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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view of a transmitterreceiver according to an embodiment of the present invention. In the drawing, 1 is a transmitter,
2 is a horn, 3 is a receiver, 4 is a receiver, and 5 is a reflector.
Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a judgment device using an
ultrasonic wave-an eyebrow. More specifically in history, various measuring devices having a
configuration for emitting ultrasonic waves and receiving their reflected waves are connected
back-to-back with a transmitter having an experimental 1-gun and a receiver ( This mounting is
integrated, and the emitting direction of the transmitter and the spreading direction of the
reflector having a reflection on the paraboloid are the same direction, and one Q receiver is
disposed at the focal position of the reflector. (This is a transmission between the transmitter and
the receiver, and the transmitter and receiver are switched between the two, and the super-sub /
superior 1- 'R5' his reflection him (regardless of the ultrasonic in / out receiver which can be
received efficiently (this is relevant). In the case of measuring the distance or the like of an
arbitrary object using ultrasound, the property of unidirectionality of the emitted ultrasound
becomes extremely important. In particular, if you are trying to measure (a single-directional
closure is even more required. Also, if the direction of the emitted wave from the transmitter is
directed to the finger, the reflection from any object is also high as a point person, so the position
of the receiver and the mounting attitude of the receiver against the reflection gLc It is one term
while it is difficult to give up and decide that it is difficult. Therefore, from the above point, the
transmitter (Kotori's emitting ultrasonic wave has a high sensitivity to radiation, while the
directional flaw is damaged. A transmitter for receiving a reflective skin with a rod-No. C) It is.
The present invention is effective in the light of the above-mentioned demand, in the light of the
above-mentioned point. The object of the present invention is to attach a transmitter having a
horn and a receiver back-to-back attachment, ultrasonic wave emission of the transmitter 2direction, and the expansion direction of the parabolic reflector in the same direction and the
reflector The purpose is to provide an ultrasound system and receiver that is configured to cast
an @K receiver at the focal point of the Therefore, the purpose of this document is to ensure that
the reflector from any object of the emission wave with enhanced olfactory-directionality is
received with good motion, and the arrangement of the optical transmitter and receiver is The
installation has the advantage of being able to reduce space. Hereinafter, a preferred
embodiment of the present invention will be described in detail. The drawing is the weir cross
section of the transmitter / receiver, which is one system in the back of this paper. 1 is a
transmitter, and the inside thereof (this ultrasonic transmitter has a built-in video transducer, one
wall of the transmitter 1; this is a horn 2 is mounted and its shape is l-z There is. The horn 2 is
formed into a curved surface shape by the extraction method (index, -1- Luca) (index, Seki-makishaped curve), and the curved surface is fired from the horn 2 by this curved surface. Cure the
3-3 is a wave receiver, and the wave is received p? , 3 is a wave transmitter 1 (this back-to-back
(this is attached. The receiver 4 of the wave receiver 3 is provided to hear in the opposite
direction to the horn 2 of the wave transmitter 1. A reflector 5 has a function of receiving the
ultrasonic wave 6 reflected from an arbitrary object and traveling and reflecting it and
transmitting it to the receiver 3 in a concentrated manner. For this reason, the curved surface 5a
of the reflector 5 has a longitudinal cross section: a trowel shape. In order to make the parabolic
reflector 5 reflect the ultrasonic wave 6 reflected from an arbitrary object and reflect it and make
it concentrate on the receiving unit 4: this places the casting position of the receiver 3 on the
parabolic reflector 5: this The reflector 5, the transmitter 1, and the receiver 3 are integrally
defeated so as to set the focal position thereof. Next, when the action is performed, when the key
is opened and an ultrasonic wave is emitted from the horn 2, a highly unidirectional ultrasonic
wave is emitted according to the shape of the horn 2. Therefore, a reflected wave from an
arbitrary object due to the emitted wave travels in the direction of the reflecting surface 5a of the
reflector 5 with high directivity, is reflected by the reflecting surface 5a, and is concentrated at
the receiving portion 4 of the Be sure to catch the reflected wave. As the expansion method m of
the horn 4-2 and the reflector 5 is always directed in the same direction, the reflected wave from
the sound producing object is reliably captured by the reflector 5, thereby increasing the
efficiency Come. Also, since the horn 2 of the transmitter 1 and the receiver 4 of the receiver 3
face in the opposite direction 8 and the filling-directivity of the launch skin is enhanced, the
transmitter 1 receives the wave. Direct impact on the vessel 3 is small. The above explanation is
clear) Nao, I think, f1.1 size, transmitter horn and receiver section of the transmitter 1i + l: Attach
back to back to face, cough放 面 1 1 放 放 反射 反射 1 1 1 1 1 x x x x x る る る る る (((2
reflector, transmitter, receiver Integrally squeeze together (this, mono-directional: reflection from
cows and raised ultrasound children's object object he received good response, and stopped 1
μg of medicine 1 h from the transmitter 4 μh, Measurement (this is a transmitter, receiver
measurement 2 etc. (Simplifies the arrangement configuration in .delta. And exerts various
effects such as being able to make a small shadow.
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