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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view showing a
conventional ultrasonic transducer, and FIG. 2 is a longitudinal sectional view showing an
embodiment of the ultrasonic transducer according to the present invention. 1.21 и и и и и и и и
Housing, 2.22 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и transmission window, 4.5.25 и и и и и и и и и и и
electrodes, 6 ░ 1 ииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии 12
иииииии Connector, 13, 30 ииииии Core wire, 14 иии Anti- Objective 23 23 Transmission material 26
Backing material 29 MI cable.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an ultrasonic
transducer capable of transmitting and receiving ultrasonic waves in a high temperature
atmosphere. Ultrasonic transducers that transmit or receive ultrasonic pulses are used for
ultrasonic flaw detection as nondestructive testing, diagnostic equipment by imaging inside the
human body, etc. 1-71? 12 12 (., ':-5-. In general, a transducer of this type is constructed, for
example, as shown in FIG. That is, the transmission window 3 for efficiently transmitting the
imaging motion of the piezoelectric vibrator 2 is fitted to the bottom portion of the tubular ..
housing 1, and the upper surface and the side surface of the piezoelectric resonator 2 closely
attached on the transmission window 3 The electrodes 4 and 5 for applying Ichikawa to the
vibrator 2 and outputting a signal are closely attached, and the signal lines 6 and 7 for
transmitting an electrical signal to the electrode 4.5 respectively are the lid 8 of the housing 1
and It is connected from the cable 9. A backing material 10 is disposed in a space in the
electrode 4 and the housing 1, and an insulating material 11 is interposed between the sound
transmission window 3 and the backing material 10 so as to be electrically insulated from the
housing 1. Hold The principle of operation of this transducer is as follows. When an alternating
voltage is applied between the signal lines 6.7, the piezoelectric imaging element 2 causes
mechanical vibration and generates ultrasonic waves through the transmission window 3. A large
amount of PZT is used for the piezoelectric imaging element 2, and for the transmission window
3, for example, a molded material of Epokin resin is used, and a material that transmits sound
well is required. On the other hand, since the backing material 102-2 must be a material that
absorbs the sound radiated from the back surface of the piezoelectric vibrator 2, ferrite rubber
containing lead, for example, is used as a normal temperature. In the figure, 12 is a connector,
and 13 is a reflector. In such a configuration, in order to transmit a short ultrasonic pulse, it is
necessary to provide a damper to the piezoelectric vibrator to damp the co-imaging
characteristics of the piezoelectric vibrator. For this purpose, a material with high acoustic
impedance is used as the load of the piezoelectric vibrator, and the sound emitted in it is
reflected and backed by a material with high attenuation so that it is not received again as a
piezoelectric vibration 3. Ferrite rubber is used. By the way, in recent years, a high temperature
ultrasonic transducer for use in a coolant such as liquid sodium in a fast breeder reactor has
been developed. Since this is used at a high temperature of, for example, 600 ░ C., the
piezoelectric vibrator has a very high LiNbO 31 ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? f
fz) yfl (7) J & iKA!
?? L "= 6-th. In this case, since there is no suitable material that can be used at high
temperature for the backing material 10, the part of the alveolar / gull material 10 is empty and
filled with air 1, however, the damping is so small that the sensitivity Is good, but on the other
hand, the waveform of the ultrasonic pulse becomes longer, and it is impossible to disassemble
and observe two reflective objects present in the vicinity, or echoes from reflectors at a short
distance from the transformer are transmitted. Because it is buried inside, there is a drawback
that the dead zone becomes large. The present invention has been made to eliminate the abovementioned drawbacks, and its object is to provide an ultrasonic transducer capable of
transmitting and receiving ultrasonic pulses with a short pulse width. That is, in the present
invention, the hau 7 / g, the piezoelectric vibrator disposed in the housing in close contact with
the housing via the sound transmission window, the voltage is applied to the vibrator, and the
ultrasonic signal is generated. An electrode for transmitting and receiving, a signal line for
transmitting an electrical signal to the electrode, and a 4-lt ? ? backing material disposed so as
to surround the signal line and in close proximity to the electrode. The rubber material is an
ultrasonic transducer characterized in that a conductive material is injected into a porous
material and solidified to be one body. Hereinafter, an embodiment of an ultrasonic transducer
according to the present invention will be described. In FIG. 2, in the case of the piezoelectric
vibrator 22 for converting Ichikawa to mechanical vibration in a stainless steel housing 21, the
crystal plate of L: NbO is fixed to the bottom surface 24 of the housing 21 via the transmission
material 23. The backing material 26 is disposed on the top surface of the piezoelectric vibrator
22 via the electrode 25. An insulating material 27 is interposed between the backing material 26,
the electrode 25, the piezoelectric vibrator 22 and the sound transmission material 23 and the
housing 21, and the top surface of the housing 21 is airtightly welded by a lid 28. An MI cable
29 is connected to the lid 28, one end of the signal line 31 is connected from the core wire 30 of
the MI cable 29, and the other end of the signal line 31 is connected to the electrode 25. Here,
the backing material 26 is, for example, a porous metal block and a high temperature Kawaden
5- ? ?. It is formed by pouring a high temperature adhesive containing a sound material such
as alumina as a main component such as alumina, for example, Sumiceram (trade name) and
Ibaraki Ultra Bond (trade name), etc. into one body and solidifying. In addition, since a sound
wave is not transmitted in the block with a metal block, it does not act as a damper because it
does not load the piezoelectric vibrator. Therefore, when the metal coating (a high temperature
adhesive is used in combination, the sound waves are thereby transmitted into the metal block.
As a backing material, it is necessary to absorb and attenuate the sound wave propagating
therethrough. That is, if the echo reflected at the boundary of the backing is received by the
piezoelectric actuator, this results in an increase in the pulse width of the ultrasonic wave. In the
backing according to the present invention using the porous metal block, the high temperature
adhesive is propagated through the sound wave or the metal part of the porous metal, and is
repeatedly attenuated by repeating the scattering many times to achieve the purpose. For
example, the length of the pulse is longer than that of a conventional transducer 6-6 using a
Sumiceram backing as a high temperature adhesive to a commercially available foamed metal
having a pore size of about 5 to 5 as a porous metal material Can be shortened. As described
above, according to the present invention, it is possible to improve the distance resolution in a
high temperature atmosphere by about 4 times, and it is possible to obtain an echo from a
reflector located very close to the transducer. In addition, the backing material has the effect of
making the structure robust and not easily damaged.
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