outer peripheral side of the yoke (4) at
the inner peripheral side) (1) The fixed portion (1) 支持 the support portion (6),! A plurality of
angled parts (8) and an outer frame (9) integrated with each other to connect the-are connected
to each other in the form of a wedge-shaped inner frame, and the α 掬 is the plate (2) (!). : A
cylindrical voice coil provided in the space of the yoke (4), 141 is a hollow disk-shaped spider
having a cross-sectional corrugated spider for fixing the voice coil 0 慟, and its shoulder is the
upper outer frame ((51 of the old part (7)) (The support part 05I provided is 1r9 n. f 161 is a
hollow disk,-) flat r 奎 j? The outer edge is fixed to the outer edge + 171i rod 10 "bow 9 frame (5,
1; the inner edge is the inner edge + 8 11 1 rod-inner circle frame 9).
In addition, in this recommendation, @@ part Q of the primary axis symmetric parting 1), the
above-mentioned voice coil 081 is a solid layer 8) ↓ (7). Eleven towns fixed the outer edge (t 71
and inner edge R to the outer frame (6 n and inner frame (9) respectively), gasket for + 21 +
raised for the first frame for high sound The frame (speaker) of the speaker is a // lead wire
which causes the voice signal from the gutter to be input to the above-mentioned Heuss coil llll.
FIG. 3 shows a Heus coil Q9) which is the main point of the present invention, and its hobin (a
plurality of rectangular slits parallel to the vibrating direction of the voice coil Qill) are provided.
In the thus configured planer speaker, the voice signal from the amplification 4 is input from the
lead wire to the whist coil 1191, and the voice coil a8 performs a piston motion according to the
voice signal. ) To drive the shooting plate ■). Since the No. 1 part of the split voice coil 1
(Symmetrical symmetry 7 of the imaging plate (16) 7) split blade 1 is driven by this speaker with
the L roller, the primary split vibration can be largely reduced. , But this shooting plate 06) (! l:
Inner frame (9) and Hois coil 0! I) and (in the upper plate 12) (if the space is the voice coil 13)
slitz two, to the pobin 128). (“′ ′, If there is no work-in-the-basket 1, air tightness will occur
in this part and the performance will be degraded 6 in addition to the closed one, and
furthermore the air stability of this hollow part will be in the early stage Because it is added to
the stiffness of the plate support system, the low resonance frequency is increased and braking is
not good. For this reason, in the present invention, the hoof coil QB + is provided with a slit 餠 for
removing air, and the air in the upper dd cavity portion escapes from this surin) l'M + through
the outer frame (51). This can prevent cavity resonance, reduce the impact of air stiffness on the
cavity, and prevent the consideration of performance due to the cavity. Further, in the present
invention, since the slits are provided along the driving direction of the voice coil α, it is possible
to suppress the decrease in the strength of the Heuss coil (181 due to the slit absorption) as
much as possible. In the above example, a hollow disc-like plate was used to describe the
example 4 [+ plate is not limited to the hollow disc-like plate, but it may be a flat-plate-like
moving plate, a Heus coil and a magnet (5) The flat plate speaker which is surrounded by the
upper plate of the snow circuit to "0") and which has a closed space is acceptable.
As described above, the present invention uses a flat diaphragm, and the plate heavy force driven
by the node part of the primary divided oscillation of this diaphragm is driven by the Kewich coil,
and the Heus coil hovin is parallel to the drive direction of the Heus coil. Since several slits are
provided, it is possible to remove the air in the surrounding space formed on Ik @ of the flat
diaphragm by suppressing the strength reduction of the Heuss coil as much as possible, and the
cavity resonance in that space, the over damping You can get rid of the ^ performance speakers.
The simple customs of this drawing Figure 1 shows a small embodiment of this idea)-Right half
vertical cross section of flat plate speaker, Figure 2 shows a reduced partial perspective 1 of
outer frame, Figure 3 shows a portion of voice coil It is a perspective view. In each figure, the
same reference numerals denote the same or corresponding parts, and 1 is the lower plate (2J is
the upper plate (3) is Maconto (4 + · yoke (5) is the outer frame (9) is the inner farm Q3 + is- ", Is
coil Q6) ii diaphragm Ti is a subcontractor; ;;, (6)-> di n 嘲 18) is internal 工 both i ホ: Hobinto: ′
ま ス リ soto. Agent Sono Shin-υ N2, Yo (7) C C B Figure 1 201813161 I 9 ')) I? -2'j-Sword 5 °
'\ 14z'8 Fig. 2 孕 Fig. 3 One mouth 330241467941s ~ Noshin-6, Inventors other than the above,
utility model applicants or agents inventor Kurama # 9 address 7 address Address 14 2 4 4 · · ツ
電 中 y ・ · Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Product Research Institute 顛 狐 氏 名 氏 名 鈴木
Address タ ナ カ ν 氏 名 氏 名 Name 田 中 中-郵 ψ r ψ Number 100 address Tokyo--12-3 in
Marunouchi of Ohta Ward) 1) Inside of Shinryo Electric Co., Ltd., Mae T, Cedar 1 Name (7375)
Patent Attorney Oiwa Masuo, ':' Yasu-5, J 乙 Jl / i7 ', 4
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