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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing an embodiment
of the present invention, FIG. 2 atb is a plan view showing a central portion of an acoustic
adjustment plate and a grill body, and FIG. It is a fragmentary sectional view shown. 1
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DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a speaker grille
provided with a high frequency level adjuster 11I. The speakers for current single-use audio
equipment are mainly full-pitch speakers, coaxial speakers combining a sub cone and another
speaker with a full pitch, aj, 1 di-spy force, and the high-frequency sound from the speakers)
You've come to be regenerated. Generally, in a car, the high frequency band is lost, so that the
high frequency band is designed in advance so that the high frequency band is strongly output
from the speaker, and flat characteristics are obtained from the low frequency band to the high
frequency band when mounted in the vehicle. However, since it is difficult to obtain flat acoustic
characteristics in the room of various vehicles only by the design at the time of speaker
production, and there is a preference for the degree of extension of the high frequency by the
user, the high frequency should be strong at the design stage A high-frequency adjustment
means is separately provided so that the desired characteristic can be obtained indoors. However,
since this high frequency ? level 1 control is performed electrically using a combination of fixed
resistors and switches conventionally, or using a wound linear body, etc. (2J Polymes, knobs,
wiring, etc. are expensive because they are expensive as a whole. Polymes are often mounted on
the front of the speaker, but this method requires wiring. There are drawbacks such as
undesirable in design. The present invention is intended to solve the above-mentioned interval *
by providing a simple high-frequency level adjustment mechanism gold film which also serves as
a part of the speaker grille provided on the design. That is, the present invention is mounted on
the front surface of a coaxial speaker, and has a grill body having an opening and a non-opening
formed at one portion facing the tweeter to divide one circumference, and a tweeter of a printing
grill body It comprises a sound adjusting plate rotatably mounted on the opposite part and
opening and closing the opening according to its rotational position, which will be described in
detail with reference to the embodiment shown in the drawings. Do. In FIG. 1, 1 is a woofer, 2 is a
tweeter disposed concentrically with it, and 3 is a speaker grill main body disposed on the front
of the speaker. The central portion 4 of the grill body 3 facing the tweeter 2 is provided with an
opening 41 and a non-opening 4b for dividing one circumference as shown in FIG. 2 (b), and a
central through hole 4c. The sound adjustment board 5 is provided in piles. As shown in 21st V
(a), the sound adjusting plate 5 has an opening 5a'1 for dividing the circumference of the sea and
a non-opening 5b, and a rotation shaft 6 penetrating the through hole 4e at the center A) This is
rotatably supported at the central portion of the grill body 3.
The 6th TIj in these central part 4 and adjustment board 5 respectively. A high band absorption
filter 7f shown in J: may be attached. The filter 7 is made of a material that absorbs high
frequencies, such as felt, cloth material, etc., and has different high frequency absorption
characteristics in the circumferential direction. Specifically, the thickness is different from the
thick and thin portions at one circumference. In the above configuration, when the sound
adjusting plate 5t located in front of the tweeter 2 is rotated, the opening of the central portion 4
depending on the rotational position Since the effective area of 4a changes (the non-aperture 5b
of the acoustic adjustment plate 5 blocks a part of the opening 4a), the amount of attenuation
with respect to the high range changes. The amount of attenuation changes continuously with
the rotation of the sound adjustment plate 5, but this change is more effective when the highfrequency absorption filter 7 is provided. The high level adjustment mechanism described above
mechanically changes the high level range, so no electrical parts are required 0 and a simple
configuration of adding an existing speaker grille sound adjustment plate, which is inexpensive
The present invention is advantageous in that there is no problem in design, and there is no fear
of increasing the installation space since the acoustic adjustment plate is provided so as to be
superimposed on the grill body. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a crosssectional view showing an embodiment of the present invention, FIG. 2 (a) and FIG. 2 (b) are a
plan view showing an acoustic control plate and a central portion of a grill body, and FIG. It is a
fragmentary sectional view which shows an example. 1
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plate 6 ...... rotary shaft, 7 ... ... high-pass absorption filter 4b, 5b ...... non opening applicant
FUJITSU TEN LIMITED attorney attorney Mr. Satoshi Aoyagi Fig. 1 5 и 6 ?. Figure 2 'Q) 5) @ ?
?05 b 4 c 4 b FIG. 5 ?, 4 a, 5? ?door 1 ? 75.6 applicant ?Fujitsu te' 'l;? Aoyagi ? 11 &
other creators ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Kobe Prefecture Hyogo Prefecture Kobe City Hyogoku Goshodori 1-chome 2nd No. 28 Funoksnai Fujitsu Ten Inc. internal strength force Kenji name
Okamoto area Osamu 76 tiger co J bow
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