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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an exploded perspective view showing a
conventional example of a speaker cabinet. FIG. 2 is an exploded perspective view showing an
embodiment I of the speaker cabinet according to the present invention. FIG. 3 is a partially
cutaway perspective view of the assembled state of this embodiment. FIG. 4 is an external
perspective view of a buckle plate showing an essential part of another embodiment of the
speaker cabinet according to the present invention. 10 ииииии Cabinet body, 12, 17, 23 ииииииии Baffle
plate, 1B, 20, 22 иииииииии Groove.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of a speaker cabinet. In general, the speaker cabinet only controls the bass characteristics of the
attached speaker unit (it also affects the mid tone characteristics and the high tone
characteristics, and thus requires a structure according to the performance of the speaker unit).
For example, if the internal volume of the cabinet body is smaller than the volume required to
fully exhibit the performance of the speaker unit, then the low-range reproduction limit 1- / Z? /
1? 1-и ? ? frequency increases. The sound output characteristics in the vicinity of the low
frequency reproduction limit re-frequency have an upswing. As a result, the uniform
reproduction range of the bass narrows (the sound of a particular frequency to be lifted is
emphasized or the transient characteristic is degraded (the harmonic distortion characteristic is
also degraded near that frequency). Also, when the front baffle plate, rear baffle plate, side plate,
etc. forming the cabinet body vibrate at the natural resonance frequency, sharp valleys may be
generated in the frequency characteristics of the acoustic output near that frequency, or the
vibration noise may be heard, or The sound is distorted. In particular, the front baffle plate and
the rear baffle plate, which have a large area, often have difficulty in stopping the specific plate
vibration even if a considerably thick material is used. Heretofore, in order to stop the
characteristic plate vibration of the plate body forming the cabinet body, for example, the rear
baffle plate, as shown in FIG. It is fixed to the plate 2 to reinforce the rear baffle plate 2.
However, when the rear baffle plate 2 is reinforced by the reinforcing machine 1, although the
effect of damping and dispersing the low-order plate vibrations of the rear baffle plate 2 is
obtained, high-order plate vibration vibrations are prevented. The effect of In addition, the rear
baffle plate 2 reinforced by the supplementary 1 piece positive strength machine 1 may be
accompanied by a new plate vibration in which a portion where the reinforcing machine 1 is
fixed with a negative 1 T residual is a node. It is difficult to damp and disperse the plate vibration
in the shape of the above-mentioned reinforcing machine 1, more than two on the other hand,
while it is extremely large, and the vibration frequency of the plate vibration is clearly set. I have
no idea. Furthermore, in general, the reinforcing machine 1 may have an aesthetic appearance if
it is attached to the outer surface of the cabinet body 3 and may have a disadvantage of reducing
the effective volume of the cabinet if it is attached to the inner surface. Furthermore, to prevent
unnecessary plate vibration of the rear face и и и и и и и panel plate 6 temporary vibration baffle plate
50 temporary vibration to which the speaker unit 4 is attached, reinforcement ? ? 1 It is
difficult to use.
Then, the present saving plan is to form a cabinet main body by providing a closed loop groove
on the surface of the roof plate, and by the mass of the area surrounded by the groove and the
compliance in the groove, the cabinet main body It is an object of the present invention to
provide a speaker cabinet which solves each of the problems in the conventional example as
described above by reducing the resonance frequency, and exhibits extremely good acoustic
characteristics. Hereinafter, the present invention will be described in detail with reference to the
drawings showing one embodiment. In FIG. 2 showing an exploded perspective view of an
embodiment of a speaker cabinet according to the present invention and FIG. 8 showing a
partially cutaway perspective view of a partially cutaway perspective view of the assembled state,
FIG. A front plate 15 on which the speaker unit 11 is mounted, a body plate 15 forming a body
portion 14 in which the front side opening 13 is closed by the front baffle plate 12, and a body
formed by the body plate 15 A backward direction Nofur temporary 17 is also configured to
close the rear side muffling 16 of the section 15. A mounting hole 18 for attaching the speaker
unit 11 is formed in a substantially central portion of the front curve and nozzle plate 12, and a
groove 19 in a closed loop shape is formed on the inner surface 12a facing the internal space of
the cabinet body 10. Is formed. In this embodiment, the closed loop groove 19 comprises four
grooves 19a, 19b, 19c, 19d which are provided parallel to the outer peripheral edge of the front
baffle plate 12 so that both end portions cross each other. A boundary is formed between a
central portion to which the speaker unit 11 is attached and an outer peripheral portion to be
attached to the body plate 15. Further, the inner surface 17a of the rear baffle plate 17 has four
cut grooves 20a, 20b, and 20C in the same manner as the closed loop groove 19 in the front
baffle plate 12. A closed loop groove 20 of 20 d is formed. In the front baffle plate 12 provided
with the closed loop grooves 19.20 as described above, and in the cabinet body 10 in which the
respective openings 13.16 of the body portion 14 are closed by the rear baffle plate 11,
respectively. Since a clear compliance is given to the portion of the closed loop groove 19.20, the
inherent plate vibration of each baffle plate 12.17 is dispersed and 5-folded, and each baffle
surrounded by the placing grooves 19, 20. The oscillation frequency is reduced to a frequency
which is unambiguously defined by the mass of the central part of the plate 12.17 and the
compliance. Moreover, since the transmission of vibration through the body plate 15 forming the
body portion 14 is prevented by the compliance provided by the portions of the closed loop
grooves 19. 20, the back surface baffle plate 17 performs unnecessary resonance. It becomes
extremely difficult to happen.
Incidentally, the compliance given by the groove 19 ░ 20 is adjusted by changing the depth or
width of the closed groove 19. 20 so as to reduce the plate vibration frequency to a
predetermined frequency. Can be arbitrarily changed. Further, in order to vary the plate vibration
frequency, it is possible to change the mass which is determined according to the area of the
region surrounded by the closed loop groove 19.20. Furthermore, for example, as shown by the
alternate long and short dash line in FIG. 3, a mounting plate 21 is used to attach the rear baffle
plate 11 to the body portion 14, and a part of the kerf 20C + 20d is Even if it is covered, as long
as a part of the closed loop groove 20 is not filled, the resonance frequency can be uniquely
lowered and set by the compliance by the groove 20 as described above and the mass of the
region surrounded thereby. The effect of that can be fully exhibited. Further, as shown in FIG. 4,
if the improperly shaped and closed groove 22 is provided on the surface of the baffle plate 230,
it is possible to further disperse the standing wave in the baffle plate 23. As is apparent from the
above description of the embodiment, in the speaker cabinet according to the present invention
provided with the baffle plate having the closed loop groove, the plate vibration of the buckle
plate in which the plate vibration due to the natural resonance frequency becomes a problem.
Can be damped and dispersed, and its frequency can be uniquely reduced and set, and the groove
does not reduce the internal volume of the cabinet body and has the effect of preventing the
transmission of unnecessary plate vibrations Because of this, it is possible to obtain 7-extremely
easily the performance matched to the performance of the mounted speaker unit. Therefore,
according to the present invention, the intended purpose can be sufficiently achieved.
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